Good winter tyres are incredibly important for the safety and comfort of traveling in the colder months of the year. No wonder that drivers are looking for proven models, that have been tried, tested and verified by other road users. That is why the ranking of size 225/45 R17 winter tyres best rated by our customers was created. This year's winning products include items from various price segments, so everyone will find the perfect offer for themselves.

Our customers have rated many winter tyres. Which ones got the best reviews?Our customers have rated many winter tyres. Which ones got the best reviews?

Size 225/45 R17 tyres – who could benefit from this model?

225/45 R17 winter tyres have increasingly strengthened their position on the market in recent years. This is a very popular size, which can often be found as the default option in factory-fitted cars from many well-known brands. They can be found, for example, in cars such as: Skoda Octavia, Kia Ceed, BMW 2 Series or Citroen C4.

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Ranking of 225/45 R17 winter tyres

The opinions of drivers who use different tyre models on a daily basis are an invaluable source of information. After all, they are the ones who find out every day how the technologies used by tyre manufacturers are performing in the real world. It is difficult to find more reliable and meaningful tests. Let's see which products were the most popular this year and deserved recognition in our customers' opinion:


Average rating*

1.Nokian Tyres WR D45,55
2.Pirelli SottoZero Serie 35,55
3.Kleber Krisalp HP35,5
4.Nokian Tyres WR Snowproof5,45
5.Kormoran Snow5,3

*The ranking was created based on ratings submitted by Oponeo customers between January 2021 and September 2022. The scale was from 1 to 6. The list includes the models that received the minimum required number of opinions. The results visible on our store website may differ from those included in the summary, as the presented ratings concern only tyres in size 225/45 R17. In the case where several tyres received the same average score, their place in the ranking was decided by the number of opinions submitted for the given size.

1st place – Nokian Tyres WR D4

The tyres of this Finnish manufacturer belong to the premium segment and enjoy unwavering popularity among the customers. They are appreciated by demanding drivers who are mainly looking for safety in winter conditions. That is why Nokian Tyres WR D4 are still one of the most popular and most widely recognized winter tyres in the rankings, despite the fact that several years have already passed since this model's debut on the market.

WR D4 definitely deserves its place among the top-rated winter tyres. What is the secret behind their great performance? First of all, it is a well-refined tread pattern, adapted to the road conditions that can occur in the winter season. We aren't just talking about snowy or icy surfaces, but also wet surfaces, which are associated with an increased risk of skidding.

Specially designed, directional grooves ensure that water can be efficiently removed from under the wheels, which improves grip on wet surfaces and reduces the risk of aquaplaning. Other elements responsible for this model's great traction include the sipes – which are irreplaceable after snowfall – and the Twin Trac Silica rubber compound, thanks to which the tyre maintains proper flexibility at low temperatures. We must also mention the wide central rib, which makes it easier to keep the car on track, and to special tyre sidewall, which renders the Nokian Tyres WR D4 model extremely quiet.

2nd place – Pirelli SottoZero Serie 3

The Italian brand Pirelli is one of the oldest companies in the tyre industry, and it skillfully funnels its extensive experience into the production of top-class tyres. The SottoZero Series 3 is designed for drivers who don't want to give up their dynamic driving style even in the winter season. Therefore, despite the fact that several years have passed since its premiere, the tyre is still highly appreciated and is eagerly chosen by enthusiasts of fast driving.

The excellent performance of the Pirelli SottoZero Serie 3 is mainly the result of the solid-block tread, which optimizes the area of contact between the tyre and the road surface. Rounded and rigid shoulder areas support the driver during dynamic manoeuvres, and help them maintain full control over the vehicles.

The 3D sipes, which increase the flexibility of the central tread zone, are responsible for safety on typical winter surfaces. All of this wouldn’t be possible without the special rubber compound that retains its properties over a wide temperature range. It also ensures slower and more even tyre wear, thereby extending its longevity.

3rd place – Kleber Krisalp HP3

The third place in the ranking goes to the Kleber Krisalp 3 model. It's a middle class tyre that combines a reasonable price with really satisfying performance. A special mix consisting of functional elastomers was used for its production. It provides a shorter braking distance on ice, which translates into improved safety. The rubber compound copes perfectly with low temperatures, and preserves its properties during cold days. It is lightweight but also very durable, which means greater longevity of each set of tyres.

The tread design is also important. Its directional pattern with V-shaped grooves and the "Toboggan" gutter channel system ensure that slush and snow are quickly evacuated outside the tyre surface. Therefore, the risk of skidding is significantly reduced.

Kleber Krisalp HP3 is distinguished by its optimized design, which provides low rolling resistance and high driving comfort.

4th place – Nokian Tyres WR Snowproof

The fourth place is taken by a premium segment tyre, and specifically the successor to the winner of this year's ranking: Nokian Tyres WR Snowproof. The rubber compound used in this model includes silica, natural rubber and functional polymers. Such a combination guarantees driving with confidence and safety in winter conditions.

The model is distinguished by an innovative, arrow-shaped tread. The surface of the double grooves was polished, which means that snow, water or slush on the road are quickly evacuated. This significantly reduces the risk of skidding, even during heavy rainfall. Additionally, special Brake Boosters were installed in the shoulder areas. Thanks to the serrated edges, they bite into the snow, which allows the driver to retain traction during emergency braking.

The manufacturer also took care of driving comfort and stability. The Nokian Tyres WR Snowproof model features special Snow Claws. They are designed to provide good grip on snowy surfaces and to ensure efficient, trouble-free manoeuvring in winter conditions. This design element improves turning, braking and acceleration.

It’s also worth mentioning the SIlent Sidewall technology. The muted sidewall reduces the vibrations that occur while driving and prevents excessive noise.

5th place – Kormoran Snow

This year's ranking ends with a model from the Polish brand, Kormoran, which belongs to the French giant Michelin. This international mix of experience and manufacturing standards has resulted in the creation of an affordable winter tyre, offering a good level of safety and comfort in the colder months.

Polish designers equipped the Kormoran Snow model with a modern directional tread with massive blocks and irregular peripheral channels. This tyre performs brilliantly not only when there is snow on the road, but also in rainy conditions, which are more and more common in this part of the year. The wide shoulders allow you to drive faster without losing control of the car, and provide proper rigidity during more difficult manoeuvres.

Another noteworthy feature is the rubber compound, which helps maintain the flexibility of the central area of the tyre tread, regardless of the temperature.