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Gislaved Tyres

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Gislaved is a Swedish tyre brand which is known for its specialized production of tyres which offer safety on snowy and icy roads. Please find Gislaved tyres in our catalogue for winter and summer tyres of great quality. Gislaved tyres are nothing short of Scandinavian quality. The brand's products are manufactured based on the most advanced technologies. In our broad catalogue we offer Gislaved tyres intended for various types of cars. We have tyres to suit everyone's needs. Please see our offer for more details.

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Our customer's opinions:
  • TripleX 4.6 111150

    Gislaved EURO*FROST 5

    The tyre provides great grip on snow. IN the mountains where there is plenty of snow there was no problem to drive, no grip lose or something. Out of the city when driving on snow the grip is really satisfying, like the tyre was sticked to the ground. On dry the noise is almost unhearable which I cannot say about other makes I've had. The grip on wet is also great, water draining is on highest level. WHen driving into the puddle there was no problem with the control and steering, of course if it was done with normal speed. IN general the tyre is great, I've bought them new and I'm pleased. More >
  • Rafał 4.2 111150

    Gislaved EURO*FROST 3 SILICA

    In comparison to the previously held brand tyres Fulda Gravitio Cristal is great. The high silicon content (say after touching the surface tyres) definitely helps. I travel a lot and I did not want to spend the assets on the tyres so I bought a cheaper tyre targeted towards: better 4 new - cheap than 2 new - expensive + 2 old. And that's when the shock! Because Fulda and they praised themselves in any way they do not disappear and even I think are better. does not say precisely in what respects because I had to ride a little on fuldach again and I do not like. PS do not put 6 because I have too little knowledge about other tyres that can be better. More >
  • Andik 4.2 111150

    Gislaved EURO*FROST 2

    Very good tyre, do not believe in the opinions of members of 1000 km! Despite several winters, tyre condition very good, service is not believed that drove so much and yet I bought tyres from them! I never have failed, compared with Polish or Barumami the class better. Quiet, safe, very good tyres. Previously, I had a Pirelli and I do not think Gislaved is worse! I would recommend to everyone! More >
  • michu 4.2 111150

    Gislaved EURO*FROST 2

    Long thought about buying, but I took these. Pirelli brother bought then and no ..... sorry :) great for snow and ice, and this year that was and still is the mass. Get out of any drifts. Up to 140 km / h in fairly quiet (compared to winter tyres), then the noise begins, but the charm of all tyres of this kind. I noticed after the winter wear. Someone said before that if the tyres are the Scandinavians and was 100% right. Definitely buy another tyre of the company (of course, Winter). More >
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