Some purchases should not be taken lightly, and knowing different points of view can help you make the right decision. This category certainly includes the choice of winter tyres, i.e. the element responsible for the car's grip in difficult conditions. One of the most helpful pieces of advice are the opinions of drivers who have already had the opportunity to gather some road experience. Here is a list of the best rated winter tyres size 205/55 R16; we do hope that it will help you choose the perfect tyres for the upcoming season.

highway in winterWinter tyres size 205/55 R16 are fitted in many car models.

Winter tyres size 205/55 R16 are fitted in many car models, such as: BMW series 3, Ford Focus, Skoda Octavia, Volkswagen Passat, Renault Megane, or Toyota Avensis.

If you're unsure whether the tyres of this size fit your car, check this information in our tyre selection configurator.

Best 205/55 R16 tyres according to drivers*

In expressing their judgment on a given tyre, drivers were asked to rate such aspects as grip under various conditions, braking distance, driving comfort and rolling resistance. The ranking distinguished five models that received the highest scores in the period from 01.01.2019 to 30.09.2020.

Tyre modelRating*
Nokian WR Snowproof5,55
Nokian WR D45,50
Nokian WR D35,40
Debica Frigo 25,25
Kleber Krisalp HP35,25

*As of September 2020.

The ranking is based on the average score calculated based on ratings given by Oponeo customers in a given period. The scale ranges from 1 to 6, with 6 being the best score. The summary includes models that received the minimum required number of reviews. The ratings shown in our online store may differ from those shown in the summary, as the ratings shown here are for size 205/55 R16 only.

Nokian WR Snowproof - 5,55

The best rated winter model in this size turned out to be a representative of the premium segment, i.e. the Nokian WR Snowproof. The tyres have a positive expert opinion for demanding winter conditions. It hardly comes as a surprise; since their premiere, they have been receiving very high marks in prestigious tyre tests, and also stand out in terms of snow and mud grip.

The excellent performance is due to the use of modern technologies. The Alpine Grip rubber compound, created thanks to a special combination of silica, rubber and polymers, makes the car more stable, safer and more predictable.

Directional tread, whose grooves and blocks are arranged in the shape of an arrowhead, which helps the tyre maintain its grip when driving on snow. This is particularly important during abrupt maneuvers such as acceleration or sudden braking.

Among the opinions posted, we can read, for example, that:

After the first two weeks of use, the tyres perform very well, the grip on wet and dry surfaces during both fast and moderate driving surprised me positively. During the first contact with snow, the tyres give the impression of being stable and safe. I believe it was a good choice for the coming winter. – Martin M.

I believe that the tyres perform sensationally, both on wet surface and slush, and most importantly, on snow-covered roads. Furthermore, they perfectly suppress unevenness and look very nice at the same time. I've had other tyres from another manufacturer before, but these take the cake despite their high price. – Carol

Nokian WR D4 - 5,50

It is no secret that drivers appreciate the winter products from the Finnish manufacturer - they took the entire podium in our list. The Nokian WR D4, the second-best-rated model, are tyres with no weak points.

The Twin Trac Silica compound enriched with silica, natural rubber and rapeseed oil is great at low temperatures, whereas the directional tread with a rather aggressive pattern provides good grip in the most difficult conditions.

We are dealing with a real expert in the field of season tyres. This is confirmed by the opinions of drivers who used this model:

Sensational tyres on both wet and dry surfaces. Despite the fact that they are winter tyres, I do not feel the difference at any angle, no matter what the outside temperature is. An additional advantage is the lack of unpleasant noises of the tyre rolling on asphalt, which is often the case when using winter tyres. This is my first time using Nokian tyres, but I will definitely stay with this brand for longer, because it has so far offered an ideal price-quality ratio. – Rachel

I had the opportunity to check the tyres on a snowy road. The tyres literally bite into the road surface, they do not spin and maintain traction. The guy replacing my tyres after purchase praised the choice. – Paul M

Nokian WR D3 - 5,40

The third place on the podium went to the model that can be described as a veteran, namely the Nokian WR D3. The tyre, which took its first place in the winter tyre test nearly a decade ago - Sport Auto, 2011 - still enjoys great trust among drivers.

The Nokian WR D3 is an extremely successful model that is as good as newer tyres, despite the passage of time. This was achieved thanks to the combination of an effective directional tread and a flexible, yet very durable, rubber compound. The tyres also stand out in terms of low rolling resistance, which many of the competition's winter models cannot boast of.

According to our clients:

A very good tyre for various reasons:

Due to the rubber's consistency in conditions of heavy rain, and also snow, it sticks well even to very slippery granite surfaces in the city. The excellent tread profile drains water effectively. In a small car, due to the rubber's flexibility, it greatly reduces the feeling of unevenness on the road, and thus increases driving comfort. Very affordable price, even for a pensioner. – Bosun

Highly recommendable. They work perfectly in my mountain areas. - Monica

Dębica Frigo 2 – 5.25

The tyres of Polish origin, the Frigo 2 model from Dębica, can also boast a reputation among our customers. These are economy-segment tyres, which is why they were particularly appreciated by drivers who are looking for a reliable and safe product, available at an attractive price.

Densely placed sipes in the central part of the tread ensure that the car maintains traction in typical winter conditions. In contrast, the large number of circumferential grooves reduces the risk of aquaplaning.

The design of Dębica Frigo 2 maximises the tyre's contact surface with the road, which has a positive effect on performance in all conditions.

Frigo 2 is a winter model that proves that cheaper alternatives of top tyre designs can also meet drivers' expectations.

The opinions on this tyre state e.g.:

The tyres are great! The price is very favourable; sure it's the cheap price range, but the quality of workmanship is high; they hug the road very well, whether wet or in autumn, when the leaves form goo; they are quiet, I recommend them to everyone. – Paul

Sensational tyres. It's not worth spending money on premium tyres. These are very quiet (despite their deep tread). The ride is comfortable and they never once broke the grip. And that price... – Mark M

Kleber Krisalp HP3 – 5.25

The last tyre featured in this ranking is the Kleber Krisalp HP3, which is a middle-class representative. Due to its reliability and very versatile parameters, it will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers when it comes to winter tyres.

The V-shaped tread grooves and special gutter channels improve the removal of snow, mud and water from under the tread. As a result, the car does not lose grip even on slippery surfaces.

Kleber Krisalp HP3 is also a tyre that supports eco-driving, as it reduces rolling resistance while driving, which indirectly translates into the amount of fuel consumption.

According to drivers:

Great tyres. Quiet on asphalt, they stick to the road as if they were glued. Dry or wet surfaces - you can always rely on them. They do not slide on snow, even uphill. It's definitely worth buying them here. – Kent

The tyres turned out to be great - they work quietly and make the car hug the road even on rainy, cold days. – Martin

How to choose winter tyres?

The information that can be obtained in three simple steps is very helpful in finding the perfect winter tyre. The first is to get acquainted with the opinions issued to a given model by other drivers.

Another is to check the results of tests conducted by automotive organizations and magazines. These include ratings given by experts.

The last stage involves reading the information from the label of a given tyre in the size you are interested in. You will learn more about rolling resistance, noise and braking performance on wet roads.