Choosing the right tyres for the upcoming summer season can make your head spin. The number of available models can be overwhelming, and fishing for gems is definitely not the easiest task. With our users in mind, we have prepared a list of novelties for the summer of 2019. Among them there will be something for everyone, both technology enthusiasts and drivers looking for more budget solutions.


The summer season is a period of frequently changing conditions.

The summer season is a period of frequently changing conditions.


Selected novelties for the upcoming summer season 2019*

*This collection presents new catalogue items for the summer season 2019. Models in some sizes may have debuted in 2018/2019.


Nokian and Continental set the standard

Premium manufacturers are constantly setting new directions for the tyre industry. They use innovative technological solutions and the highest quality materials in their models, which translate into safety and performance. Nokian and Continental continue to belong to the leading representatives of the segment, and their proposals for the upcoming summer season are the best example of this.


Nokian Wetproof - 'waterproof' tyre

Nokian Wetproof

The Finnish company is an undisputed expert on difficult road conditions. Their latest model, Wetproof, has been designed to meet the needs of frequently changing summer weather. The safety of the driver is the responsibility of the proprietary technology of safety zones.

The model stands out especially during heavy rainfall. It is then that you can feel its full potential. Regardless of the amount of water remaining, driving is always precise, safe and efficient, and the braking distance is significantly reduced.


The most important features of the Nokian Wetproof:

  • The dual safety zone concept involves creating a tread from two autonomous areas responsible for grip and steering. The technology guarantees safety in a wide range of conditions, and at the same time reduces fuel consumption by reducing rolling resistance.

  • Self-locking responsive lock grooves interlock when the tyre front is pressed against the road. In this way, they help to maintain stability on wet roads.

  • Aqua Hybrid compound enhances the tyre's grip when travelling in the rain. Thanks to its polymer construction and modified silica, mileage on the road has never been so safe.


Nokian Wetproof


Continental EcoContact 6 - developed with driving efficiency in mind

Continental EcoContact 6

A novelty from the German company Continental EcoContact 6 is a tyre designed with the highest fuel efficiency in mind. Driving economy is due to the changed tread geometry and the innovative Green Chili 2.0 compound. A car with EcoContact 6 tyres is more economical and emits less harmful substances into the atmosphere.

The highest quality of workmanship and ideally selected components ensure long and safe exploitation, with which even the most demanding drivers will be satisfied. This makes the EcoContact 6 a tyre that has never been on the market before.


The most important features of the Continental EcoContact 6:

  • Green Chili 2.0's proprietary rubber compound significantly extends the mileage of your tyres. The solution is based on a combination of polymers and specially selected additives, which prevent excessive stiffening of the model structure.

  • A silica additive in Green Chili 2.0 helps optimise the contact area between the tyre and the road. Rolling resistance is significantly reduced, leading to fuel savings.

  • The innovative design of the shoulder grooves ensures that the tyre effectively combats aquaplaning. It prevents the car from falling into uncontrolled slippage in rainy weather. Special notches in the grooves additionally support the car during dynamic manoeuvres, preventing the rubber from deforming under high loads.


Continental EcoContact 6


Summer in Europe is not only high temperatures, but also frequent storms and rainfall.

Summer in Europe is not only high temperatures, but also frequent storms and rainfall.


Successful brands - Kleber and Hankook

The new summer tyres Kleber Dynaxer HP4 and Hankook Ventus S1 Evo3 K127 are two models that fit perfectly into the mid-range concept. In their projects they use modern technological solutions, based on the knowledge and experience of the designers. Thanks to their passion and continuous development, both companies always remain just one step behind the premium class, however, offering their flagship products at very attractive prices for drivers.


Dynaxer HP4 Kleber - long awaited successor

Kleber Dynaxer HP4

It is not easy to meet the expectations of drivers after the very warm welcome of the HP3 Dynaxer. But the fourth generation of the Dynaxer series is definitely not a disappointment. It introduces a lot of innovations into the design, which translate into very high performance.


The most important features of the Kleber Dynaxer HP4:

  • Wide longitudinal grooves in the centre of the tread minimise the risk of aquaplaning. The highly efficient drainage system has resulted in several sizes of the model being awarded the highest grip class according to European labelling standards.

  • A rubber compound that has been refined over 100 years of experience to provide stable performance on both dry and wet roads. You can drive safely in your preferred driving style and under different loads.

  • Self-blocking tread pattern technology reduces rolling resistance and energy loss. This increases the fuel efficiency of the car and reduces the driver's expenses.


Kleber Dynaxer HP4


The secret lies in balance - Hankook Ventus S1 Evo3 K127

Hankook Ventus S1 Evo3 K127

Hankook is a brand with great ambitions, which always creates products according to its own philosophy. All products of the Korean manufacturer are characterized by a perfect balance between high performance, safety and comfort. This is no different with the Ventus S1 Evo3 K127.

The tread design is based on two autonomous zones. The central zone is equipped with more pads to improve braking and acceleration performance on wet roads. The outer blocks provide ideal grip during manoeuvring and acoustic comfort.


Key features of the Hankook Ventus S1 Evo3 K127:

  • Aramid-fibre reinforced belt improves dry-weather performance by supporting the car during take-off and acceleration. A strong bead without joints prevents the tyre from breaking away from the rim during a dynamic start.

  • The double-layered fibre stiffener and the steel wire in the belt effectively absorb the impact energy, protecting against accidental damage.

  • The interlocking grooves improve wet grip, making driving extremely precise.

  • The unique Aqua Pine rubber compound is based on coniferous tree resins that prevent the tread from deforming. Vegetable oil additive ensures a stable ride even during heavy rainfall.


Hankook Ventus S1 Evo3 K127


Safe long distance travel during the holiday season requires good tyres.

Safe long distance travel during the holiday season requires good tyres.


For the sake of efficient drivers - Barum and Neolin

Economy class is a good choice for drivers who are looking for savings. However, attractive prices do not necessarily mean a lack of quality. Many manufacturers in the budget segment offer safe, durable and efficient tyres. An excellent example is the two new products for the summer season 2019.


Barum Bravuris 5HM - an indispensable companion for every journey

Barum Bravuris 5HM

Barum is a very popular producer from the economic sector. It has been present on the European market since 1945 and the Continental Group takes care of the quality of its products.

New from a Czech manufacturer for the upcoming season - Barum Bravuris 5HM - is a perfect example of a high quality tyre from the economic sector. It is designed for long mileage and driving comfort.

The "HM" series owes its name to an advanced blend of "High Mileage" based on polymer technologies. Tyre wear occurs much later, providing a much longer lifespan.


The most important features of the Barum Bravuris 5HM:

  • As many as three unique central ribs with a crosscut system effectively distribute the pressure over the entire tread surface. In this way, the model works evenly, wears out slowly and lasts longer.

  • Closed side-blocks and patented locking slot system increase the rigidity of the structure for precise and safe driving.

  • Improved vulcanisation components dramatically reduce car fuel consumption, reduce heat build-up and protect the tyre structure from deformation.


Barum Bravuris 5HM


Highly ambitious debutant - Neolin Neogreen+

Neolin Neogreen+

The Neolin brand appeared on the European market relatively recently and many drivers may not be familiar with its specificity. It belongs to the Yanchang Rubber concern, responsible primarily for the recognizable brand Duraturn.

Neolin products provide a bridge between high performance and attractive price and are an expression of the company's ambition to find its place in the High Performance market.

The Neogreen+ features a modern asymmetric tread and interesting technology that will certainly be appreciated by many drivers.


The most important features of the Neolin Neogreen+:

  • Silica rubber compound reduces rolling resistance for improved economy. The solution works well at high temperatures, reducing their impact on the condition of the tyre.

  • A noise reduction system based on a stepped tread design reduces rolling noise, making traveling very comfortable and quiet.

  • The grooved central notches between the blocks protect against the dangerous phenomenon of aquaplaning by instantly transporting water away from the tread surface. The dehumidification process is supported by stepwise lamellas and transverse notches.


Neolin Neogreen+


The summer season is often spent on the road.


Properly selected tyres guarantee satisfaction

When choosing tyres, the most important thing is to adapt them to the needs of the car and the individual preferences of the driver. Only perfectly matched tyres will ensure the right levels of safety and comfort. So before you decide to buy, it's worth taking a few steps to verify your expectations:

1. The first, and at the same time the most important, element for the safety of the driver is the choice of technical parameters of tyres. The following issues must be considered in particular: tyre size, speed rating and load-capacity index. It is best to follow the approvals provided by the manufacturer.

2. When using available tyre replacements, check the range of changes for your specific car model. The overall diameter of the wheel should always be maintained. If you do not know what non-approved sizes you can use in your car, we encourage you to use the tyre replacement calculator.

3. Specify your needs, under which you will choose the right tread pattern and tyre class. Factors such as:

  • the most frequently travelled routes (motorways, urban traffic, or rather terrain or mountainous routes),

  • preferred driving style (moderate, sporty or off-road),

  • type of vehicle and its intended use (off-road, urban, road, mixed vehicles),

  • budget (allows you to determine the class of tyres you want: premium, medium, economical).

Finally, it is also worthwhile to consult experts, who are reflected in the annual tests of prestigious automotive organizations such as ADAC, Autobild, AMS or AutoZeitung.