The best 185/65 R15 winter tyres according to drivers (2018/2019)

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Winter is approaching. The days are shorter, and instead of sunny weather we are dealing with rain and frost more often. Which tyres should you choose to enjoy safe driving in such weather conditions? Check how drivers like you evaluate individual models and you will definitely make the right decision!

On our website you will find over 100,000 tyre reviews. This is an invaluable source of information for all those who are thinking about buying tyres, but they do not know what model to decide on.

The best 185/65 R15 winter tyres.

The best 185/65 R15 winter tyres

The 185/65 R15 tyres are mounted on car models  such as: Alfa Romeo 147, 156, BMW 3 SeriesAudi 100, 80, A4, Dacia Lodgy, Logan, Sandero, Fiat Punto, Punto Evo, Honda Accord, Peugeot 207, 208, Hyundai i30, Mazda 626, Mercedes Klasa A, C, Nissan Almera, Primera, Citroen C3, Xsara Picasso, Vauxhall Astra, Volvo V40, V70, S40.

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The best 185/65 R15 winter tyres according to drivers

*As of September 2018. The tyres are rated on a scale of 1 to 6, where 6 is the highest possible rating.


Tyre model Note*
1. Dunlop SP Winter Response 2 5,4
2. Goodyear Ultra Grip 9 5,4
3. Nokian WR D3 5,3
4. Michelin Alpin A4 5,3
5. Nokian WR D4 5,3

1. Dunlop SP Winter Response 2

The Dunlop SP Winter Response 2 was granted the first place, achieving an excellent average rating of 5.4. The model stood out in terms of economic driving and safety in difficult winter conditions. Drivers who use SP Winter Response 2 particularly value the grip of this model.


Dunlop SP Winter Response 2 in size 185/65 R15


According to our users:

  • Wet and dry surface - perfect side grip. Even in the case of the unevenness while driving on a bend it performs very good. Braking on a wet or dry surface excellent. (Sikor)

  • As for using them during the winter season, I think that these tyres are excellent. So far so good.  They have proven themselves in different situations - snow, mud, water. Even on the ice (there can always be surprises) I felt confident in the car. They look nice and so they "behave on the road". What I liked the most was the situation of a quick or sudden stop - here they did a few times on 6+. (Marta)

Do you know...

Dunlop developed one of the first tyres which allows to drive after puncture- it was Denovo model equipped with the DSST system and introduced on the market in the 1970s.

2. Goodyear Ultra Grip 9

The tyre received an overall score of 5.4. For drivers driving on this model, the tyre behaviour  in typical winter conditions is a key factor. It is the successor of the popular UltraGrip 8 model - compared to it, UltraGip 9 features a shorter braking distance (by 4%) and better performance on snow. Drivers who decided to purchase this model would like to recommend buying this tyre to others. Most reviewers have admitted that it usually moves in the city and describes its driving style as moderate.


Goodyear Ultra Grip 9 in size 185/65 R15


Opinions of satisfied users:

  • The product is very quiet considering that it is a winter tyre, fuel consumption has increased by some 0.2l/100km (gas) so virtually unnoticeable. On wet and dry surfaces, it behaves great, but the difference is only felt in the snow. I had different tyres, I buy new ones because I drive a lot, but for several seasons I have been using Ultra Grip starting with the 7, and I'm not really thinking of a change. (WhoSay)

  • This is my next set of Ultra Grip -  I don't  usually recommend experimenting, with winter tyres especially - they end up in a ditch too often. An additional, significant advantage - some winter tyres after 2 seasons are not suitable for use, and the Ultra Grips are fine, even after 5 seasons. (XXLBodzio)

Do you know...

One of the most important symbols of the Goodyear brand are the airships of their own production-today they mainly serve as advertising functions

3. Nokian WR D3

Nokian WR D3 is one of the most popular premium tyre models chosen by our customers. Quality and reliability are evidenced by opinions issued by drivers (average grade 5.3). Nokian WR D3 ideally suited to the most difficult winter conditions. The blend from which the tyres are made of retains its flexibility at very low temperatures, and the additional reinforcement and reduced rolling resistance will make the tyres meet the requirements of each driver.


Nokian WR D3 in size 185/65 R15


What do the drivers have to say?

  • After long thinking and comparing many models, I decided to use these Nokians. After the first winter season I am extremely pleased with them. The tyres hold very well on the road, in wet conditions at temperatures below 5° C, there is practically no chance of breaking the grip. They are doing very well on the snow as well, they give great driving comfort. The driver is simply calm. I recommend  for 105%. (Bartosz)

  • I have already purchased a second set for my next car. I covered about 15 thousand km on the previous set and about 6 thousand on the current one without any problems, mainly in the city and on the route, but sometimes also on snowy mountain roads. A very grippy tyre, quiet and comfortable on a daily basis, but shows its full potential only on completely snow-covered steep slopes in the mountains! I recommend especially those who want to safely and easily reach the ski lift in winter in addition to driving around the city. (Piotr)

Do you know...

It is no coincidence that the brand name Nokian is similar to the name of the famous Finnish company – Nokia. Both brands belonged initially to one concern, which Nokian was separated from as an independent company.

4. Michelin Alpin A4

The highest-rated parameter of this model is driving on dry surfaces. Michelin Alpin A4 was appreciated mainly by users usually moving around the city and preferring a moderate driving style. The average rating of the Alpin A4 based on the reviews posted on our site is a sensational 5.3.

The tyre ensures safe driving in all conditions. The optimal pressure distribution inside the tyre guarantees a slow and steady tread wear. The reduced rolling resistance resulting from the weight reduction of the tyre has helped to reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere.


Michelin Alpin A4 in size 185/65 R15


Through the eyes of Oponeo users:

  • I recommend this product. You have to pay more little more, you get your money's worth. Anyway, the wear of tyres is really minimal, I suppose that they will last 3 winters will last. The previous set I used were Michelin, mounted  on the Citroen C3. They lasted through 8 winters and the only factor which prompted me to replace them was their production. (Greg)

  • They behave well on the snow, there is no problem when starting off and going on a bend, plus the braking is fantastic. The car moves stably at high speeds. They perform quietly while driving through slush. I do not have any serious objections in terms of driving on wet surfaces. (Janek)

Do you know...

The symbol of the brand is Bibendum, or the famous "Michelin man". In 2000, Bibendum won the title of the best logo in history.

5. Nokian WR D4

A premium winter tyre of premium class that has excellent grip in all conditions, a marked reduction in rolling resistance and above-average wear resistance - this is how you can define a Nokian WR D4 in short.

Due to the excellent parameters and comfort of use, the Nokian WR D4 is often to chosen by  drivers all over Europe. Driving on them is quiet, smooth and safe. Oponeo customers also appreciate its properties, and the very good average rating of 5.3. is an evidence.


Nokian WR D4 in size 185/65 R15


Some of the reviews posted on Oponeo:

  • The tyres are very quiet, and in addition their "softness" suppresses inequalities on the road. When the first snow fell, I tested them a bit on the remote area, for example, speeding up to 50km/h and braking as if I had an obstacle in front of me. I was surprised by the effectiveness of these tyres, normally as if I was braking on dry asphalt. Another time when in the morning there was ice on the estate road, I drove up the hill (where the cars are always slipping) without any effort. I recommend these tyres to everyone. (Wojtek)

  • Silent tyres, good softness, very good traction. During the replacement the professional car mechanics praised the company as well as the particular model. I recommend it to everyone who is undecided. It's better to spend few more zloty and have quality assurance. This is the first season I drive on them, so I can't speak about the wear, but the noise level, grip and economy at a very good level. I'm very happy. (Mariusz)

Do you know...

Nokian tyres are produced not only in Finland, but also in Russia.  The factory in St. Petersburg in one of the most modern tyre production plants in the world.

How to choose the best wintr tyres?

Five models, which we have presented above, are the 185/65 R15 size winter tyres rated by the drivers. Each of them offers excellent performance, but the most important is to choose the model according to your needs and driving style.

It is also worth taking into account the opinions of other drivers and see if the tyre has been involved in tests carried out by automotive organizations and magazines. Thanks to this, you compare drivers 'reviews with specialists' ratings and see if their opinions on particular models overlap.

It is also good to read the labels attached to the tyres. Although they do not inform you about typical winter performance, you'll learn more about noise, fuel efficiency and braking on a wet surface.

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