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Ovation Tyres

Ovation Tyres

Manufacturer's rating
based on 237 reviews
Ovation tyres are products which very quickly gain more and more tyre markets around the world. When designing and producing tyres the Ovation brand pays special attention to the safety parameters, comfort and of course ecology. Ovation tyres is the ideal equipment for drivers who appreciate the quiet ride, without noise or excessive fuel consumption. This characteristic makes the Ovation tyres more and more popular. Check out our range of products with Ovation logo and see the performance of this tyre.

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Opinions of our clients about Ovation tyres:

The opinions about Ovation tyres may help you choose the right model. Check what their clients think about them, who had the opportunity to test their performance on the road, economy and driving comfort.

  • nick oliver 4.8

    Ovation VI-388 215/45 R17

    With these tires I am very well, they give me comfort and they last so much cheaper. The only bad thing is that year protection on the sides so you have to be very careful to platforms, if you touch them the subisco tires of sguarci which in all cases shall not affect the sicherezza. I'm really happy. More >
  • Alessandro Di Renzo 4.3

    Ovation VI-682 175/65 R14

    Salve..è the second time you purchase ovation tires and I can be said to be very satisfied of the purchase and the seriousness of rubber Oponeo.Questa has a soft compound semi el 'I found it very handsome in situations of dry asphalt. .even the wet is very effective, fortification watch the same drawing design rubber. Certainly this tire in value for money deserves a nice 9 me.ciao alex More >
  • jazma 4.6

    Ovation VI-388 215/55 R16

    I bought the tires when buying a car. Encouraged me positive comments - still auto przejeździło 2 seasons on these tires - mostly 100-150km route, twice a year after 600-800km trip one-way on the S-hands and highways. I had a choice - more expensive branded 205, possibly cheaper 'Chinese' 215. I decided on 215 Ovation - I would recommend this choice to anyone !!! I see no difference in the quality and durability (winter tires have FULDA - currently 3 season) with branded tires. Auto leads confident, stable, and the tires in large sun and the rain never even led to the temporary operation of electronics. Consumption after two seasons imperceptible !!! The appearance of More > the tire is great. The only negative I noticed is perhaps the smell of rubber as reached, which always appears well after the winter, how can I throw her into the car to exchange ... so typical 'Chinese sneakers' - but every day it does not smell the :)
  • RYPSZTYK 4.3

    Ovation VI-682 185/55 R14

    So far I picked branded tires with a higher shelf. I am an advocate of buying new tires, never used did not interest me. After reading many interesting and compelling opinions, I decided to buy a cheaper tire OVATION I was apprehensive about the QUALITY, DURABILITY but after driving 1800 km I can say that these tires are not different from the tire brand and their price is a knockout. Wear can not be seen, on a dry surface behave BDB, wet perform well only when aggressive driving cornering slightly uślizgują. Besides, I would definitely recommend! More >
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