The choice of winter tyres has a major impact on road safety. They must provide good grip in a wide variety of conditions. They must be able to cope not only with dry but also wet, snowy or icy roads. So how do you find the perfect product? For many drivers, it is helpful to hear from people who have experienced the properties of a particular tyre in practice. We have compiled a ranking of 215/55 R16 winter tyres based on user reviews to help you choose the right tyre for the season.

The winter period is a true test for tyres.The winter period is a true test for tyres.

Ranking of winter tyres 215/55 R16*

The Chevrolet Cruze, Ford C-MAX, Honda Civic, Vauxhall Astra and Peugeot 308 are among the many cars fitted with tyres in the popular 215/55 R16 size. Drivers are keen to share their experiences of using their chosen "winter tyres". They appreciate both technologically advanced premium models and affordable proposals from the economy segment.

What tyres in this size have been highlighted by our customers?

placeTyre model 
average driver ratings
Nokian Tyres WR D4
Dębica Frigo HP2
Firemax FM805+

*The ranking is based on the ratings given by Oponeo customers between 1 January 2021 and 14 September 2022 on a scale of 1 to 6. The list includes those models which have received the minimum number of reviews. The results shown on the shop's website may differ from those included in the comparison, as the ratings only apply to tyre sizes 215/55 R16.

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1st place Nokian Tyres WR D4

The clear winner in the 215/55 R15 winter tyre ranking is the Nokian Tyres WR D4. The model has been one of the leaders in its category for several years. It has won recognition not only from automotive specialists, but also from drivers who have actually tested the Finnish proposition in practice.

The Nokian Tyres WR D4 definitely meets the expectations of those looking for premium quality. The tyre's directional tread is characterised by a wide central rib and a very dense sipe network. It enables precise car handling on dry and wet surfaces as well as on snow. The characteristic design allows water to be dispersed efficiently, thus minimising the risk of the dangerous phenomenon of aquaplaning. The Twin Trac Silica rubber compound not only guarantees very good performance, but also contributes to driving economy. It is highly abrasion-resistant and reduces fuel consumption. Many drivers will also find the quietness of the model an important asset.

According to users:

I bought the four tyres. After replacing them, the difference is enormous. It just happened to be proper winter, so they were tested in various conditions. I cover an average of 100 km a day on different roads. The car is holding up well. I haven't had any hair-raising situations, which happened with other tyres. Watching other cars during the onslaught of winter, I got the impression that I was the only one to have fitted winter tyres. I am very happy with this choice, especially as these are the first winter tyres I have chosen on my own. Now that it's snowing, I know it was the right choice. I heartily recommend it. [Margaret].

When I bought these tyres I believed the reviews. After this harsh winter I am even more in favour. The tyres perform superbly. They perform superbly. I have a garage hall exit steeply uphill. I set off for work before 5am - it was hardly ever cleared of snow. I have driven out without any major problems and I drive a rear-wheel drive car. The tyres perform superbly on wet pavement, snow and post-snow slush. When out on ice, it is slippery, but here only studs would help. Tyres worth the consideration and value for money, I strongly recommend. [Tragi]

2nd place Debica Frigo HP2

Oponeo customers awarded the second place to the Debica Frigo HP2. It is not the first time that the 215/55 R16 winter tyres in the economy segment have been ranked. They have won acclaim for their very good performance and affordability. Drivers appreciate the feeling of safety they get when driving under demanding road conditions.

Some of the greatest strengths of the Debica Frigo HP2 are considered to be its well thought-out design and tread pattern. Characteristic of the model are the rounded shoulder edges. Combined with the directional pattern, they provide the desired level of grip. Also noteworthy is the distinctive groove and sipe system, which allows the snow deposited on the road to be effectively evacuated. The large number of cutting edges improves the contact area with the ground, resulting in improved vehicle handling. The construction improves both driving and braking stability. It significantly reduces the occurrence of skidding. An additional advantage of the Frigo HP2 is its low rolling resistance, which has a positive effect on the economy of use.

According to users:

Good performance tyres for safe driving and the price is affordable. [John]

The tyres perform brilliantly, with very good grip when the road is dry. They hold up really well in snow and slush. If I were to buy again, I would definitely choose this model. I would highly recommend. [Yankess]

After the first season I rate these tyres very well. I have had no problems at all - zero slipping on wet roads. In the morning, after heavy snowfall, I have never had any problems when driving out. They grip the road well. Absolutely sensational for the asking price. [Adria]

3rd place Imperial Snowdragon UHP

The Imperial Snowdragon UHP is one of the certainties in the 215/55 R16 winter tyre ranking, compiled from Oponeo customer feedback. The budget range has been very popular for years. The brand's developers have consistently demonstrated their ability to develop tyres that combine an affordable price with performance that meets the expectations of many drivers.

The tyre features a directional tread pattern with clearly defined blocks. Owners of cars fitted with the Imperial Snowdragon UHP appreciate this solution during winter driving. Snow, slush and water are well channelled to the side, resulting in improved traction. There is no question of slippage or lack of grip. The developers have also developed a solution to reduce braking distances. The technologies used - an optimised rubber compound and reinforcements in the sidewall area - ensure the tyre's durability and resistance to damage.

According to users:

I would definitely recommend the tyres at this price. The car handles well on the road in almost all standard autumn and winter conditions. [Adrian]

Good quality tyre at an affordable price. The tyres grip the road well. [Walt]

I would definitely recommend tyres from this manufacturer, this is another car I have fitted this tyre to. [Matt]

4th place Firemax FM805+

Just off the podium was the budget tyre Firemax FM805+, appreciated by Oponeo users. Its affordable price and good performance in the tougher season made it quickly recognised by users. It is appreciated above all for its guaranteed comfort and safety on the road.

The Firemax FM805+ provides good grip when driving in winter conditions. This is due to the well-thought-out technological solutions used. The tyre has an asymmetrical tread with numerous sipes, allowing it to effectively tackle snowy sections. Deep, longitudinal grooves allow good drainage of water and slush from under the tyre face, reducing the risk of slipping. Another advantage of the model is the rubber compound. It is soft and supple enough to be effective in cold weather. The tyre is also quite resistant to mechanical damage.

According to users:

The tyres perform sensationally in the current weather conditions. Whether slush, sleet or snow, they provide grip and comfort for safe driving. I can highly recommend. [Christopher]

The tyres have completely surprised me. They are very fun to drive on, quiet, grip well and wear slowly. [Boris]

Excellent tyres. Perform well on wet and dry pavement. I would recommend them. [Ted]

5th place Neolin NeoWinter

The final place in the ranking of 215/55 R16 winter tyres is claimed by the Neolin brand. The NeoWinter has long been a popular choice in the budget segment. The tyre's parameters allow safe travel in the colder part of the year. What are its main characteristics?

The NeoWinter has won the hearts of drivers thanks to the performance offered, which is of a really good standard. The specific weather conditions to be faced in the coldest season of the year are a major challenge, which this tyre handles no worse than more expensive competitors. This is due to the directional tread pattern and the visible, densely spaced sipes that fill the blocks. This design ensures that traction is maintained on roads covered with fresh or compacted snow. You can travel without worrying about not being able to control your vehicle. The NeoWinter tyres can handle rain, mud and other debris, which also results in better grip.

According to users:

Very good tyres for a decent price. They literally bite into the icy pavement. Not too noisy, no thumping. Highly recommend. [Mark]

Nice tyres. I feel confident behind the wheel in all weathers. Absolutely no noise, they brake well in the snow. I recommend - quality for the price. [Volodymyr]

The tyres perform very well on all surfaces. I will recommend this brand of tyres to anyone. [Raphael]