Even though a lot of data on a particular tyre model can be acquired from the manufacturers themselves, nothing is as reliable as a real "trial by combat". Therefore, it is worth reading the opinions of drivers who checked the performance of their tyres in their own cars. Find out which winter tyres size 215/55 R17 are recommended by our users.

The Oponeo portal collects hundreds of thousands of opinions about tyres in its database. This number of ratings allows knowing all the strengths and weaknesses of a given model quite well. Every user has slightly different requirements and experience of everyday driving. Therefore, it is worth at least taking a peek at what the drivers themselves say, since their opinion may make your purchase easier later on.

Tyres in size 215/55 R17 are fitted e.g. in such cars as Toyota Avensis, Volvo V70 or Peugeot 407.

highway in winterProperly selected winter tyres will make you feel confident.

Best 215/55 R17 tyres according to Oponeo customers

Tyre modelRating*
Bridgestone Blizzak LM0055,65
Kleber Krisalp HP35,55
Michelin Alpin 65,50
Nokian WR Snowproof5,30
Nokian WR A45,15

* The rating was created based on scores given by Oponeo customers between January 2019 and October 2020. The scale was from 1 to 6. The summary includes models that received the minimum required number of reviews. The ratings shown in our online store may differ from those shown in the summary; these ratings are for tyres size 215/55 R17 only.

Bridgestone Blizzak LM005

Although, as you can read from the table, all models achieved very similar scores, the Blizzak LM005 was the most appreciated by drivers buying tyres at Oponeo. It is a flagship product made by the Japanese brand Bridgestone. When designing this model, the company aimed at smoother driving in the winter months, taking snowfall into account, but also the rains that are more and more common in this period, which are a real bane of drivers.

A noteworthy change compared to the older version of the Blizzak series tyre is the increased number and volume of grooves, which makes the tyres even better in adverse conditions. The modifications brought very good results, confirmed in tests and, as you can see, the drivers also appreciated them. Even though they often indicated in their opinions that they had not had the opportunity to test the tyres in a truly demanding weather, due to the increasingly milder winters in Europe.

Select driver comments:

The tyres perform flawlessly on dry and wet surfaces. Due to this year's winter, or rather lack thereof, it is difficult to judge the behaviour in snow. - Matt 


Very good tires on wet surfaces; they also do well on dry roads. Unfortunately, due to the current winter, it was not possible to test it on decent snow. - Dominic


I recommend Bridgestone Blizzak winter tyres - they work well both on wet, slippery surfaces and on snow or ice. - Gregory

Kleber Krisalp HP3

The Krisalp HP3 tyres from the French company Kleber were also in the lead. The choice may come as a surprise at first, seeing how it doesn't seem to be the most popular brand out there. However, if we realize that it belongs to the Michelin group, and the tyres bearing its logo are part of the original equipment e.g. in Renault cars - the choice is hardly shocking.

The tyre has a directional tread with V-shaped grooves and Toboggan channels. Their function is efficient removal of snow and mud and protection against aquaplaning. Tests carried out by ADAC, ÖAMTC, TCS and Auto Bild have shown the very high effectiveness of the technologies used in Krisalp HP3.

The model combines an economical price, decent performance and a high level of safety while driving.

Tyre buyers' opinions:

The tyre lives up to the hopes I had placed in it. Regardless of the surface, it allows moving in the intended direction, quiet and durable. - Martin 


I definitely recommend it. The tyre grips the road very well, it is very quiet and gives a sense of safety and driving comfort. - Peter


I had just bought the tyres, but I've already got to drive on ice and snow. They drive great. No grip problems. - RAD

Michelin Alpin 6

According to drivers, the list of best tyres in size 215/55 R17 could not go without a product from the Michelin brand. This time it is the Alpin model designated number 6, i.e. another version of one of the most frequently chosen winter tyres. As it turns out, the popularity goes hand in hand with the quality of workmanship in this case.

The key technology that the Alpin 6 boasts is the so-called EverGrip, designed to increase the performance of tyres throughout their service life. As the tread wears down, its pattern self-adjusts so that the car does not lose its grip, thus making driving safer.

As with the previously discussed tyres, user satisfaction with the Alpin 6 also coincides with the experts' opinions. The model has received a number of different awards, and in this particular size it was recommended by Auto, Motor und Sport in 2019.

Let's take a look at the drivers' opinions:

I was looking for a tyre that is both quiet and very safe in all conditions. Due to the very high mileage I usually cover, I could not afford buying a tyre that I would not be sure of in the most difficult conditions. I found 3 models from different brands on the Oponeo website, but despite my confidence in the Michelin brand, I still had a small doubt which one to choose. I called the Oponeo hotline and after talking to the consultant who dispelled all my doubts, I ordered Michelin Alpin 6 tyres. The courier delivered them to me the next day. To this day, I do not regret my choice in any way. These tyres are very quiet and allow you to feel safe, even at speeds usually reached on German highways (over 200 km/h). I recommend both the tyres and Oponeo. - Jacob 

Excellent tyres. Admittedly, this year's winter season was very short. My rating is based on a short trip to the mountains. The tyres perform very well on both dry and wet surfaces. They also maintain travel direction on snow and slush and perform well when braking. They are also very good on icy surfaces. I easily maneuvered on icy driveways where others had to put chains on because they were slipping in place. Moreover, the tyres are very quiet and pleasant to drive. Recommend it. – Chris 

Nokian WR Snowproof

The first of the two tyres from this manufacturer included in the list. It would be a surprise if the products of the Finnish company were not included in this ranking. After all, the country the brand comes from is famous for its cold winters, so designers know how to deal with the demanding weather conditions. It is also worth remembering that it was Nokian that was the first in the world to make a pure winter tyre, so it has the longest experience in this matter.

The model is characterized by an original tread with an arrow-shaped groove, which works well on soft snow. Another advantage of WR Snowproof is the Alpine Grip rubber compound. It was created as a result of a combination of natural rubber, silica and functional polymers. These integrated components in perfect proportions ensure that the car hugs the surface well and enables smooth and safe driving regardless of weather conditions.

The model has been awarded many times in industry tests. This particular size was appreciated by the German automotive magazine Auto Motor und Sport in 2019.

What do users have to say about Nokian tires?

A very good tyre! They perform well on both dry and wet surfaces. There was not much snow this winter, but it managed it a few times with no problems! It is also very quiet, I can hardly hear that I drive on winter tyres! - Matthew 


I drive a taxi about 50,000 km a year and although the winter has not been harsh this year, I am very happy. No problems with mountain climbs in the snow. I noticed no aquaplaning on warmer days, either. I highly recommend it. - Okay


The tyres perform very well on dry as well as wet surfaces and on snow. They are quieter on a dry surface than my previous ones. - Adam B

Nokian WR A4

The last tyres on the list and the second from the Finnish brand Nokian. WR A4 are packed with cutting-edge solutions, which are to ensure safe and comfortable driving in winter. Judging by the drivers' satisfaction - it was worth carrying out the tests in frosty Lapland, as they brought the expected results.

The model was equipped with e.g. an original pattern of dense and jagged sipes, inspired by the traces left by a centipede. With their help, the tyre bites into the road better and the car gains controllability. Driving on snow is also facilitated by special grooves called Snow Claws to protect against loss of grip.

As in the case of the WR Snowproof, the WR A4 model has its own dedicated Performance Traction Silica compound (natural rubber; silica; rapeseed oil), which is to increase performance and reduce rolling resistance at particularly low temperatures.

Opinions of drivers using the Nokian WR A4:

They proved to be perfect in snowdrifts in the mountains. - Greg 


Very good tyres. Before that, I had budget tyres and the Nokians beat them every time! Their grip is very good, even at high speeds. Grip in the rain is also extremely high. I can honestly recommend these tyres to everyone, including those with high expectations! - Matthew


Great tyres for the price, if only a bit noisy. - Hannah

What is the best way to choose winter tyres?

First of all, you should define your needs. The tyres presented in this article have strengths, weaknesses and unique characteristics. Some of the strengths, however, may turn out to be more important and attractive to someone, others less so. User feedback is a great help in finding out, but the final choice is always yours.

If you want to be sure that you are making the right decision, it is also worth knowing the chosen model's results in tests carried out by automotive organisations and magazines. The labels on the tyres can also be helpful, although unfortunately they do not provide information about performance in winter conditions. Instead, you will learn how a tyre brakes on wet surfaces, its rolling resistance, fuel efficiency and the level of external noise.