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Viking Tyres

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The Viking brand produced its first rubber equipment in 1931 in Askin, Norway. It’s name derives from the historic Viking population, known for bravery and high craftsmanship. The company holds these values and is known for offering good quality products across the international market.

From the 1970s, aside from being one of the most popular brands in Norway, Viking tyres have been recognised by major car producers, included as original equipment on various Volkswagen, Vauxhall, Ford and Volvo cars.


Since the early 90’s, Viking tyres has become part of the Continental tyre company, ensuring Viking products remain a popular option for various motorists. With our great offer on Viking summer tyres and winter tyres, you are sure to find the appropriate tyres for you and your vehicle!

Opinions of our clients about Viking tyres:

The opinions about Viking tyres may help you choose the right model. Check what their clients think about them, who had the opportunity to test their performance on the road, economy and driving comfort.

  • Xrx 4.7 111150

    Viking SnowTech 2 195/65 R15

    The case is as follows. In the absence of the tires of this size in my town, I took vikingi. To my surprise, the tires were sensational. In the snow where other cars became my vehicle who has over 200km and drive back he was able to push the chair. Nor on them I not buried, but it seemed that it did not budge. Do I bought a 2nd time? Without hesitation. These tires are really quiet for so good. Recommended More >
  • arturjn 4.6 111150

    Viking Snow Tech 175/65 R14

    I ride on these tires already 6TY season and they are great. I drove a car 75tys. km and going to have to buy new tires. Of course, others will be Vikings. Very well continue to bring, but I'm afraid that after seven years it is even a good tread and replace tires. They are virtually indestructible, I did not catch them or one slipper not to mention the good qualities of both the snow and the dry. More >
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