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Duraturn Tyres

Duraturn Tyres

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Duraturn is an economic tyre manufacturer which makes use of the know-how and technology from around the world. The models of the Chinese manufacturer use factory machinery imported from Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Japan.

The brand is distributed by the well-known and respected producer – Rubber Company. They are manufactured in one of the most advanced production plants in the world, using high-quality materials. This means that Duraturn products have been awarded international certificates which allow them to be sold on every continent.

The Duraturn brand has an extensive research team that works on tread life and minimising rolling resistance. Continuous development and adaptation to dynamically evolving customer requirements are key features of the company.

Duraturn manufactures tyres for passenger cars, vans and touring cars. Millions of drivers all over the world have trusted them, and commercial fleets using the brand's tyres are the best example of the excellent durability and quality of the models on offer.

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