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Beginning. Infiniti has been present on the market only since 1989, and is a luxurious make of Japanese cars manufactured by Nissan Motor Co. In this manner, the Japanese tycoon followed in the footsteps of other automotive companies from its homeland — Toyota and Honda. Both corporations also created separate premium brands – Lexus and Acura, respectively. The client should have an impression of the brand's exclusivity so Nissan's and Infiniti’s showrooms are often separated.

Development. The make appeared in the United States and was the company's response to the competition on the American market, and also to European cars. Next, Infiniti entered the markets in the Middle East (1996), Taiwan (1997), South Korea (2005), Russia (2006), Ukraine and China (2007). Russia was the first European country to officially sell these cars. In Western Europe, Infiniti cars began to be sold in Autumn 2008.

Present. Infiniti cars are sold in 35 countries. Switzerland is the brand's capital in Europe. Infiniti cars are supposed to be direct competition for Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, Audi, Porsche and Range Rover.

Contribution to the automotive industry. The EX37 model is the first serial vehicle in the world to be equipped with the Around View Monitor system (AVM). This system allows the user to see the vehicle and its surrounding area from a bird's eye perspective by synthesising images from ultra-wide-angle high-resolution cameras placed at the front, at the back and at the sides of the car. The AVM system was designed to make parking easier by providing a better view of the surrounding area.

Trivia. The digits in the name of the model show the engine capacity. Thus, the engine capacity of the G35 model is 3.5 litres. The only exception here is the SUV marked with the symbol "QX56". The company's name was selected with great care. This idea can be also seen on the logo which forms an oval shape with a baseless triangle inside it, which symbolises a road to infinity. It alludes to the continuous forward movement, striving after innovation and new achievements.

Currently manufactured models: Infiniti G35, Infiniti G37, Infiniti M35/M45 — higher middle segment; Infiniti EX35/EX37 — SUV; Infiniti FX35/FX37/FX50 — SUV; Infiniti QX56 — a large SUV.

Tyres. Infiniti Ex has been serially equipped with 225/60 R17 tyres or, optionally, 225/55 R18 tyres. The Infiniti FX SUV model is equipped with powerful 265/50 R20 tyres. The original equipment of the Infiniti G Sedan includes 225/50 R18 or 245/45 R18 tyres. Older models, such as the Infiniti G20, originally had smaller wheel sizes, and 195/65 R15 tyres.