Although driving in summer seems safer than in winter, you shouldn’t underestimate the quick weather changes and become too confident on the road. Police statistics show that the highest number of accidents occur in May, July and October. That’s why it’s important to take care of your car after winter. You should take it to the garage for an after-winter check up, wash it and, most importantly, change your tyres.

In order to find a reliable model, with specs fitting to your car and driving style, you should not only read up on the results of independent tests, but also read reviews of other drivers. The following article ranks the size 185/60 R15 models based on reviews and ratings posted between January 1, 2018 and January 1, 2020.

Cars on the road

185/60 R15 tyres, depending on the version, can be found in cars such as: Alfa Romeo MiTo, Citroen C3, Audi A1, Dacia Logan and Sandero, Peugeot 207, Hyundai i20, i30, Fiat Panda, Vauxhall Astra and Corsa, Nissan Almera, Seat Ibiza, Toyota Yaris. These are mainly compact city cars.

Our list is based on reviews from Oponeo customers. A few weeks after receiving an order, you receive a satisfaction form to assess the tyres in terms of: travel comfort, economy and how the tyres do in different weather conditions. 

High scores in all categories make up a good overall rating, which in turn can serve as a benchmark to other users. A model with an average score close to 6 will certainly be worth looking into. This particularly applies to cheaper tyres, which brand names are less familiar to buyers.

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 Best rated 185/60 R15 summer tyres

Hankook Ventus Prime 3 K125 - 5.85

A favourite amongst drivers since 2019, this Korean manufactured model has a great price-quality ratio. It’s available at a low price, and it’s done very well in independent tyre tests from ADAC, TCS, Auto Zeitung, Auto Bild Allrad or Auto, Motor und Sport. 

The two biggest advantages of this tyre are its stability on dry surfaces and excellent grip on wet roads, due to its special tread design. Four wide grooves with a profiled depth efficiently drain water from under the wheels. In addition, the tread structure is stiff, which further improves the tyre’s performance in wet weather. The tread also has a closed external rib that improves maneuvering during dynamic driving and reduces rolling resistance, which in turn can reduce fuel consumption.

What do other drivers value this model for?

The tyres literally squeeze water from the surface, which makes them grip well in the rain. When it comes to dry surfaces, they also do very well. Great price and quality. [Red]

This is another set of tyres from Hankook that I got. Previously I had the Ventus Prime2 K125, they made a very positive impression on me. I feel safe driving even on wet surfaces. They don't skidd, and they hold firmly when cornering, they’re brilliant. I would definitely recommend the tyres. [Rash]

Dunlop SP Sport Bluresponse - 5.7

Second place goes to a middle class price range representative - the SP Sport Bluresponse model from Dunlop. It’s definitely a more sporty tyre than the winning Hankook. It’s great for dynamic driving, performing brilliantly in various conditions. 

However, Dunlop still values safety over anything, so they put the braking distances on both dry and wet surfaces first, creating a special asymmetrical tread, with wide central grooves, responsible for removing water, thus limiting the risk of aquaplaning.

The Dunlop SP Sport Bluresponse was also created with a number of eco-friendly solutions. Their aerodynamic shape limits the car’s resistance and a special rubber compound lowers the level of emitted heat. This leads to a lower average fuel consumption. This British brand’s product is an efficient and durable tyre, created for drivers who like to put their foot down from time to time.


Definitely the best set I've ever had. Unbelievable grip, caused lower fuel consumption and kept me safe when it rains. They behave sensationally in the rain, when cornering, and when it is warm and dry, they stick even better. I will for sure buy them again! [Maciej M]

I bought these tyres with long distances in mind, as fuel usage is important to me, and I actually do more miles to the tank. Also, the tyres are great in the rain. [Luke]

Goodyear Efficientgrip Performance - 5.65

Last place on the podium goes to the Efficientgrip Performance model from Goodyear. It’s a premium class tyre that will meet even the highest of expectations. Its biggest advantage is its grip on wet surfaces - this is proved by the “A” category on its label.

This was achieved primarily due to the asymmetrical tread pattern with wide grooves. They quickly remove water from under the wheels so the car doesn’t lose grip in wet weather. Many drivers also value the Fuel Save technology, which helps reduce fuel consumption by up to 18% compared to other premium tyres.

The Efficientgrip Performance model also significantly reduces the level of noise emitted by the tyres. The silence inside the car will make driving with these tyres more enjoyable than ever.

The advantages of the tyre according to drivers:

On average, I drive about 25,000 km from spring to autumn. I’d say these tyres are quiet, have good grip on both dry and wet surfaces, and they’re not too soft so they do well in high temperatures. I’d recommend them, definitely! [Krzysztof P.]

I covered 103,000 km on this set of tyres. Probably a little too much. But they were completely quiet and the profiles didn’t deform. I’m currently on my second set of these. [Adam]

The best summer tyres for fast highway driving, durable, no wear visible despite my high mileage. I recommend them to everyone. Worth the price, the annual mileage is about 60 thousand km. I've used different tyres over the past 10 years so I have a comparison. [Paul]

Uniroyal RainExpert 3 - 5.55

Uniroyal RainExpert 3 are often associated with being rain tyres. This isn’t surprising, because this manufacturer has been known for years for their high-quality summer tyres, which stand out in wet weather.

The technology known as SharkSkin is responsible for the tyres being safe. Their design efficiently removes water from under the wheel. The dry tread makes the vehicle stable, stopping it from slipping and skidding. The braking distance also turns out to be significantly shorter.

The Uniroyal model isn’t behind their competition in other parameters either. The rigid shoulder of the tyre provides excellent maneuverability on dry surfaces, and the improved contact area with the ground reduces the rolling resistance, which in fact reduces the average fuel consumption.

Here’s what our customers think:

Very good tyres. They’re yet to let me down. Even with sudden braking in the rain they’re fine. The volume of the tyre while driving is low and the overall comfort is great. [ŁDZ]

I’ve used tyres from this company in various cars, I like their quality and specs. I only had to replace two out of four after the last season. [Janusz G]

This wet tyre sticks to the road like no other tyre I’ve had before. No skidding through puddles at high speeds. While driving on dry roads I didn’t notice anything wrong. [Minio]

Dębica Presto HP – 5.5

Last but not least, the Debica Presto HP made our top 5 list, which proves that even cheaper tyres can be great. The aforementioned model is a budget high performance offer which, by definition, should perform better than the basic version.

The Presto HP stands out in terms of its price-quality ratio. It’s not expensive, but provides a good level of safety in various conditions. The directional tread pattern quickly drains water in wet conditions and sticks well to dry roads.

 The sporty version of the well-known Dębica Presto model has also been improved strength-wise. The Presto HP is known for its durability and even performance throughout its life.

What drivers had to say about this model:

I've already driven quite a lot on these tyres in a quite a short time. Can’t complain really. I was actually quite surprised at how well they held onto the wet road. My car has an ABS system, but it practically never turns on (the wheels don’t lose traction) with sudden braking. [Damian B]

This tyre is a good compromise between quality and price. It’s quiet, runs steadily on any surface, has a good braking distance on both wet and dry surfaces. When driving through deeper puddles at normal speeds the vehicle behaves stably. Overall, good quality at a reasonable price. [BF]

What should you consider when choosing summer tyres?

A set of car tyres usually lasts for a few years, so it's difficult to check the capabilities of several different models yourself. Instead, you can trust information from reliable sources such as our list.

It’s also worth following the results of tests carried out by experts - annual ADAC, Auto Bild or Auto, Motor und Sport tests.

Lastly, check the tyre label and read up on its specs. The labels usually contain data on rolling resistance, tyre volume and braking. Summer models with good labels are your safest bet.