Imperial RF07

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205/80 R16 104 S XL

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Product description
Product description

Imperial RF07

Type: Summer tyre

Class: Economy — balanced performance at prices affordable for every driver

Intended use: Passenger cars and 4-wheel drive off-road vehicles

Tread Block design — connected grooves are extremely efficient at removing excess water and impurities

Size: 16 inches.

Imperial RF07 is the perfect companion both in the city and off-road. The model was created in consultation with real drivers, in response to real the needs of the market. They are produced in one of the most modern plants in the world, with the technological support of Deldo group.

The tread of RF07 consists of a distinctive system of independent blocks and connected circumferential grooves. This unique solution provides superb performance on wet roads. The wide space responsible for removing water is efficient, even during the most intense rainfall.

Tread blocks are provided with a system of transverse incisions that improve tyre flexibility. They enable the tyre to smoothly extend or shrink, depending on the prevailing weather. Open side walls support the self-cleaning system, preventing the blockage of channels.

SUVs belong to an extremely demanding market segment. Their tyres must be ready for heavy loads and must maintain their performance during dynamic maneuvers. The reinforced central belt and stabilised side walls make the Imperial RF07 perfect for diverse terrain, protecting the tyre against damage or excessive wear.

Its excellent vibration damping is the result of using a modern rubber blend, which smoothly adapts to road conditions. It ensures comfortable travel, even in extremely unfavourable conditions.

Enjoy the full power of your SUV and drive the way you like with Imperial RF07!

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Manufacturer Info: Imperial is a brand owned by Deldo, a well-known Belgian company. The support of the market giant allowed this young manufacturer to reach global markets. Imperial strives to balance customer requirements with high-class solutions (advanced technologies, the best materials) with the demand for products at attractive prices. The company offer includes widely appreciated winter tyres like Snowdragon, summer series such as RF and sporty models like Ecosport.

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Available options in size 205/80 R16
16" 1 available option
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Delivery 2 working days

57 £

Imperial RF07 Tyre warranty

  • The manufacturer ensures good quality and efficient operation of its tires when used as intended,
  • The warranty period is 2 years and is calculated from the date of purchase of the product,
  • The warranty covers defects related to workmanship, materials or structure,
  • In the event of an accepted complaint, the tire will become the property of the manufacturer, and you will receive new goods or compensation in an amount depending on the degree of wear of the advertised tire.