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Goodyear Ultra Grip 9+

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£ / pc. 81

Goodyear Ultra Grip 9+ features

The presented tyre is marked with 3PMSF symbol (Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake). It means that the tyre meets the EU requirements for winter tyres. The symbol is awarded after thorough tests of a tyre model in terms of snow grip.

Winters are often unpredictable, but your tires have to cope with all sorts of conditions, regardless of whether you are driving in rain, snow, or on an icy surface. Goodyear Ultra Grip 9+ are premium-class tires designed specifically for that exceptionally demanding time of the year.

The experts working for the American brand have further developed the design of one of its top-rated products - the Ultra Grip 9 tires. The new model with a "plus" in its name is based on the tread created for the original version, but includes a couple of additional innovative solutions and an altered rubber compound.

The directional structure of the tread utilizes many edges and closely spaced slats that improve the tire’s performance on typical winter surfaces. Thanks to the connected grooves any liquids and snow residue is efficiently distributed over the entire surface of the tread and then removed from the surface of the tire, which significantly reduces the risk of skidding .

UltraGrip 9+

This model includes significant innovations which affect the performance of the tire:

  • The „Winter Grip” technology , whose objective is to improve the safety of all those traveling during the winter season. The new rubber compound adapts to the road surface better than ever before. It ensures a greater contact area, which has a positive effect on traction when driving on snow or mud.

  • The „Mileage+” technology provides improved tire elasticity at freezing temperatures. Thanks to this solution, the rubber does not get stiff in freezing weather, which means that it doesn’t wear out as quickly. The tire’s performance is more even, resulting in improved mileage compared to standard models.


Goodyear is a premium brand and the quality of its products speaks for itself. The company was founded in 1898 in Akron, Ohio - the center of the American rubber industry. Over more than a century of its activity, Goodyear grew from a local company into one of the largest tire companies in the world, with annual revenues of around USD 15 billion. One of the brand’s recognizable elements is the winged foot, which also represents some of the most famous airships, also manufactured by the American company.

Goodyear Ultra Grip 9+ reviews

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Sizes & Prices Of Goodyear Ultra Grip 9+

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Tyre name: Size: LI/SI: Price: Quantity:
205/55 R16 91 H £ 81 Buy
195/65 R15 91 T £ 56 Buy
195/65 R15 95 T £ 64 Buy
175/65 R14 82 T £ 57 Buy
185/65 R15 88 T £ 64 Buy
155/65 R14 75 T £ 60 Buy
165/70 R14 81 T £ 61 Buy
175/65 R14 86 T £ 116 Buy
175/65 R15 84 H £ 70 Buy

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Goodyear Ultra Grip 9+ tests

2020 ADAC test in size: 205/55 R16 rating: satisfactory
TCS test in size: 205/55 R16 rating: recommended
ÖAMTC test in size: 205/55 R16 rating: recommended
Auto Zeitung test in size: 205/55 R16 3. place rating: highly recommended