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Cooper Tyres

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Best value for money, optimum performance and safety on all surfaces — Cooper tyres will guarantee you all of that. This American brand, specialising in the middle market segment, is the second largest independent tyre manufacturer in the USA. With over a century of experience in manufacturing rubber, this company's tyres are characterised by excellent performance and meet the expectations of a wide group of recipients.

Good performance comes hand in hand with an attractive price, thanks to which Cooper tyres are friendly to the average driver's pocket. If you want to enjoy a safe and comfortable ride, while at the same time not overpaying for a known brand, these summer tyres, winter tyres and all-season tyres are ideal for you.

"High-quality product, honest profit and good business": This has been Cooper's credo for as long as the company has existed. By applying this belief, the company guaranteed itself success in the first years of its activity, resulting in intensive development in various US states. Today, Cooper has more than 60 outlets worldwide and employs approximately 20,000 people.

Interesting facts:

After the USA entered the Second World War, the company became involved in army activities and started producing tyres for military vehicles, as well as life jackets and dinghies.

The history of the Cooper brand dates back to 1914. That year, two businessmen, John F. Schaefer and Claude E. Hart, bought the M & M Manufacturing Company, which produced repair materials for tyres.

In the 1980s, intensive development led Cooper to commit itself to the replacement tyre market (at that time, it was already approximately three times more profitable than the original equipment market).

Cooper was founded in Akron, Ohio — America's tyre valley. In the first decades of the 20th century, the city had 140 tyre companies.

For a long time, Cooper was not strongly represented outside the USA. This only changed in 1997 with its acquisition of the British company Avon Rubber.

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Our customer's opinions:
  • dziooon 4.2 111150

    Cooper Discoverer MS

    Very good tires for SUV 4x4, I bought them for BMW X5 E53 in rozm 255/55/18. I ride on them already three years in the third year of the winter, not the summer I changed - I drove a total of 65000 km and still a lot of tread. Boys in the vulcanization did not want to believe that three years is not removable. Snow outstanding - unnecessary chains, often leaving skiing in fairly rough terrain and never failed me. In dry conditions also excellent only need to be careful on wet roads can be slip in the rain and after the rain on wet wiemm that I have to slow down - at least safer. In addition, the tires very quiet and comfortable, definitely buy them again. More >
  • Bartek Cz. 3.5 111500

    Cooper Discoverer MS

    I am pleased with the tires. Well lead to dry. Wet a little worse, but without tragedy. Slightly watch out for slush, because they can unpleasant surprise. The snow kopnym are great. On slippery also behave decently. The tread deep and get a nice cleansing which gives quite good in the field. Tire relatively quiet, certainly much less it heard from MTków. Furthermore, it is possible to install spikes, so go up the ice. I do not judge because I wear a little on the chewing passed (for now look like new). It is a pity that there is no white letter, it is better to be presented at the car, but you can live without it;) More >
  • Olan Lynch 3.9 111500

    Cooper Weather-Master Si02

    The tire has 10600 mls on them, and they are still only half worn. I use the tires throughout the year in Ireland for the conduct of the country. I do not use in the snow / ice that we had not. But the rain that we have many year-round tire that is fantastic and you can trust him to run. The soft compound tire and model contributes to this and cut through the road surface rain easily without any hint of lost grip / aquaplaning. For the money, it proves that you do not have to pay more for a premium tire (which it is) More >
  • Tomo 4.5 111150

    Cooper Discoverer MS

    A very positive surprise for traction on slippery surfaces and deep drifts, I bought it with no prior experience with this brand and I am very pleased. The rough terrain is not moving but the tyrech not afraid to get off the asphalt, as opposed to my summer Bridgestone. There are also negatives - a large volume on the asphalt, even in relation to other winter tyres. But the price for this very nice size, and in relation to quality is quite a revelation. I would recommend, especially on the field, nieodśnieżone road. More >
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