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Ovation Car tyres

Ovation VI-682

35 reviews

From 35 £ pc.
Ovation tyres are products which very quickly gain more and more tyre markets around the world. When designing and producing tyres the Ovation brand pays special attention to the safety parameters, comfort and of course ecology. Ovation tyres is the ideal equipment for drivers who appreciate the quiet ride, without noise or excessive fuel consumption. This characteristic makes the Ovation tyres more and more popular. Check out our range of products with Ovation logo and see the performance of this tyre.

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Our customers' opinions on Ovation tyres:

  • Krzysztof 3.5

    Ovation VI-388

    The tyres are great on dry surface. They grip very well. On the wet they are not the best. But for the price you can't gamble. I liked the look of them. The issue I had was that the front tyres wore in the middle faster then on the edges. I am sure they were not overinflated as I checked few times. The rear once are still going strong and now is over 20000 miles on them See more >
  • Alessandro Di Renzo 4.3

    Ovation VI-682

    Salve..è the second time you purchase ovation tires and I can be said to be very satisfied of the purchase and the seriousness of rubber Oponeo.Questa has a soft compound semi el 'I found it very handsome in situations of dry asphalt. .even the wet is very effective, fortification watch the same drawing design rubber. Certainly this tire in value for money deserves a nice 9 me.ciao alex See more >