If you are looking for winter tyres 175/65 R14, you couldn't have come across a better place! We have compiled for you a list of the highest rated models by drivers in this size. We are confident that you can make the right choice quickly and accurately. Find out right now which tyres are most popular and be ready for the coming winter!

The ranking was prepared on the basis of the opinions of drivers who bought winter tyres from Oponeo and expressed their opinions about the given model. When it comes to tyre selection, it is important to assess the motorists, so after summarising all the opinions, we present the highest rated winter tyres in size 175/65 R14. You will certainly find tyres that will meet your expectations and ensure your driving satisfaction.

Only winter tyres can guarantee you full safety on the roads in winter.

Which cars fit in size 175/65 R14?

Winter tyres in size 175/65 R14 are most commonly fitted on passenger cars. They are fitted on the Vauxhall Corsa, Astra, Ford Fiesta, VW Golf, Polo and Honda Civic.

Best winter tyres 175/65 R14 according to the OPONEO users

Drivers who are faced with buying winter tyres can choose from hundreds of models on the market. It can often be very difficult to decide which one is the best, so remember to use only proven sources of information. Another important issue in choosing a new tyre is the opinions of drivers who use it on a daily basis.

In compiling the list of the best winter tyres, we took into account the number of opinions and the average of driver ratings between January 2019 and September 2020. See which tyres are most trusted:

ModelAssessment (number of ratings)*
Nokian WR D45,4
Uniroyal MS Plus 775,35
Dębica Frigo 25,25
Zeetex WP10005,05
Imperial Snowdragon HP5,05

*The ranking was created on the basis of ratings awarded by Oponeo customers between January 2019 and October 2020. A scale from 1 to 6 was applicable. The ranking included those models that obtained the minimum number of ratings required. The results shown on our shop's website may differ from those included in the list, the ratings shown only apply to tyres in size 175/65 R14.

Nokian WR D4

The first place on our list was taken by the worthy successor to the premium class WR D3, the Nokian WR D4. The WR series, developed by the Finnish tyre manufacturer, continues to be popular with drivers. The Nokian WR D4 is the first tyre with an 'A' rating for wet braking. The manufacturer has significantly improved the efficiency of water drainage, slush and snow thanks to improved block construction and special joints and cut-outs. WR D4 guarantees precise handling and road stability.

The drivers who bought Nokian WR D4 tyres say so about the capabilities of this model:

This is another Nokian tyre. Previously, I had asymmetrical tyres for six years, but now I have decided on directional tyres. These are the quietest winter tyres I have ever used. I've been using them since the beginning of December and at the beginning it was too hard to judge anything because there were no winter conditions. Now, since it has been freezing and snowing, I can say and strongly praise them. They do very well on a slippery surface, there is no problem with starting up or the ice or snow bites in all nicely. Braking, no problem evenly and confidently. I definitely recommend these tyres for the winter, there is nothing better :) You ride them like in summer. I wish all drivers a wide range of widths. – Richard S

The tyre is quiet, absorbs wet bumps very well and there are no signs of skidding. The tread is very aggressive making driving experience extremely enjoyable and safe. Better than the previous model, in my opinion. Very good test results, calmly equals and even surpasses those of more well-known companies. – Derek Clarke

Uniroyal MS Plus 77

The Uniroyal MS Plus 77 came second in the list of the best winter tyres in size 175/65 R14. This model is ideal for use on snowy and icy roads. As befits a rain tyre, for which the manufacturer is renowned, it has a special tread design. Fine grooves and special bars increase driver safety on rainy days.

MS Plus 77 guarantees safe and comfortable driving even in the most difficult conditions. The brand has added silica to the rubber mixture. A porous surface and large shoulder blocs provide a confident ride and a sense of control in corners, which undoubtedly improves the car's grip. The car's steering and driving comfort have also been improved. As befits the Uniroyal, the tyre provides protection against the unwanted phenomenon of aquaplaning.

That's how drivers talk about the Uniroyal MS Plus 77:

(...) Whether it brakes gently or in emergency braking. In snow or mud, they keep to the track and don't run sideways. - Mike Cole

The tyres look very nice, they hold their road well, even at higher speeds. I recommend it. - Allan Collins

Recommended tyres, 100% satisfactory purchase. - Chris Cox

Dębica Frigo 2

Among the best winter tyres in size 175/65 R14 was Dębica Frigo 2. Tyres from the Polish manufacturer is a proposition addressed to the owners of passenger cars, who put emphasis on safe and comfortable driving. Densely located sipes will ensure great grip on the road in all conditions. Directional tread grooves, on the other hand, will reduce the risk of aquaplaning. These are the most important aspects on which the designers focused their attention. In addition, the large number of sipes increases the contact area between the tyre and the road, ensuring that the driver is able to grip on wet and snow-covered roads. When designing the Frigo 2, the priority was also to reduce the braking distance to a minimum, hence the massive blocks that were placed on the shoulders of the tyre, which undoubtedly affected its stability.

This is what Oponeo customers think of this model:

Your tyres meet all expectations. I am only in favour of new tyres, and in my opinion even 'budget' tyres are much better than old 'premium' tyres. The tyre has been tested in the mountains and I must say that I was positively surprised.  I recommend it! - Rob

Great tyres for a good price. No problems with more aggressive urban driving in heavy rain. Slip in the winter on ice controlled and easy to get out of it, tyres really do. I recommend it! - Dixon

A winter tyre that works well on all surfaces, quite quiet. Quality in relation to price, I think, is its greatest asset. – Edward

Zeetex WP1000

Among the highest rated winter tyres by drivers was also the Zeetex WP1000. This manufacturer's tyres stand out in many respects in the economic segment. This is due to the fact that the UAE brand invests in high-tech solutions that were previously only associated with the premium class. The combination of innovation and a relatively low price makes Zeetex tyres an interesting proposition for drivers who do not have a large budget.

The WP1000 tyre is based on a directional tread that can cope with all winter conditions on the road. The use of wide grooves and a system of channels ensures that the tyres can drain water effectively, even in heavy rain. In addition, a 3D siping system protects the driver from loss of grip, making the tyre "plug in" to the snow on the road.

Customers appreciated the excellent value for money of the Zeetex WP1000. The opinions issued leave no illusions:

The tyres are very good on various surfaces, including those covered with snow or ice, and I deal with them every day during the winter season because I live in the mountains. I decided to buy these tyres for the sake of value for money and I have not been disappointed, I would recommend them to regular drivers as well as to Sunday drivers! Recommendable tyres. - Elliott

Very good tyres in particular for this price, no slippage, they keep the car on the road very well, they are quiet. I recommend it. - Jacob

The tyres do not make any noise, the car stays on the road well, the braking distance, as well as starting are great and are not noisy. – Harry

Imperial Snowdragon HP

The ranking of the best winter tyres closes with Snowdragon HP from Imperial. Although the brand in the tyre market is relatively recent, it has reached the top of the sales lists in many European countries at a rapid pace. Summer, winter and all-season models are popular among drivers. Customers appreciate the price/quality ratio.

Snowdragon HP tyre belongs to the Imperial flagship product series. The manufacturer uses a modern directional tread design in which the longitudinal grooves intersect with each other in the central zone, which makes the tyre flexible. The model also copes well with snow and slush. The use of a special rubber compound allows the driver to drive safely even in difficult winter conditions.

Customers who have bought Imperial Snowdragon HP tyres say so about the capabilities of this model:

There was no problem with balancing. The tyre holds, as befits a new tyre. It is hard to say how long it will hold, but at this price it can be used quite quickly and will not be a shame. The noise level is typical for a winter tyre, but it is not a nuisance. The only drawback you can feel is that, despite the good balance of the wheel, there is some kind of strange feeling as if there are tiny pebbles stuck in the tread. This is hard to describe. In fact, it does not affect traction or steering precision because there are no negative vibrations felt on the steering wheel. Anyway, this does not disqualify tyres. - Daniel

I recommend tyres to everyone who values comfort and safety. The tyres are really great and at a cool price. I always buy tyres at Oponeo.pl and I am very satisfied. I recommend 200%. – Mickey

What is the driving force behind tyre selection?

Remember to check your tyres carefully when deciding to buy them. Be sure to pay attention to the manufacturer's own description as well as the opinions that other users have about the tyre. Various summaries such as those above will help you make your decision.

When choosing winter tyres, remember to pay attention to the professional tests carried out by automobile organisations and magazines. This is an important source of information. There you will find the most objective performance data for your drivers.

Labels are a great source of information when selecting tyres. This is where you will find the most reliable data. Manufacturers highlight the three most important performance areas, namely wet grip, fuel efficiency and noise.