225/45 R17 size tyres are frequently fitted to various types of cars. If you use this size and you are searching for winter tyres, then this article is for you. See what models are recommended by other drivers and choose the perfect one for you.

225/45 R17 size winter tyres are fitted to cars such as Mercedes CLK A-Class and C-Class, Audi A3, RS4 and TT, Alfa Romeo Giulietta, GT and Spider, BMW M3, Series 3 and Z4, Renault Megane, Opel Zafira, Seat Leon, VW Golf, Jetta, Passat and Scirocco, and Volvo C70. 

So, which of these tyre models are the best for such car brands? As you see, the above models include both family cars and vehicles of a more sporty nature. According to drivers, who have posted their opinions on our website, the best 225/45 R17 size winter tyres were offered by Nokian, Pirelli and Uniroyal.


Selection of the best winter tyres depends on many factors, e.g., driving style or car power.

Selection of the best winter tyres depends on many factors, e.g., driving style or car power.


The best 225/45 R17 size winter tyres according to drivers 

                     TYRE MODEL



1. Nokian WR D4

                      5.4    (see reviews)

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2. Nokian WR D3

                         5.3    (see reviews)

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3. Pirelli SottoZero 2

                         5.25  (see reviews)

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4. Nokian WR A3

                         5.2    (see reviews)

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5. Uniroyal MS Plus 77

                         5.2    (see reviews)

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* rating and number of comments applies to this tyre size, the overall assessment of a given model may slightly differ from that presented, as of September 2017.


Nokian tyres dominated the ranking 

Among the top-rated 225/45 R17 size winter tyres, drivers selected 3 models offered by Nokian, a Finnish brand. The first one, the Nokian WR D4, is also called the ‘grip master’. It offers excellent handling in typical winter conditions and on wet roads (Class "A" on the label). It has similar performance parameters as the Nokian WR D3, which is the predecessor of WR D4.


See Nokian WR D4 and WR D3:



In turn, the Nokian WR A3 is proposed for users of more dynamic cars. It has an asymmetric tread instead of a directional pattern, as in the previous models. All three products represent top quality and unrivalled safety in the toughest conditions.


See Nokian WR A3:


High quality tyres offered by this Finnish manufacturer, were appreciated by users of our website, who awarded them with very high marks:

A driver who used Nokian WR D4 said "despite the slippery surface and firmly pressed brake pedal, the ABS interrupted the braking process only once and I stopped without anyproblems." The advanced tread makes the model’s performance perfect in all weather conditions. "I would recommend these tyres for their excellent grip in the snow and on slush. They also work perfectly in our winter conditions with frequent rains", "I used winter tyres for the first time and I'm impressed by their grip on wet and cold roads."


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In turn, Nokian WR D3, the predecessor of this model received the following opinions "Even when leaving a motorway through a winding exit road covered by slush and snow, you can safely drive in the same style as in a dry summer", "They have never lost their traction", "When it comes to driving in the snow, especially uphill, I'm very surprised and in a positive way. Really great traction and zero problems with pulling away."


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Similar positive reviews were submitted for Nokian WR A3 (with asymmetric tread). This model was designed for cars with high power. You can read that "these tyres have a strong grip on wet surfaces, and even on snow / mud they perform very well"; "I felt very confident driving my car in winter"; "Great value for money, compared to other brands in this class"; "My main concern is safety this condition was met in 100% even in very difficult weather and road conditions".


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Models offered by the Finnish company, Nokian, are one of the best and safest tyres for the winter season. Tested in demanding and cold Scandinavian conditions, they ensure very good performance and a high level of safety. This is confirmed by independent tests and the opinions of our users.


Third place was taken by Pirelli 

Third place belongs to Pirelli SottoZero 2, which has been present on the market for quite a long time (now it has even a successor - Sottozero 3). This model was designed for sporty cars with high power. Just one glance at the tread reveals its enormous possibilities. Its extremely aggressive asymmetric shape allows you to keep control of the car, even in difficult conditions and at higher speeds.


See Pirelli Sottozero 2:


During many years of their presence on the market, Pirelli SottoZero 2 have been tested by thousands of drivers. The most interesting opinions on this model, include the following arguments: "The car sticks to the road well, both when pulling away and while cornering", "They grip the road regardless off the weather - snow, slush, or dry roadway", "In the snow with ice-pierced spots, the tyre was very predictable and suitably soft for low temperatures", "The tyres are used mainly in harsh and wet Norwegian conditions, where they operate very well in rain and snow."


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Tyres from this Italian manufacturer are excellent for drivers who appreciate dynamic driving in all conditions. The asymmetric tread and flexible rubber compound allow you to enjoy the full performance of your car in the winter season.


Uniroyal among the leaders 

Uniroyal MS Plus 77 was also highly rated by users of our website. It was designed to ensure safety, not only in winter conditions, but also on wet roads. For many years Uniroyal tyres have been marked with umbrella symbol as a proof of their excellent performance in the rain. Together with their good grip in snow, Uniroyal offers a model well-adapted to the requirements of the winter season. MS Plus 77 is ideal for large cars with a higher power.


Uniroyal MS Plus 77

Uniroyal MS Plus 77


Reviews of MS Plus 77 include specific arguments for the purchasing: "When parking in soft snow, I had no problems with pulling away", "I used them for emergency braking and they did a great job", "The tyres work very well in all weather conditions and their quality is well-matched with the price. I recommend them to all who appreciate comfort and safety. " 

Uniroyal MS Plus 77 was also particularly recommended in tyre tests organised by Allrad Auto Zeitung and ADAC in 2013 and 2014.


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How to buy good winter tyres? 

All five presented tyre models are worth recommending. When choosing the best winter tyres, you should also take your specific needs into account, like the power and weight of the car and your driving style. You should also compare our ranking with results of tests carried out by leading automotive magazines and automobile clubs. By comparing opinions of drivers with the ratings of professionals, you will be able to draw your own conclusions on the tyre’s features. 

More information is presented on labels attached to the tyres. Although they do not provide information about winter performance, you will be able to learn more about wet braking, noise emission and fuel efficiency. Still not sure of your choice? Call us. Our advisors will help you to analyse the available options and make the best decision.