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In our offer, we have 5 Riken tyre models
priced from £71 to £111.

Riken car tyres

Riken Road Performance
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From 75 £ pcs.
Riken All Season
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From 83 £ pcs.

Riken 4x4 tyres

Riken 701
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From 80 £ pcs.

Riken Van tyres

Riken CargoSpeed Evo
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From 71 £ pcs.
The history of the Japanese Riken tyre's producer dates back to the 1917. For more than 20 years brand is influenced by the world-renowned French manufacturer Michelin. The collaboration with such an experienced producer could not be unseen in the design process or production. The good quality of the brand's products makes the company one of the most appreciated companies producing economicclass tyre. The main advantage of the Riken tyre, as it should be, is the good quality price and quality ratio. You're welcome to acquaint with the producers offer.

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Our customers' opinions on Riken tyres:

  • Encelatus 4.0

    Riken SNOWTIME B2

    I have had Riken Snowtime B2 tyres from the beginning of the winter 2015/2016. Unfortunately there was not much opportunity this season to really test them (since there were not much of a true winter). These conditions gave the road feedback, unfortunately there's a visible tyre wear and they might not look very appealing. I believe that in a similar price you can buy Dayton tyres with the similar price. For me it's quite good to be use Riken Snowtime B2 for my second car. See more >
  • Driver 4.3

    Riken SNOWTIME

    When buying tires a little wondered whether to buy tires with a lower shelf, or also choose something with multigrade. I stated, however, that what winter tires are winter tires and was tempted to Rikken. For a while we had a lot of snow pads and at this point I convinced that it was a good choice. There were no problems at nieodśnieżone driving the road. There were also surprises when on the road zalegalo slush. Maybe they are more well-known brands at a much higher price. These tires but 100% does the job. And considering that winter can drive up to 30 thousand. km I am of the opinion that the purchase of these tires is a substantial saving, especially when replaced every two years. See more >