Hankook iON evo IK01

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225/55 R18 102 W XL

B | A | 69dB
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Product description
Product description

Hankook iON evo IK01

The Hankook Ventus iON S IK01 is a summer tyre developed from the ground up for electric cars to keep owners comfortable and safe on every journey.

The key to satisfactory driving performance is always the tread. In this case, a design suitable for high-torque vehicles was needed. For this reason, an asymmetric design with elongated shoulder blocks was resorted to, which optimises the contact area with the road surface. Hankook's EV Contour technology, a 10% increase in stiffness at the corners of the sidewalls that improves the tyre's cornering performance, is also of no small importance.

Dynamic driving of an electric vehicle Now it's possible!

The Hankook iON IK01 summer tyre is also suitable for high speed. Optimal stiffness is ensured by a special internal construction, based on a hybrid belt interlaced with aramid fibres. It allows the tyre to retain its shape, even under the great pressure associated with high speeds.

Safety on wet roads is ensured by the Wet Grip groove system, which widens towards the missing zones - to allow water to be dispersed more efficiently on the one hand, and to reduce rolling noise on the other. This last element, incidentally, is one of the most important axes of the Ventus iON S project. It is for this reason that Hankook Sound Absorber technology was developed for it, i.e. the optimisation of the tread block alignment sequence over the entire circumference, which has the effect of significantly reducing the sound transmitted into the cabin.

EVolution technology - a step towards extended distance runs

Drivers of electric cars pay particular attention to the impact of tyres on the range, but also the durability of the tyres themselves. This is all due to the fact that battery-equipped vehicles can be up to 30% heavier than conventional versions. Therefore, the EVolution rubber compound is an essential element of the Hankook Ventus iON S, which:

  • It is environmentally friendly and ensures long tyre life and satisfactory mileage due to its rubber composition, which contains a high content of silica.

  • It reduces rolling resistance and maintains optimum pressure distribution, so it does not unduly affect the range of the electric vehicle and wears more slowly and steadily.

logo Hankook

Hankook is a South Korean mid-range brand aspiring to join the premium segment. Its products have for many years combined high quality workmanship with innovative technologies, resulting in positive feedback from drivers and automotive experts. The company is also involved in the world of sport, being a sponsor of the European League football competition and the Spanish team Real Madrid, among others.

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Available options in size 225/55 R18
18" 1 available option
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146 £

Hankook iON evo IK01 Tyre warranty

  • The warranty is valid until the tread reaches a depth of 1.6 mm,
  • If the complaint is accepted, the product will be replaced or you will receive a refund less the wear and tear on the advertised tire,
  • The warranty covers any defects arising from causes inherent in the tire.