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Our customers' opinions on Hankook tyres:

  • Richard V Evans 5.0

    Hankook Winter i*cept evo3 W330

    I’ve used winter tyres for many years on all wheel drive vehicles I’ve owned so can appreciate the undoubted value of them, I currently own a rear wheel drive estate car and more than ever appreciated the need for winter tyres, on the occasions we had snow I was able to drive unhindered where 4 wheeled drive vehicles with summer tyres could not go, I lost count of the vehicles with wheels spinning in vain. People think snow tyres are for snow or Scandinavian countries, their not and with the South Wales weather being mainly wet, cold and icy your safety using winter tyres is significantly improved, I will always maintain this habit as it has saved me on numerous occassions See more >
  • Mark 5.0

    Hankook Winter i*cept evo2 W320

    I took advice from Hankook UK before purchasing these tyres as I wanted to check their compatibility with my car as I went a size narrower than usual (245 vs 265) on the rears, they have a 40 profile instead of a 35. The tyres surprised me in a couple of ways, firstly they were quieter than the summer Goodyear F1's and secondly they gave a much more compliant ride, they also give good fuel economy, I can get over 40mpg cruising at 85mph in continental Europe. It's a bit early to tell what the wear is like as I on put on c3000 miles in the few months they were fitted but there is no discernable wear, I have my car realigned every time I fit or refit tyres to ensure tracking is perfect. I See more > have taken these off now (for the summer) and replaced them with a new set of F1's which are no quieter, no more economical and the ride isn't better either. These tyres are good value and every bit as good as the more premium brands I have used, I'd recommend trying them
  • Pete67 4.1

    Hankook Winter i*cept RS2 W452

    This winter, almost 15,000 records have somehow passed me. Mainly out of town, 150-250 km sections. I was not surprised by the quality, more or less what I expected. In the end, it was supposed to be economical tires for a 20-year-old toy car. The car is in perfect condition, will be for the posterity as a vintage. And as for the tires, it could be better on wet, it could be quieter and better with rolling resistance, in my opinion they are a little too big, I expected a bit better results. However, what to expect from tires for 170-180 PLN? Personally, I recommend a good choice in the economy segment. It is definitely better to spend these 700 with the PLN hook than buy 8-year-old See more > stimulants or regenerated ones.
  • Dawid 4.4

    Hankook i*cept RS W442

    The tire performs very well in winter, well soundproofed, it is practically impossible to hear that we are going on winter tires. It's great on the snow, I've never had a situation where it could not do it. At this price, I would not buy anything better. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for good tires at an affordable price. See more >