Drivers are turning to all-season tyres in search of versatility and to avoid queues for seasonal replacement. Due to the growing popularity of this solution, tyre manufacturers have begun to develop this market segment, regularly introducing new models. But how to choose from such a wide range of products?

Car trip.All-season tyres need to handle all conditions.

It is best to rely on the verified opinions of drivers who have covered hundreds of thousands of kilometres on a given tyre. In this way, you can get a reliable view of the offer and find the solution that best meets your requirements. With this in mind, we have created a list of all-season tyres in size 195/65 R15 recommended by our customers. Based on sent opinions we distinguished 5 models, rated highest by drivers buying on Oponeo.

Why choose all-season tyres in size 195/65 R15? 

It is one of the most popular sizes on the market. This size is fitted on compact cars, city cars and crossovers alike. In recent years, these tyres have appeared on the Vauxhall Astra, Volkswagen Golf, Skoda Octavia, and Honda Civic.

Ranking of all-season tyres in size 195/65 R15 2021 based on driver reviews

Michelin CrossClimate+
Goodyear Vector 4Seasons G2
Kleber Quadraxer 2
Nokian WeatherProof
Dębica Navigator 2

*Ranking based on ratings (on a scale of 1-6) given by Oponeo customers between 01/01/2019 and 31/07/2021. The list includes tyres that have earned the minimum required number of reviews. The results visible in our store may differ from those included in the list, and the presented ratings concern only tyres of the presented size.

The tyres our customers have highlighted range from the premium class to the mid-price range and economy models. So there's something for everyone, whatever your budget. Let's take a closer look at the highlighted models:

Michelin CrossClimate+

The CrossClimate premium tyre series has a near cult status in the automotive industry. Since its launch, it has attracted a lot of attention for its technologically advanced tread and its highly durable rubber compound. Michelin CrossClimate+ builds on this concept with a refreshed model designed to offer performance, long mileage and safety at all stages of tyre life. It offers balanced performance and short braking distances, whatever the season.

This is thanks to the EverGrip concept: the sipes that open up as the tyre is used, which are responsible for safety on dry, wet, snowy, and icy surfaces. As a result, CrossClimate+ offers consistent performance from day one until the tread wears out. No wonder our customers consider it to be the best all-season tyre in the 195/65 R15 size range.

This year, the French brand's acclaimed family of all-season tyres has expanded with the addition of another model in the form of the new Michelin CrossClimate 2. It's worth a look if you're looking for all-season tyres of the highest premium quality.

What do drivers think of Michelin CrossClimate+?

I was tempted, due to the very flattering reviews on the internet, and what can I say. I didn't expect there to be an all-purpose tyre that performs so well in all conditions. In winter, virtually the same performance as a new winter tyre from a premium brand. In spring, it also performs very well at positive temperatures. I'd recommend it if you don't have time to change your tyres every season. (Matt)

The best multi-season tyres I have had the chance to use so far. I read a lot of opinions that they would be noisy and not as comfortable to use as competing winter or summer tyres, that the handling characteristics would change. I have not noticed any changes, with moderate and reasonable driving the differences are not noticeable. The best tyres you can get at this price. They are quiet, durable, and do not lose grip when accelerating or braking quickly. This is my second set of Michelin CrossClimate+ tyres, the previous ones were used on a city compact and I am 100% satisfied, the tyres have never let me down, neither in winter nor on dry or wet surfaces. I recommend it to every user who wonders whether it is worth it. I recommend it with a clear conscience, you will not be disappointed. You will not buy anything better at this price. (Dan)

Goodyear Vector 4Seasons G2

The second place went to one of the most successful all-season tyres in the test. The Goodyear Vector 4Seasons G2 from the premium American brand is the solution for drivers looking for comfort and safety on every journey. Even though it has been several years since its launch, the tyre continues to earn high marks from experts, as evidenced by its second place in last year's ADAC all-season tyre test.

The American brand's specialists have decided to ensure above all that the tyres have good traction in all conditions and on various surfaces. This is why they have used a dense system of sipes developed with 3D technology. This, together with the directional tread pattern, allows the tyres to adapt to temperature and to evacuate mud, water, and snow from under the wheels in a flash. The result is enhanced control all year round and a better driving experience.

The US tyre manufacturer launched a new generation of the highly acclaimed Goodyear Vector 4Seasons G3 earlier this year. Will the tyre be able to repeat the success of its predecessor? We will certainly find out in the near future.

What reviews do our customers have of the Goodyear Vector 4Seasons G2?

The perfect tyre for my needs, both city and touring. They have recently proved themselves very well in real winter conditions. I can therefore recommend them to potential buyers. (Thomas)

The best all-season tyres. With the changing climate, it's no longer worth investing in summer and winter - it's unnecessary, with these tyres you'll go uphill in winter and develop speed in summer. (Kelvin)

I bought all-season tyres for the first time in the autumn. I am very pleased with them. They work well on all road surfaces. They are quiet when driving, they handle bumps softly. I would recommend them. (Mary)

Kleber Quadraxer 2

The Kleber Quadraxer 2 is the first model outside the premium class to earn an award from our customers. The French brand is a representative of the mid-price segment, although it belongs to the Michelin group. Kleber benefits from the technological support of the market tyre giant to create quality products that offer satisfying performance for all-year-round driving.

The French brand's tyre uses a directional tread pattern with special Toboggan channels - the new shape of the grooves allows for more efficient removal of snow, mud, and water on the road, keeping the car under control and reducing the risk of sliding. The advanced sipe system promotes the tyre's flexibility during the intense cold, without compromising its capabilities in the warmer months. So you can always drive exactly the way you like, whatever the weather conditions.

What have our customers written about using Kleber Quadraxer 2 tyres?

This is my second set of Kleber Quadraxer 2 tyres and the tyres perform confidently in all conditions. They work very well even on snowy roads and in freezing temperatures. They work superbly when driving in the rain. On a hot, dry day you can feel that the tyres are softer than summer tyres, but this does not detract from the performance. If you are a driver with a moderate temperament and you drive normally daily, you will be happy/satisfied with these tyres. I highly recommend it!!! (John)

The tyre performs well on damp roads in autumn and winter. Emergency braking in the wet without any major problems. Least problems when braking on slush, handling fully predictable.  On dry surfaces, just like on summer tyres. I would recommend it, a successful purchase for me. (John. N)

hazy road on a rainy dayRainy conditions pose a challenge for most tyres.

Nokian WeatherProof

Just behind the podium is a tyre from a brand that is regarded as one of the best experts for winter conditions. Finnish tyre manufacturer Nokian has used its extensive experience to create an all-season tyre that copes with all seasons. The WeatherProof model was tested in a research centre at the Arctic Circle and on tracks in Germany and Spain, to achieve a model that is competent in all conditions.

What distinguishes Nokian WeatherProof tyres?

First of all, the directional tread is optimised not only for grip but also for braking distance on all types of surfaces. The central part of the pattern with aggressively arranged blocks copes well with wet conditions, the snow sipes improve traction in winter and the massive shoulder zones remain rigid in high temperatures.

The Finnish brand is known for very interesting patents and unobvious technological solutions. This applies not only to the WeatherProof model but also to its successor Nokian Seasonproof. Will the new model also manage to make its way into the opinion sheets of our customers? We will find out soon enough.

What do drivers think about all-season tyres from the 'winter experts'?

I highly recommend these tyres. The tyres are excellent in all conditions, even though they are all-season, and I am really surprised at how well they perform on slippery surfaces in winter. (John)

All-season tyres. I had my doubts, as I have always had summer and winter tyres. I wondered if these tyres would cope in summer, on a dry, sometimes dusty road.... Or on wet pavement? And most of all I wondered how it would be in winter.... A big surprise. We have winters like we have in Poland, but the tyres met my expectations 100%. On dry pavement with sand, perfect track, safe braking, no skidding. On wet pavement everything is ok, braking without slipping, sometimes in puddles a little slip, but the car's track is maintained. In winter, on snow, when driving with caution, wheels do not slip, tyres behave well. On hard pavement, also in winter, good braking, no slipping. The tyres meet my expectations. Good price and quality. Definitely recommend. (Greg)

Dębica Navigator 2

The last tyre in the ranking is the budget tyre, the Polish brand Dębica Navigator 2. The product received a very high score from our customers (5.3), competing against brands from the higher classes. What was the reason for its success?

Above all, optimum flexibility over a very wide temperature range. This means you don't have to worry about losing control during the winter season. The symmetrical tread with its large spacing between tread elements helps to distribute stresses optimally, while the system of notches and horizontal sipes allows the tyre to work across the entire surface.

The Navigator 2 quickly dries out accumulated mud or snow, and special contoured shoulder edges help to reduce the amount of noise generated during driving - something not often found in all-season tyres.

The concept of good and reliable all-season tyres for all budgets continues with the successor to the Dębica Navigator 3. The Polish brand's product should appeal to drivers looking for budget tyres.

How have drivers described the budget all-season tyres Dębica Navigator 2?

I am delighted with these tyres. I drive light off-road on dirt and forest roads. During this snowy winter, my Ford car ran like a chisel on these tyres. The tread on these tyres has large gaps and is similar to a real off-road AT. Just right for the Fusion, and the 65 profile raised the car by 1 cm. I now drive on the kind of potholes where another car would scrub the undercarriage. Now I won't want any other tyres than all-season tyres. In the snow they do a good job. (JB)

Good all-season tyres. Despite the harsh winter I continue to live and the car does not slip. Very good value for money. Highly recommended. (David)

Very good tyres at a reasonable price. They have been running perfectly for 4 months since they were replaced. I also highly recommend them. (Thomas P.)

Who needs all-season tyres?

All-season tyres are first and foremost an excellent choice for drivers who make short journeys each year, mainly in towns and other regularly cleared winter roads. Although they do not offer all the characteristics of seasonal tyres, modern models perform very well in moderate conditions, which are currently predominant in our climate.

It is worth remembering that all-season tyres are usually based on winter tyres, as this is the period when the tyres are most severely tested. The problem may therefore be a little more noise and shorter mileage. However, they are worth considering if you want to avoid queues during seasonal change of your tyres and prefer a quieter driving style.