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Gislaved Tyres

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Gislaved is a Swedish tyre brand which is known for its specialized production of tyres which offer safety on snowy and icy roads. Please find Gislaved tyres in our catalogue for winter and summer tyres of great quality. Gislaved tyres are nothing short of Scandinavian quality. The brand's products are manufactured based on the most advanced technologies. In our broad catalogue we offer Gislaved tyres intended for various types of cars. We have tyres to suit everyone's needs. Please see our offer for more details.

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Our Customers Tyre Reviews:
  • Marek 4.2 111150

    Gislaved SPEED 506

    I bought babydoll 4 pieces. due to the relatively low price compared to the Leela., and what it turned out very good zachownie and grip on dry nawieżchni, very good behavior and grip on wet nawieżchni here that can honestly boast Clincher, did not expect that it'll be up to this degree satisfied. Beautiful running at 240km / h cichutka, soft rubber, riding very aggressively and need a tyre that stood up to the task. Frequent and powerful braking, aggressive acceleration, cornering with a squeal, etc, and very slowly wanes bieżniczka :-). I highly recommend this tyre "Gislaved Speed ​​506" This is really a good choice, you wont be dissapointed. More >
  • Piotrek 4.6 111150

    Gislaved SPEED 606

    I would recommend to anyone these tires've done them 70,000 thousand / km and tread has been around 3mm, the tire has a wonderful notched tread as the rain super-August Glues road, I'm talking about normal speeds of up to 160 and the gaps to 100 and dry themselves sprawdzicie zresza very much it gives too What car on these tires drivin because not every all tires fit greet all those who like to quickly and safely to your destination because they should have a good slippers More >
  • W.Tom 4.4 111150

    Gislaved Ultra Speed

    After driving 20 000 km tires are in perfect condition - very well behave on wet and dry roads. Gislawed did a good job anyway previous models were also excellent. Solid tires made in Germany (although the Swedish company and łyknięta by Continental). Neither rain nor high temperatures do not make them feel just wants to ride. Compared to Pirelli P7 Cinturato are much safer, and the price is lower. I bought them with the choice because the company had previously Gislaved to deal with, the P7 is a failure. Great tires for a good price. More >
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