Before purchasing a new set of all-season tyres, it is a good idea to check not only how they did in tests carried out by independent automotive organizations. It is equally important to hear the opinions of regular drivers who use the tyre model on a daily basis. That's why we decided to create a ranking of the best 225/45 R17 all-season tyres based on our customers' experience. Learn more about the products they're recommending. 

Size 225/45 R17 tyres are used in many cars.Size 225/45 R17 tyres are used in many cars.

Which cars are fitted with 225/45 R17 all-season tyres?

225/45 R17 tyres are used on many well-known cars and many different models. They are used, e.g., on Suzuki Swace, Skoda Octavia, Renault Mégane, Peugeot 308, Vauxhall Astra, Mercedes Citan, Kia Ceed, ProCeed, as well as Hyundai I30 and Elantra. These are only some of cars that these tyres are compatible with.

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The best 225/45 R17 all-season tyres are ranked based on driver feedback

PlaceModelAverage rating*
1.Michelin CrossClimate+5,65
2.Nokian Tyres WeatherProof5,55
3.Michelin CrossClimate 25,55
4.Kleber Quadraxer 25,5
5.Bridgestone Weather Control A005 EVO5,5

*The ranking is based on scores from 1 to 6, which Oponeo customers awarded between 01 January 2021 and 07 September 2022. The rating only includes models that have received the minimum number of reviews required. The results on the store's website may differ from those in the chart, and the ratings are only for 225/45 R17 tyres. If several tyres received the same average score, their place in the ranking was determined by the number of opinions submitted for the given size.

1st place – Michelin CrossClimate+

The 225/45 R17 all-season tyre which was rated highest by our customers was a model from the already iconic CrossClimateline from the French premium brand Michelin. The new version with an extra plus in its name is an expansion of the original series concept, and comes with several new innovations to its design.

The Michelin CrossClimate+ model utilizes the EverGrip technology, which is made up of several elements. The first is a special high-silica rubber compound. It provides excellent grip not only on dry, but also on wet surfaces. Another factor is the inner grooves that are not visible on a new tyre. They can be noticed as the tyres wear, when subsequent layers of rubber become exposed. This guarantees that, despite the wear, the handling performance remains the same at all times. This gives you the confidence that your tyres will always cope well with harsh winter conditions, regardless of their wear.

What do users say about these French premium tyres?

I own Michelin Cross Climate Plus tyres. I don’t have a comparison to other all-season tyres, but I will describe my experience. I switched to Michelin tyres and I don't see the need to return to two separate tyres sets for the summer and the winter seasons. Especially in a small city car such as the Civic.  I don't have to worry about changing and storing tyres. I have travelled around 10 kilometres since my purchase, mainly drove in the city along with a couple of weekend trips to the countryside and visits the in-laws, who are also happy that we are always on time despite bad weather. I like to drive fast, and in winter I didn't even notice that I didn't have winter tyres. In the rain, the car grips the road very well. Snow is not a problem either. I also bought these tyres for the second Civic in my house. I'd personally recommend them to everyone. [Paula]

I have been thinking about buying all-season tyres for a long time. I had serious doubts if I would be able to get around town if we had a harsh winter. In recent years, there have been fewer such winters in our country, and so I finally decided to make the purchase. When I put on the new tyres on my Honda, I was shocked. The tyres are very quiet compared to my previous Klebers. They have excellent traction; the first drive on snow-covered roads proved that my concerns were unfounded. The car handled slush and snow 100 times better than the 6-year-old winter tyres I used previously. I’m extremely satisfied and I can absolutely recommend these tyres. [Sebastian]

2nd place – Nokian Tyres WeatherProof

The product of the Finnish premium brand Nokian Tyres came in close second. As the name suggests, the WeatherProof model is designed to ensure efficiency and great performance in any weather. It does well even in the most difficult conditions, as confirmed by the high scores in many tests carried out by automotive organizations.

What distinguishes Nokian Tyres Weaterproof from the market competition? First of all, the specially designed sipes, which greatly improve traction when driving on snowy surfaces. Another important element is the modern rubber compound that retains flexibility at low and high temperatures and ensures greater tyre longevity. The shape of the central part and the pattern of the tread guarantees effective water drainage, which prevents skidding and aquaplaning.

Nokian Tyres WeatherProof also has a worthy successor: SeasonProof model.

According to drivers, how do the WeatherProof tyres perform in all-season driving?

Definitely the best tyres I've ever had! They stick to the road like glue both on dry and wet surfaces. Although these are all-purpose tyres, they do better on snow than the old Bridgestone winter tyres I had before I switched to Nokian (they had tread depth over 5 mm in spite of their age). At first, I was hesitant to pick up all-season tyres, but after the last winter season, which was very snowy, I would definitely buy the same model again. In terms of fuel consumption, I certainly didn’t notice any increase, and perhaps even a slight decrease (which may also have been caused by slower driving speeds in winter). The tyres are also really quiet and you can really hear the difference. All things considered, I cannot recommend these tyres enough. [Brady]

They are great!!! Based on other users’ feedback, I decided to go with Nokian Weatherproof. I bought all-season tyres because I mainly drive on short routes and I rarely go outside the city. However, they could easily be recommended to all drivers. They are quiet, they provide a good grip whether the road is dry, wet, if there’s slush, or when you need to reverse out of a snowdrift. I know that this may sound a bit unbelievable, because these are not typical winter tyres, but I was also extremely surprised. You should definitely get them! [Sylvester]

3rd place – Michelin CrossClimate 2

We have already mentioned the undisputed position of the CrossClimate series in the automotive market. Drivers have appreciated another model from this line, which seems to further confirm these favourable opinions. The latest model of this French premium brand is a great choice for a wide range of cars, from urban Evs to larger sedans, and all the way to larger sporty SUVs.

Michelin CrossClimate 2 was designed to keep drivers safe all year round and in all weather conditions. This is ensured by the state-of-the-art directional tread with special V-Ramp chamfers. This feature guarantees good grip on dry roads, but it shows its full potential especially on wet and snow-covered surfaces. Thanks to serrated block edges, the tyre always maintains an optimum area of contact with the asphalt, which affects the precision and stability of driving in any situation. In addition, the Cool Running side-wall technology improves fuel efficiency or battery range in the case of electric vehicles, which means real annual savings.

What makes the next generation of CrossClimate stand out in the opinion of our clients?

I was quite apprehensive about switching to all-season tyres. I didn't have to switch just yet because I had a new set of brand-name tyres from the dealership. They were doing great in the summer. But winter was coming. It was expected to be mild, but still with all sorts of precipitation, and sub-zero temperatures. This tyres are ideal for all conditions, the traction, grip, and comfort: everything works great. Even in difficult conditions, they didn’t let me down and my daily commute includes a stretch of about 300 meters of a dirt road where I switch on the 4 wheel drive and I feel very comfortable with these tyres. I was more concerned about their performance in the summer, but the tyres retain their properties even at high temperatures. It’s a very good compromise. [Jacob]

They handle superbly on wet surfaces, on slush and light snow, no worse than the winter Nokians. Only when driving on dry surfaces there's a small difference when compared to summer Continental tyres. You cannot have everything. It's great that their noise level is in line with the manufacturer's statements. Really, they can't be compared to winter tyres. The acoustic comfort is the same as with summer tyres, but all year round. If I were to complain about something, they could be a little bit stiffer, because the feel of the road on the steering wheel is slightly worse than what I was accustomed to with both of those seasonal tyres I had before. Nevertheless, I'd certainly buy them again. [Thomas]

4th place – Kleber Quadraxer 2

The next place in the 225/45 R17 all-season tyre ranking goes to a model from another French brand, though one closely linked to the Michelin group. Kleber is the first
 representative of the medium-class price segment in this ranking. Their models from the Quadraxer line are very
 popular among European drivers
 due to their excellent workmanship, and are available at slightly more affordable prices than those of the premium class.

But the thing that's most appealing about Kleber Quadraxer 2 is not its price but its exceptional all-year-round properties. As in the case of its predecessor, it has a directional tread with clearly defined circumferential channels. These tyres have a Toboggan gutter channel structure, which facilitates water drainage and reduces the risk of aquaplaning. A system of sipes arranged in different directions ensures smooth starting, stability of the driving track, and short braking distances on snow-covered roads.

What do drivers think about the Kleber Quadraxer 2 tyres?

It's the best purchase I've ever made. I have read a lot about all-season tyres, and not all of them are as good as the Klebers. The real feedback of Oponeo users helped me a lot in my decision. These tyres are great. The traction is perfect on slush. The car just sticks to the road. The driveway wasn't cleared of snow, and there was a 25 cm layer of snow. The tyres were able to do the job without slipping or sliding! I live near the mountains and I frequently go up mountain roads. The tyres have never let me down. And what if there's no snow at all? The tyres feel the same as when I’m driving on summer tyres. I’ll buy the same model next time. [Mario]

Considering the price of the tyres and their behaviour in all possible conditions, including snow (!) I believe that they deserve your attention and these very good opinions. I’ve done about 5000 km on them in my Daihatsu Siron. It's a small vehicle, but it's been heavily used for daily commutes to work and medium-distance trips. I am a rather cautious driver and I have not noticed any worrying behaviour on either dry or wet surfaces. I was pleasantly surprised by their performance on snow, which has fallen this season and slush. The tyres do very well in such conditions, though they are all-season tyres. I highly recommend them. [Jon]

5th place – Bridgestone Weather Control A005

Our ranking of best 225/45 R17 all-season tyres (based on drivers’ opinions) ends with a model from the world's largest tyre manufacturer: Bridgestone. The product’s name fully captures its features: Weather Control A005 EVO can handle a wide variety of conditions at any time of the year. It received high and balanced scores in all categories evaluated by our clients.

The Japanese brand has used cutting-edge technology in this tyre, which significantly improves road performance in adverse weather conditions. One of these technological features is Nano Pro-Tech. It is a special compound with high silica content, which translates into a much higher lifespan. It reduces the temperature and deformation of the tread when driving, which means improved grip. Another important feature is the high-capacity slots located on the tyre shoulders. They efficiently drain water to reduce the risk of aquaplaning. The tread features Z-shaped sipes and directional V-shaped grooves. This ensures comfortable driving over snow-covered surfaces.

How is this Japanese premium-class product assessed by Oponeo customers?

In my opinion, all-season tyres of the correct class (I bought premium class tyres) are much better than two seasonal sets of tyres. Both in terms of economy and practicality. I use them for business and personal use. I’m not a professional driver, and they are the perfect choice for me at about 30,000 kilometres per year. [Christopher]

I’ve only been driving on these tyres since February, but I have already driven more than 10 000 km, and I have driven both in winter and in hot summer. I can’t really say much about long-term wear, but my expectations have been fully met in terms of driving characteristics over these few months. Especially when it comes to driving on puddles and wet asphalt. [Martin]