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Tigar Tyres

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Since the Serbian brand has started to collaborate with the BF Goodrich company, and then has taken care of the famous brand Michelin, the Tigar tyres are produced with help of the latest technologies what directly means increasing popularity of this brand in the tyre markets worldwide. Huge Michelin's investments provide significant effects. Tigar tyres are appreciated all over the world, such as its other products (e.g. shoe products). Check out our offer of Tigar tyres which are produced in the factories belonging to the already legendary Michelin brand.

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  • wd 4.3 111150

    Tigar Sigura

    As for my needs tire is sufficient. For sporty driving probably is not suitable. Excessively noisy it is not. Holding cornering, both wet and dry nawierzhni is fine. But I never checked the border przczepności. I'm riding quietly, so for me fine. I would recommend these tires, the more that the Serbian factory branded by Michelin'a. More >
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