The results of this year's summary of the best-rated 225/45 R17 tyres will probably come as no surprise. Our customers appreciated the models that we regularly write about in our rankings. This only confirms that it is worth taking them into account when purchasing a new set for the winter.

car on a snowy roadOur customers have tested and evaluated many winter tyres. Which ones received the best reviews?

Winter tyres size 225/45 R17 are installed in – depending on the generation or engine type – such cars as: Mercedes CLK, Audi A3, Alfa Romeo Giulietta, BMW M3, Renault Megane, Vauxhall Zafira, Seat Leon, VW Golf, Passat and Volvo C70. If you are not sure whether this is the right size for your car, use our tyre selection configurator.

Your choice – best 225/45 R17 winter tyres

The list presents models recognized by our clients as worth recommending. Bear in mind that these are drivers who have had the opportunity to subject the tyres purchased at Oponeo to many tests, in various conditions, and their evaluations are backed by experience. This makes it one of the most reliable sources of information about individual tyres.

This year, our list includes two models representing the premium class. The others, however, belong to the budget segment. Here they are:

ModelAverage rating*
Nokian WR D45,4
Nokian WR D35,3
Dębica Frigo HP25,05
Imperial Snowdragon UHP5
Zeetex WH10004,85

*The rating was created based on scores given by Oponeo customers between January 2019 and October 2020. The scale was from 1 to 6. The list includes the models that received the minimum required number of opinions. The results visible on our store website may differ from those included in the summary, as the presented ratings concern only tyres in size 225/45 R17.

Nokian WR D4

This model has been enjoying unwavering interest for several seasons now. Our customers are eager to buy and evaluate it, and automotive organisations regularly test it and compare it with competitors. This means that despite the passage of time, it is still one of the best options for the winter season.

What does Nokian WR D4 owe this success to? First of all, the refined tread pattern, adapted to the conditions that can be encountered in winter. This includes not only snow-covered or icy surfaces, but also wet roads, where it is very easy to slip. Specially designed, directionally arranged grooves allow water to be effectively removed from under the wheels, which improves traction and reduces the risk of aquaplaning. The sipes - irreplaceable after snowfall - and the Twin Trac Silica rubber compound, which makes the tire maintain proper flexibility at low temperatures, are also responsible for excellent traction.

You should also pay attention to the wide central rib, which makes it easier to maintain the intended track, as well as a special strip visible on the tyre's sidewall, which makes the Nokian WR D4 extremely quiet.

Very safe tyres. Driving on them is a pleasure. Not only do they hug the road well, you can't even hear them at all. [Luke]

This is the second car in which I use Nokian WR D4 winter tyres. Some of the quietest winter tyres I've ever had. Excellent on slippery surfaces, very reliable on wet asphalt, drains slush very well. I highly recommend it. [Adam]

Nokian WR D3

The second place belongs to WR D4 model's older brother, which only confirms the effectiveness of the solutions offered by the Finnish Nokian as a premium brand. WR D3 has long been eagerly chosen by drivers - as it turns out, also those looking for 225/45 R17 tyres.

This tyre has a slightly milder tread pattern than its successor, but is still extremely effective in fighting adverse weather conditions.

Water, snow and mud should not be an obstacle for it when supporting you in safe travel. Of course, this is due to the grooves, sipes and winter rubber compound that together ensure road grip, regardles of the weather.

In this model, the designers focused on one more very important aspect, which is economic operation. This includes tyre life, which allows it to maintain the best parameters despite having traveled many thousands of kilometers, as well as low rolling resistance. The latter results in the car's lower fuel consumption, and thus also savings in one's wallet.

The tyres perform very well practically in the full speed range. No problems on wet roads. I have not noticed higher fuel consumption compared to summer tyres. Quiet. [Trader]

The tyres perform very well, the car holds well to wet and slippery surfaces. I recommend this type. [Jack]

Dębica Frigo HP2

Dębica Frigo HP2 closes the podium in our ranking, and at the same time opens the list of economy-segment tyres. What the models of this class have in common is a very good quality-price ratio, which is often mentioned by drivers when issuing opinions. The case is no different for these tyres, produced by a brand supported by Goodyear.

This tyre too has a directional tread, although an unusual one, as the grooves are W-shaped and not V-shaped - as is usually the case. This innovation allowed for very good parameters in terms of driving on snow and mud. The applied system of cuts also increases the tyre's contact surface with the road, which translates into steering precision.

The strengths of the Dębica model also include low rolling resistance and durability. The high tread profile allows for long operation without fear of losing performance, which in turn translates into safe and economical travel.

These tyres have very good value for money. They stick to the road and are stable in various weather conditions. They are also fun to drive. [Bart]

The tyres are very nice, they are doing great on snow, have good grip also on dry surfaces. Recommend it to all. [Matt]

Imperial Snowdragon UHP

The Imperial Snowdragon UHP tyre was next in our ranking. At the same time, it is the only Ultra High Performance model distinguished by drivers, i.e. designed for more powerful cars. This type of tyres is chosen by people with high requirements who want nothing to restrict their cars, even in winter. The combination of high performance and attractive price is something that our customers have noticed.

This model uses many proven solutions that make driving safe and comfortable. First of all, the tyre's design is adapted to dynamic driving. What else? Wide water drainage grooves provide excellent traction in wet conditions, increasingly common in winter. Water is cast from under the tyre's tread, reducing the chances of breaking the traction, and you have control over the track at all times. Large tread blocks ensure reliable handling on dry surfaces, and the deep grooves make the tyre bite into the snow and make it predictable.

Due to the said elements, Imperial tyres offer a short braking distance and smooth starting when the thermometer shows a low temperature.

The tyres surprised me pleasantly, they are quiet, the car drives very well for winter tyres. Hand on heart, I can recommend it to others. Best Regards. [Michael]

The best winter tyres I have ever driven in this price range. [Walter]

Zeetex WH1000

Driving in winter conditions is not the easiest thing to do, so the tyres must support drivers during even the simplest maneuvers. Bearing in mind not only this, but also the comfort of drivers, Zeetex designers have made the WH1000 model.

Although these tyres are economy-class, the technologies associated with premium tyres were used in their production. These include 3D sipes, whose task, apart from providing traction on snow, is to ensure the proper stiffness of the tyre, which contributes to better driving characteristics. In addition, the manufacturer decided to use an asymmetric tread pattern. It has many advantages - from excellent drainage of water and other debris, to stable cornering. Another advantage of this solution is its durability.

The list of the model's strengths also includes low noise level, which makes driving longer distances less tiring.

The tyre looks very good visually, I have driven on models of well-known companies and I don't see the difference, so it does the job. At first, before buying, I was skeptical about tyres made in China, but after covering 5000 km, I can recommend them to others with full responsibility. [Zeke66]

The tyres are doing perfect, my friend recommended them to me, and I didn't think I expect to be this happy with them. And yet I'm (positively) surprised how these tyres are doing. I'd recommend them to every driver. [Norbert]

How to buy decent winter tyres?

Before buying new tyres - both winter and summer ones - it is worth checking which models are receiving high ratings. We're not only talking about the ratings given by drivers, but also tests by independent organisations and media, such as e.g. ADAC. It is also a great opportunity to confront what the manufacturer promises with the opinions of those who have actually had the opportunity to check specific properties.

However, in the case of tyres, you need to take into account not only others' opinion, but also your own preferences and needs. Motorists who drive dynamically and mainly on highways will have completely different requirements than those driving mostly in the city, with a foot often pressing the brake pedal. Similarly, the driving comfort resulting from low noise will be more important to some, and low rolling resistance to others.

Much also depends on the car itself. Therefore, it is worth starting your search for a new set by determining the size you need, which will significantly help in the initial selection. Then it is good to look at the basic parameters, for example those from EU labels.