One person doesn't always have to be right, but can thousands of people be wrong? Drivers who drive various routes on a daily basis, are happy to share their observations with others. Based on their feedback, we have created the 2022 Winter Tyre Ranking!

The 2022 Winter Tyre Ranking is a list of top-rated models according to drivers.The 2022 Winter Tyre Ranking is a list of top-rated models according to drivers.

Top 10 Winter Tyres 2022

In order to find out which winter tyres are recommended by drivers, we compared the ratings submitted by people who purchased new tyres on the Oponeo website. In this way, we not only identified the most popular models, but also learned their average ratings for individual categories: driving on dry, wet and snowy surfaces. With such detailed information, there can be no doubt that we are only dealing with the best of the best.

Tyre model
Average* Average rating on dry surface Average rating on wet surfaceAverage rating on snow
1.Michelin Alpin 6
2.Goodyear UltraGrip Performance +
Michelin Pilot Alpin 5
4.Continental WinterContact TS 870
5.Bridgestone Blizzak LM005
6.Nokian Tyres WR Snowproof
7.Pirelli SottoZero Serie 3
8.Goodyear Ultra Grip 9+
9.Kleber Krisalp HP3
10.Dębica Frigo 2

*Average ratings for reviews submitted between January 2021 and September 2022. They may differ from those presented on the website.

The table shows that premium class tyres are virtually unbeatable: they occupy eight out of the top ten places. They are distinguished by balanced performance, which is the very essence of tyre reliability. It is important to keep in mind that in difficult driving conditions, even minor nuances can impact our safety and the safety of other traffic participants.

1st place: Michelin Alpin 6

At the top of the list of the best winter tyres, we find the tyre of the French manufacturer: Michelin Alpin 6. This tyre model has often achieved high ranks in various tests, and has been broadly recognized by industry experts. It also performed great in the 2021 winter tyre ranking. Its excellent driving parameters have been also appreciated by drivers.

Although it obtained the highest partial ratings for driving on dry surfaces, it actually seems to have no genuine competition in terms of driving on wet and snowy surfaces. This could be due to the EverGrip technology, thanks to which this tyre performs exceptionally well in the most demanding winter conditions, including in low temperatures. Importantly, Alpin 6 also offers unique longevity and mileage.

2nd place: Goodyear UltraGrip Performance +

Goodyear UltraGrip Performance + has won laurels from many independent tests. It is therefore hardly surprising that it also did very well in this ranking of winter tyres. Compared to the competition, its strongest side is its performance on snow-covered surfaces. This model certainly wouldn’t have done so well had it not been for the optimized tread pattern, with a very dense network of sipes that "grip" the snow and maintain traction. This is an extremely valuable feature if we want to safely reach our destinations despite adverse weather conditions. This model also excels in other parameters, including very good steering control at higher speeds.

3rd place: Michelin Pilot Alpin 5

The 3rd place on the podium in the classification of winter tyres according to Oponeo customers goes to Michelin Pilot Alpin 5. In the reviews submitted by drivers we often come across the opinion that this is a tire you can truly rely on regardless of the weather conditions. This is reflected in the buyers’ ratings. The manufacturer has made sure that this model offers the shortest possible braking distance and maximum control over the car in winter conditions. Every possible issue was thoughtfully considered, including the visual appeal. Thanks to the Premium Touch effect, the satin sides of the tyre looks great!


4th place: Continental WinterContact TS 870

The Continental WinterContact TS 870 is a tyre with one of the highest marks for performance on dry surfaces. However, this isn’t all this model has to offer; after all, it was specifically designed to increase safety in the toughest conditions on the road. The improvement in performance compared to its popular predecessor (TS 860) show that progress has been made. The tyre uses the Cool Chilli compound with an admixture of resins, which performs superbly at low temperatures and is slow to wear down. The tread has a lot of sipes, which prevents loss of traction, especially on snow.

5th place: Bridgestone Blizzak LM005

Bridgestone Blizzak LM005 is the next model among the recommended winter tyres. The feedback from drivers and experts seems to be consistent: these are great tyres for the winter season. The use of the renowned Nano Pro-Tech rubber compound containing silica, along with a combination of 2D and 3D sipes, has contributed to excellent driving parameters on snow and ice. The synergy of the compound and the excellent tread pattern has also resulted in superior protection against aquaplaning and shorter braking distances on wet surface. These tyres provide well-balanced, stable performance under various conditions.

Drivers test and rate the performance of winter tyres, by using them in a variety of road conditions.Drivers test and rate the performance of winter tyres, by using them in a variety of road conditions.

6th place: Nokian Tyres WR Snowproof

It would be surprising if the list didn’t include any products from the Finnish brand Nokian Tyres, which is considered an expert in winter tyres. This time, Oponeo clients have appreciated the WR Snowproof model, created on the basis of the Alpine Sense Grip technology, which helps provide maximum control over the vehicle in winter conditions. Special Brake Boosters with a serrated pattern have been placed on the tire sidewalls. They help in keeping the car on track even during emergency braking. Meanwhile, special Snow Claws ensure the best possible handling during dynamic maneuvering.

 7th: Pirelli SottoZero Serie 3

Another item on the list and yet another product from the leading premium-class manufacturers. The seventh place goes to Pirelli SottoZero Series 3, which has long been very popular and trusted by drivers. It ranked high among the best winter tyres due to its optimal flexibility in a wide range of temperatures, as well as the properties provided by the special tread pattern with a wide central rib, distinctive tread blocks, and three-dimensional sipes. Thanks to these features, the tyres offer excellent precision, regardless of whether the surface is covered with water or snow.

8th place: Goodyear Ultra Grip 9+

Goodyear Ultra Grip 9+ are American tyres that already featured in the 2021 winter tyre ranking. This was largely due to this model's victory in the ADAC 195/65 R15 tyre test. In order to ensure that your car journey is even safer, several innovative technologies were used in the production of this model. The Winter Grip compound increases the area of contact between the tyre and the road surface for better vehicle grip and handling. Another helpful feature is Mileage+, a solution that extends the tyre's lifespan.

9th place: Kleber Krisalp HP3

Kleber Krisalp HP3 is the first tyre from the medium-class segment to be awarded the highest marks in the ranking. This model can easily compete with premium class tyres, which is reflected even in the results of independent tests. What do Oponeo customers appreciate about this model? They often mentioned qualities such as reliability in all winter conditions, confident handling – including cornering and manoeuvring, as well as effective braking. This is thanks to the directional tread and the “Toboggan" gutter channel system, which reduces the risk of skidding on a snowy or wet road.

10th place: Dębica Frigo 2

The last product on the list of top 10 winter tyres is Dębica Frigo 2, which is produced in Poland and remains one of the most popular tyres in the budget class. This model offers satisfying performance, especially on dry and snowy surfaces, at an attractive price. The massive shoulder blocks increase stability, and the grooves that separate them efficiently evacuate water and slush from under the front of the tyre.