The advantages of having good winter tyres are invaluable, especially when the temperature drops dramatically and the road is covered with ice or a layer of snow. It is difficult to maintain proper grip and drive precisely. In order to make the selection of new "winter tyres" as simple as possible, we have prepared a set of models that are best appreciated by our customers. This time we will focus on tyres in size 195/65 R15.

Drivers faced with a choice of a new set of tyres for the winter season often don't know which model is worth betting on to make sure it meets 100% expectations. In this case, the opinions of other users about the tyres they have are helpful. These can be found on the Tyre Portal and we encourage all those who are hesitant to read them. Perhaps they can help you decide to buy the right set for your own four casters.

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In winter you have to be prepared for the most difficult conditions on the roads.

Best winter tyres in size 195/65 R15 by drivers*

Tyres in size 195/65 R15 are fitted on cars (depending on the body and equipment) such as the Volkswagen Passat, Vauxhall Astra, Renault Megane, Ford Focus, Skoda Octavia and Kia Cee’d.

Below is a list of the best-rated models in this size by Oponeo customers:

Michelin Alpin 65,55
Nokian WR Snowproof5,5
Continental WinterContact TS 8605,5
Nokian WR D45,45
Nokian WR D3 5,4

* The ranking was created on the basis of ratings awarded by Oponeo customers between January 2019 and October 2020. A scale from 1 to 6 was valid. The ranking included models that had obtained the minimum number of ratings required. The results shown in our shop may differ from those included in the list, the ratings shown only apply to tyres in size 195/65 R15.

Michelin Alpin 6

Michelin Alpin 6, a premium tyre that is ideal for passenger cars and has been awarded many times in industry tests. As its name indicates, the difficult winter conditions will not be frightening for this model, especially when there is a layer of snow on the road.

The French manufacturer has taken care of every detail, which is of great importance in terms of the traction and safety of travellers. A great deal of attention has been paid to the construction and the mix. EverGrip technology is responsible for excellent driving performance throughout the entire life of the vehicle. This is due to the special grooves hidden under the rubber layer, which open as the tread wears down. The Traction Booster Compound in the Alps 6 is considered excellent for good reason. It provides outstanding grip on snow and therefore maintains the highest level of safety when driving in winter.

What do our customers think about Michelin Alpin 6?

I cover 70% of my mileage on long journeys (often in Germany) and therefore I need a winter tyre that works well on motorways at speeds of 140-160 km/h. Although the Michelin Alpin 6 on dry roads is slightly louder than the summer tyres of the same brand, this is not a nuisance. On wet asphalt it gives you a great feeling of safety, thanks to its excellent lateral (cornering) and longitudinal (braking) grip. This winter it was literally one snowy day, but even then, vigorous starting on snow-covered streets did not cause ESP intervention, while on summer tyres the high diesel torque makes it almost impossible to move off. If you want your car to retain its somewhat sporty character in winter too, the Michelin Alpine 6 is exactly what you are looking for. EagleEye

Very good grip, whether the surface is wet or covered with snow or slush mud. Tested in mountain conditions as well as during everyday driving.
Peter G.

Nokian WR Snowproof

Another position is held by Nokian WR Snowproof, a Finnish manufacturer. It is a premium brand model that guarantees full safety in winter and excellent control over the vehicle, in all, even the most demanding conditions.

The secret of this tyre's properties lies primarily in the rubber mixture used, called Alpine Grip. It contains an advanced composition: natural rubber, silica and polymers for precise driving. In combination with optimised tread blocks and grooves and Snow Claws, this tyre offers excellent braking and starting grip, especially on snowy roads. In addition, any residual precipitation on the road surface is precisely channelled from under the front of the tyre to avoid slipping. The Nokian WR Snowproof also features the proprietary Brake Booster stabilisers, which, in theory, mark serrated shoulder zones, which help ensure that the vehicle stops reliably. The Finnish model does not generate a lot of noise, thanks to the sidewall soundproofing technology.

What do our customers appreciate Nokian WR Snowproof for? 

I am the lucky owner of two sets of Nokians in both my cars. After testing the WR D4 in the Citroen, I knew that I would only choose from the Nokian range for the upcoming winter tyre change in a Ford. It happened to be the WR's successor, the Snowproof. Despite a mild winter this season, they managed to test them in a snow blizzard in the mountains and passed the 10/10th test. Short braking distances on both dry and wet as well as on snowy surfaces. I was most surprised to see the traction in the corners, driving through a 5cm layer of slush. All in all, the best winter tyres I have had the chance to test. PHILIP

This year we decided to buy Nokian WR Snowproof tyres for the first time and I will say that it was an excellent choice. The tyres perform well even in difficult mountain conditions, and they grip very well on slippery surfaces. Their great advantage is also their quietness, which is completely silent, not like other winter tyres. I recommend these tyres, they are excellent. MARK

Continental WinterContact TS 860

The first three conclude with the iconic Continental model - WinterContact TS 860, which, due to its satisfactory properties, has been awarded many times in numerous tests by well-known and respected automobile organizations. This only confirms excellent quality and high performance.

The German manufacturer placed great emphasis on the rubber compound used in the production process. It contains silica and polymer compounds that guarantee shorter braking distances on wet roads, as well as traction on snow, ice and rain. The tread pattern has also been modified. The tread has a modern design with circumferential grooves and 3D, so the highest level of grip and slip protection is maintained. In addition, the rainfall is perfectly drained to the outside of the tyre, so driving in difficult weather conditions is still safe. 

Why is it worth betting on Continental WinterContact TS 860?

Very good tyres, excellent wet grip. I was surprised by the grip and handling on slush mud, you could drive very confidently. Fuel consumption and volume at a decent level. I highly recommend) MARTIN

On snow, the tyres did very well, but the biggest surprise was ice, the tyres also did very well on icy roads, which provided comfort in difficult situations. I recommend them as a good winter tyres. GREG

Nokian WR D4

The Nokian WR D4 is back in fourth place. It was created with the knowledge and experience of Finnish engineers. Who, if not the inhabitants of the far north, knows more about demanding winters? It was this brand that first invented tyres for the colder months and still remains the leader in this field today.

The Nokian WR D4 allows you to drive the car confidently, even during more dynamic manoeuvres. It also provides high comfort and reduced rolling resistance. All thanks to its advanced tread and innovative Nokian Twin Trac Silica rubber compound. For several years now, the model has not only enjoyed unflagging popularity among drivers, but also the favourable opinions of independent experts, as reflected in the test results.

This is how our customers reviewed the Nokian WR D4:

I have covered about 2 000 km so far, a lot of that on the motorway. The first thing that surprised me was the calm and smoothness of driving in the first journey (almost 400 km on the motorway - enough for the tyres just fitted). I expected that there would be more vibration on the steering wheel and interior noise at 130 km/h, and the car was actually only slightly louder than on the previous Dunlop summer tyres. I did not have the opportunity to test the tyres in heavy rain or snow, but from the opinions I read I can see that you should not worry about this aspect. My only doubt was driving in the most difficult winter conditions, but I validated them favourably. TIM

I have been riding these tyres all winter on ice and snow, and they stick to the road very well. They did very well in the mountains on snowy and icy mountain tracks. I recommend them. HUBERT

Nokian WR D3

The Nokian brand, which is popular in this ranking, is closing the stakes. This time it is the WR D3, which is the predecessor of the higher-ranked version. These tyres have been developed for extreme conditions, so they can handle wet, snowy and even icy road conditions perfectly.

The manufacturer has taken care of the maximum contact surface between the tyre and the road, so that grip is high and travel safety is increased. The elastic and durable compound works well at low temperatures and also corresponds with low rolling resistance. Its properties also guarantee slower tread wear, and excellent performance is possible throughout the entire life of the tyre. The Nokian WR D3 will appeal to those who want to feel confident behind the wheel in demanding winter conditions.

What do our customers have to say about this model?

A really great tyre. I've driven on various winter tyres including the Goodyear UltraGrip 7, BFGoodrich GForce Winter, Kleber Krisalp HP, Fulda Kristall Montero and Nokian WR D3 is really the best. At a good price we get a product that can easily match the performance of the Dunlops and Continental. A sensation in the snow. It grips nicely. On wet roads, the ABS hasn't turned on once. When you leave the motorway driving downhill a snow-covered and muddy spiral, you can easily drive like in summer on a dry surface. I have not lost traction. As far as noise is concerned, it is also good. The quietest ones are not, but they do not interfere with the long distance. I highly recommend it! PAUL

A very good purchase. The tyres perform well on dry and wet roads, both at high and low temperatures. Driving on slush or highland snow is not difficult. Quiet tyres. The second set used in SEAT LEON is also rated with superlatives. I recommend purchasing. WALTER

What are good tyres for the winter?

To make sure that the new tyres meet our expectations and help us on our winter journeys, it's worth taking the time to choose the right tyres. They have to fit where and how we move. Other models will work well for drivers who travel long highway routes at high speed, while others will meet the expectations of those who make low mileage and drive mainly in the city.

Another factor that may influence the decision is the opinions of other drivers and the results of studies carried out by independent organisations. The choice of the right tyre size must not be forgotten either - otherwise it will not provide safety and may adversely affect the technical condition of the car.