The summer season for a tyre starts when the air temperature during the day exceeds 7ºC , from which point the tyres should be able to cope with changing conditions. Summer models have to perform not only on hot days, but also during heavy rain or spring snowmelt.

ADAC is one of the most respected automotive organizations that has been testing tyres for many years. The test results of independent organizations are widely commented on in the automotive environment and are often the primary source of information for drivers who plan to purchase a new set.

ADAC summer tyre tests are very popular.

Summer tyres, size 215/65 R16 are a very popular solution in many passenger cars and delivery vans, such as: summer tyres, size 215/65 R16.

Selection of tyres for a car is uncomplicated and does not require specialist knowledge. Simply check the tyre size on the fuel filler flap or vehicle manual.

Presented size can also be one of the alternatives. The models recommended by the manufacturer can be substituted. Use the tyre replacement calculator.


ADAC  test summer 2019 – 215/65 R16

Tyres with "satisfactory" rating:

1. Apollo Altrust (2,8)

2. Goodyear EfficientGrip Cargo (3,1)

3. Pirelli Carrier (3,1)

4. Nokian cLine (3,3)

5. Continental ContiVanContact 200 (3,4)

Tyres with "sufficient" rating

6. Maxxis Vansmart MCV3+ (3.7)

7. Kumho PorTran KC53 (3.8)

Tyres with "insufficient" rating

8. Falken Linam Van01 (4.6)

9. Uniroyal RainMax3 (4.6)

10. Michelin Agilis+ (4.9)

11. Fulda Conveo Tour 2 (5.0)

12. Nexen Roadian CT8 (5.0)

13. Sava Trenta 2 (5.0)

14. Semperit Van-Life 2 (5.1)

15. Hankook Vantra LT (5.5)

16. Kleber Transpro (5.5)

Five-point scale (1-5) of the ADAC rating, where "1" (very good) is the highest score.


The best summer tyres size 215/65 R16 according to the ADAC test:

1. Apollo Altrust

Apollo Altrust is an economy tyre from the Far East. It is no coincidence that it is on the list of tested tyres. The brand attracted attention by creating good quality products at very attractive prices.

Performance on dry surfaces: very high quality components ensure good grip and effective braking on dry surfaces.

Fuel consumption: the modern design guarantees reduced rolling resistance, which results in lower fuel consumption and savings.

Durability: Fully adapted to delivery vans, offering driving comfort and durability over long distances and while carrying heavy load.

A list of car manufacturers who cooperate  with the Apollo brand  includes Mercedes, Fiat, Audi and Volkswagen, can provide evidence of the tyre's class.


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2. Goodyear EfficientGrip Cargo

Goodyear EfficientGrip Cargo

The second place in the test was taken by the premium tyre Goodyear EfficientGrip Cargo. This is a proposal from one of the world's largest tyre manufacturers for commercial vehicle drivers.

Dry grip: the manufacturer ensures that the tyre is lightweight, durable and performs perfectly while driving on a bend. Immediate braking on dry and wet roads makes drivers feel safe.

Durability and low rolling resistance: the innovative compounding method makes the tyre durable and works perfectly even while carrying heavy loads. Reduced rolling resistance minimises combustion.

Goodyear also includes brands such as Debica, Fulda and Sava.


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3. Pirelli Carrier

Pirelli Carrier tread

The podium is crowned by the Pirelli Carrier, a tyre that is also of a higher class, which can be experienced especially when traveling long distances. It is a model that guarantees an unprecedented driving comfort.

Fuel consumption: the tyre has an optimised profile and uses the best quality materials for its construction, which reduces rolling resistance and reduces combustion.

Durability: the innovative design strengthens the tyre and extends its lifespan by up to 30%. Additional reinforcement and even pressure distribution ensure that the tread wears out slowly and evenly.

Pirelli is not just about tyres. One of the brand's most famous initiatives is the annual calendar. The most famous personalities from the world of fashion, film and pop culture take part in its realization.


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How to select the best tyres?

When buying a new set of tyres, check out some sources of information about the best tyres available for your car. In addition to tests carried out by independent organisations, it is also worth paying attention to the opinions of other drivers who drive the same car as yours or who have experience with tyres of the size you are interested in.

Only well-matched tyres guarantee safety.

ADAC - tyre tests and more

ADAC's activities are not limited to the organisation of tyre tests. ADAC is one of the largest automotive clubs in the world with 20 million drivers and motorcyclists. The main objectives of the institution are the control and promotion of road transport, motor sports and tourism, as well as the education of road users.

The ADAC structure is quite extensive and includes a publishing house that issues automotive magazines, atlases and maps.