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Nokian Tyres

Nokian Tyres


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Nokian means safe driving and excellent performance in even the most difficult weather conditions. It was the company that launched the first ever winter tyre (Nokian Kelirengas) characterised by a thick-ribbed profile in 1934. Nokian winter tyres are famous all over the world due to their resistance to extremely low temperatures. Of course, they also produce a range of summer tyres and all-season tyres.

If you expect safety from your tyres and don't want to be limited by weather conditions, Nokian is the perfect solution for you. The company is renowned for its implementation and promotion of environmentally-friendly solutions so, if you care about the environment, Nokian is a great choice. Not only will you limit your consumption and emissions of harmful gases into the atmosphere, but you will also spend less on fuel.

Due to Finland's unique landscape and weather conditions, the company naturally conquered the market for specialised, industrial and forest tyres. The Nokian represents excellent durability and resistance to damage and wear. These are tyres you feel confident with, regardless of the surface type and condition, during everyday driving in the city and beyond.

Interesting facts:

Nokian has its own testing centre in Ivalo in Lapland, north of the Arctic Circle. It is the northernmost centre for testing tyres under winter conditions.

It's no accident that Nokian sounds similar to the name of the famous Finnish company Nokia. Both brands initially belonged to one company, from which Nokian split to form an independent company.

Nokian's head office is located in the small Finnish town of Nokia on the Nokianvirta River.
These tyres are manufactured not only in Finland, but also in Russia. The factory in St. Petersburg is one of the world's most modern tyre-producing factories.

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Opinions of our clients about Nokian tyres:

The opinions about Nokian tyres may help you choose the right model. Check what their clients think about them, who had the opportunity to test their performance on the road, economy and driving comfort.

  • Kamil 4.6

    Nokian Line 205/55 R16

    I bought a trip to Croatia, I thought there would be problems with them (Finnish tires, soft, rainwater in addition) nothing more wrong. The weather within 38-42C did not bother them a bit. Sure, they kept to the Croatian flourishes (aggressive riding). The return road (1800km) at once and at the time of reaching Poland naturally fell, the tires did not even feel the climate change. And during rainy days, something beautiful riding on these tires, certainty and guarantee that you have relative control over the car (you must not overdo it). After the city he chooses small holes (I have a sports suspension, very hard) but you know the terrain tires are not. In my opinion, one of the most More > important things is that with sharp bends I have control over the car, in other tires it's different, here I can really do it. Without a second thought I would buy it again (mother model amplified XL). Now I'm lurking for colds from the Finns.
  • Marcin 4.8

    Nokian iLine 215/65 R15

    Hi, I bought a new tire, the absence of any opinion some concerns about its handling characteristics, but unfounded. Tire great road holding, is very quiet. Curves is a pleasure, control of the car in every respect, stick to the track like clockwork. Inhibition of the most surprised me, the car is in a flash, in the rain I was also surprised at its effectiveness, as if peeking is not raining. ABS after the establishment of these tires took a long vacation. Car ran over several routes 200-300 km without any change in driving. Some car running at 140km / h and above, hehe, to the previous tires were gone so colorful, no vibration or other this type of behavior. Rolling resistance on big plus More > combustion dropped by my calculations about 1.2L, compares them with the tires Kleber Dynaxer HP2 to lose utterly in every respect. When starting bravely drive the car despite the 190 horses .Bardzo nicely suppress inequality and even when it rains too much they can not hear. I recommend it heartily to the large vehicle that is Espace .. And to this very nice look alloy in the hearts :)
  • Łukasz 4.5

    Nokian Line 195/60 R15

    The tires from the very beginning made a very good impression and driving experience. The tire gives the impression of a very soft and flexible, which significantly influenced the comfort of driving. Wet driving without any reservations for now. As for aquaplaning, I did not have the opportunity to drive in a state of total cloudburst with a thick layer of water on the road, but with typical summer storms, there is no charge. So far, one season of use is not enough to assess durability and failure rate. More >
  • Mirosław 5.0

    Nokian iLine 205/55 R16

    Slightly apprehensively I approached these tires, in the end it kind of cheaper version, so somewhere must be a catch. My positive disillusionment began when replacing tires - vulcanizer pulled weights of alusów one after the other (for winter tyres of bush was a lot of them). Ilin Nokian tire is well balanced! Another plus is the grip in the corners - so far not managed to launch the ESP. It's quiet, and at the same time response of the car to turn is good. As a former user of tires bush highly recommend it - it's just a few pounds difference in price, and the quality is not to compare. More >