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Hankook Vantra ST AS2 RA30

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All season
£ / pc. 70

Hankook Vantra ST AS2 RA30 features

Hankook Vantra ST AS2 RA30 is an offer for van drivers who want to give up changing tyres every season – this is an all-season tyre. Once again, Hankook presents a very good quality product while maintaining a balanced price.

The tyres are fitted with many innovative solutions to ensure the best possible performance during every season, which is required from multi-season tyres.

The asymmetrical tread has long lamellas and the optimal arrangement of the blocks to facilitate driving in the snow. Driving in the rain is facilitated by three peripheral channels and an open shoulder groove, all to drain water more efficiently.

Furthermore, designers decided to increase the surface adhering to the ground and apply lamella chamfering, which makes handling the vehicle easier.

Moreover, the side of the tyre has a decoration reinforcing its wall to protect against damage, e.g. when hitting a curb, which can often happen with vans.

The very mixture used for the manufacture of Hankook Vantra ST AS2 RA30 contains added soot, which has a positive effect on adhesion and also makes braking easier.

This manufacturer’s tyres can be an excellent choice for drivers looking for durable, reliable tyres with the latest technological solutions while maintaining moderate costs.

logo Hankook

Hankook is a company that offers good performance at a reasonable price. The South Korean company sells mid-range tyres, but with an Asian fondness for cutting-edge technological solutions. For years, they have been maintaining a very good price-quality ratio of the tyres they offer.

Hankook Vantra ST AS2 RA30 reviews

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Sizes & Prices Of Hankook Vantra ST AS2 RA30

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Tyre name: Size: LI/SI: Price: Quantity:
195/70 R15 104/102 R £ 65 Buy
205/65 R16 107/105 T £ 80 Buy
195/75 R16 107/105 R £ 72 Buy
225/65 R16 112/110 R £ 95 Buy
235/65 R16 115/113 R £ 97 Buy
195/65 R16 104/102 T £ 74 Buy
185/80 R14 102/100 Q £ 70 Buy
195/60 R16 99/97 H £ 81 Buy
195/80 R14 106/104 Q £ 69 Buy
205/75 R16 110/108 R £ 76 Buy

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