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Camper And Caravan Tyres


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Camper And Caravan Tyres

Browse through our diverse catalogue to find tyres for a single vehicle or an entire fleet. Explore tyre reviews from hundreds of UK drivers to choose the best tyres for your caravan or camper. Below you can find the highest-rated camper and caravan tyres according to our customers.

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Commercial Van Tyres Suitable For Campers And Caravans

If you are unable to find the appropriate motorhome tyres for your vehicle, you may alternatively opt for commercial van tyres marked ‘C’. These tyres are dedicated for small vans with a load capacity of up to 3.5 tonnes, and feature two indexes – a twin-wheel axle rating and a single axle rating. It is important to note that commercial tyres should never be used on passenger cars.

Summer van Tyres


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Winter van tyres

About Our Camper And Caravan Tyres

About Our Camper And Caravan Tyres

To maximise safety on and off the road, you need to ensure your camper or caravan is fitted with the right tyres for the season and – perhaps even more crucially – the vehicle parameters. First and foremost, the tyres for your motorhome or camper should be able to fully accommodate the weight of the vehicle. Such tyres require strengthened sidewalls to withstand the pressure increase associated with carrying heavy loads. The extra rigidity of reinforced tyres additionally contributes to a more stable ride by preventing your motorhome from swaying when it is on the move.

A quality caravan tyre is also characterised by a unique tread compound, which differs from that of a regular car tyre. These adjustments to tyre tread account for the all-important grip in unfavourable weather conditions, and more control over your vehicle in challenging terrains. On a side note, the fact that a camper tyre is rated for snow does not consequently make it a winter tyre. Please make sure you buy motorhome tyres that are season-appropriate for the climate within your region and/or the region(s) you wish to travel to.

We are a certified retailer of leading international brands. From Michelin to Continental Vanco camper tyres, our vast selection caters to the cost-conscious and the price-generous consumer. To get started, search by size or registration number, or simply enter your vehicle model. Please do not hesitate to contact our support team for all automobile-related expertise. Order your caravan tyres with Oponeo and join the thousands of satisfied drivers throughout Europe and the UK. Free shipping available within mainland Britain.

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