Some purchases should not be made hastily, and understanding different perspectives can help you make a good decision. This category certainly encompasses the choice of winter tyres, which is the component responsible for car traction in difficult conditions. One of the most helpful pieces of advice is the feedback from drivers who have already had the opportunity to gather some road experiences. Here is a summary of the best-rated winter tyres in the size 205/55 R16 and we hope that it will make it easier to choose the perfect tyres for the coming season. 

highway in winterWinter conditions are not frightening when you use the right tyres.

The 205/55 R16 winter tyres are fitted to a large number of car models, such as, for example: BMW 3 series, Ford Focus, Skoda Octavia, Volkswagen Passat, Renault Megane and Toyota Avensis.

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205/55 R16 winter tyre ranking*

When expressing their opinion on specific tyres, drivers were asked to evaluate aspects such as traction in different conditions, braking distance, driving comfort and rolling resistance. Here are the results:

Średnia ocena*
Michelin Alpin 6
Bridgestone Blizzak LM0055,65
Michelin Alpin 55,6
Continental WinterContact TS 8605,6
Nokian WR Snowproof5,55

*The ranking is based on ratings on a scale of 1 to 6 that Oponeo customers gave in the period from 01/01/2019 to 31/07/2021. For a tyre to be included in the list, it must have reached the minimum number of opinions. The ratings shown are for models in the size 205/55 R16 only and may differ from the results shown in the store. 

Michelin Alpin 6 - 5,65

The best-rated winter model of this size was the premium segment representative, Michelin Alpin 6. The tyres are not only enjoying positive opinions of the drivers who use them, but also of the automotive industry experts who test them. It is hardly surprising; since their launch, they have been very popular and with favorable opinions expressed everywhere.

We owe our admiration to the manufacturer, which focused on the Alpin 6 project on a thoughtful design and good solutions. The evolutionary shape and multi-layered tread compound make a perfect match. All of this has translated into the excellent performance the tyres guarantee during the winter. They handle snow and freezing rain very well, providing the highest level of safety on both snowy and icy surfaces. Traction and stability can be felt when driving in difficult conditions as well as when braking. It is also worth noting that the tyre tread from the French manufacturer wears down evenly and its properties remain unchanged from the time of purchase until the end of use.     

In addition to confirming the manufacturer’s claims, the users have also noticed how quiet the tyres are:

I recommend these tyres to everyone, they are worth their price, I have never had such quiet tyres that drain water so great. I live in mountains, that is why propulsion is very useful, not only in winter; they perform well on snow; when starting fast, they go forward and almost do not slide on icy and snowy roads. Braking practically like in summer, without skidding, they stop quickly and reliably, after over 5,000 kilometers they look like new without tread wear, I recommend them and I will buy Michelin also for summer :) Philip H.

My first winter with these tyres and I am delighted, the ideal grip on a slippery, snowy surface, and they have also performed well on slush. On dry roads, they are quiet and comfortable. I recommend them to all those who value safety. Thomas M.

Bridgestone Blizzak LM005

The second place in our ranking was also taken by a premium representative, but by a tyre project of the giant brand Bridgestone. It is Blizzak LM005 with the same average score as the chart leader. This model has been greatly appreciated by drivers around the world. Its popularity has not decreased since its launch, due to the excellent performance guaranteed in this most demanding season of the year. 

The company’s flagship model for the winter season is praised for a good reason. The designers have refined every detail, which ensures that the tyres offer the best properties. Just look at the clever tread pattern, where you can see the increased number of grooves in both the central part and on the sides. The former grooves are meant to literally “bite into” snow and drain water from underneath the tyre crown. The latter ones improve traction when driving on icy or snowy roads and help to brake safely. In the design of the model, you can notice the 2D and 3D sipes layout as well as some zigzag-like grooves. All of this has a significant impact on the grip and stability of the vehicle when traveling in winter. The adaptation of the tyre to the most difficult conditions is also due to the Nano Pro-tech rubber compound, which has a high content of silica.

This is how the users of the Blizzak LM005 tyre speak about their performance:

Despite a small mileage since the purchase, I have had the opportunity to check the tyres on a dry, icy road and when driving on slush and snow. In each case, the grip of the tyres was stable. I didn't feel any discomfort while driving. Braking on snow has not raised any concerns. Martin

I have been driving for 35 years and I must say that I have never met with such fantastic tyres. And I have already tested different products, including those from the top shelf. I drove on the Bridgestone Blizzak LM005 tyres over 15,000 km and they did not fail me in any situation. They are excellent on a wet surface, but they have performed equally well on a very snowy road. I have driven up quite steep, snowy climbs on them, and only once (and this was because of my fault) they have lost contact. Driving on fresh snow at a speed of 80 km/h was effortless for them. They perform well also when driving in heavy rain, boldly overcoming even deep puddles. The tires are extremely quiet and tread wear is almost imperceptible. If the manufacturer does not lower its standards, for the next winter season, I will only use Bridgestone Blizzak tyres. I honestly recommend them! PeterPL

Michelin Alpin 5

The last place on the podium of our list belongs to Michelin, this time with a model that is one point lower in terms of series than the ranking leader. During the period tested by Oponeo, the drivers also loved the Alpin 5 tyres, that is why they have been listed. Although Alpin 6 has improved performance on wet surfaces by 6% and snowy surfaces by 8% compared to this generation, it is still worthy of interest. 

The model name “Alpin” refers to the Alpine conditions, i.e. the harsh winter with severe frost and plenty of snow. It is precisely in such the most challenging situations that Michelin tyres prove effective. They feature a deep, directional tread pattern and innovative sidewalls, which is why they guarantee outstanding performance also on wet and icy roads. Any precipitation is perfectly drained from the tyre crown, so there is no risk of loss of traction or control over the car. The flexibility of the tyres and their correct operation when driving are due to a rubber compound with an admixture of sunflower oil and silica.

What do our customers think about Michelin Alpin 5? Here is some feedback:

The tyres are of very high quality; their grip is ideal on both dry and wet surfaces. I am surprised; it is the first time I have found such great tyres. Quiet, with very good grip in all conditions, even on very icy roads. I recommend these tyres to anyone who wants to feel safe behind the wheel. Ada

The tyres have very good grip on wet roads, and frost is not a problem for them either. The tyres also handle the situation where delicate, frozen snow is on the road. The tyres are ideal for “urban” winter.  Kacper

Continental WinterContact TS 860

Very popular among the drivers are also the WinterContact TS 860 tyres from the well-known brand Continental. It is an iconic model, often appreciated in prestigious car tests, where it held high positions. Due to its reliability in the winter, the tyre meets the expectations of even the most demanding users, who want very good driving parameters. 

Its high performance is due, among other things, to the “Cool Chili” rubber compound, which contains silica. It allows the car to maintain a good grip on winter surfaces, as well as provides excellent stability during braking without the risk of slipping. The tyres also handle water drainage very well. The directional tread is distinguished by the SnowCurve technology with 3D grooves across the surface. The grooves are helpful when driving on snowy roads, as the tyres catch the snow even better and do not slip. The choice of the WinterContact TS 860 tyres as a set for the winter season will be great for the drivers who want very good performance on snowy, icy and wet as well as dry surfaces. 

The feedback from the drivers using the WinterContact TS 860 tyres confirms the manufacturer’s promises:

The tyres have great grip, I wouldn't change them to any other tyres. They greatly enhance the sense of safety. They are quiet, I don't have any problems with them even on very icy surfaces. Matthew P.


For the first time, I have decided to buy Continental tyres in November (winter tyres), and I do not regret this decision. The car I have purchased was fitted with summer tyres from this company and driving with them was great (10/10). I have personally never had better winter tyres, confident driving on snow and wet roads. Recommendable tyres, safe and pleasant driving. My score on a scale of 1-10 is 11! Lukenxd

Nokian WR Snowproof

This year's Oponeo ranking of the best winter tyres in the size 205/55 R16 is closed by WR Snowproof. It is a representative of the premium segment which belongs to the Finnish Nokian Tyres group. The choice of this tyre model guarantees safety when traveling in the most difficult time of the year, thanks to its design and solutions.

Its high performance is due to the use of advanced technologies. The “Alpine” rubber compound, Alpine Grip, has been developed using a special bend of silica, rubber and polymers. It makes car driving more stable, safer and more predictable, which is expected when driving in the winter. The tread is directional, and its grooves and blocks are shaped like an arrowhead, which keeps the tyre grip on snow, minimizing the risk of slipping. This is especially important during abrupt maneuvers, such as acceleration or sudden braking.

Let's find out what Nokian Tyres users think about their tyres:

Definitely one of the best winter tyres I have drove on. Reliable driving on dry and wet surfaces as well as on slush. I can drive the car with confidence. I would like to recommend them to everyone who is looking for good and reliable tyres, not only for low but also for high speeds.”  Jacob1878

The tyres worked well during winter mountain trips, where they were tested in fairly extreme conditions. Winding, snowy roads, starting from snowy car parks and entering the traffic were not a problem. On dry surfaces, I have not noticed any disadvantages either. Greg

How to choose winter tyres?

To find the perfect winter tyres use information that can be obtained in three simple steps. The first is to read the feedback on the model from other drivers. 

It is also worth checking the results of tests conducted by automotive organizations and magazines. There you can see ratings given by experts. 

The final step is to read the label of the tyre in the size you are interested in. It will tell you more about rolling resistance, noise generated and braking performance on wet surfaces.