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Recommended tyres summer tyres Imperial

Imperial Ecosport

428 reviews

From 65 £ pcs.
Imperial Ecosport 2

41 reviews

From 44 £ pcs.
Imperial Ecodriver 4

6 reviews

From 36 £ pcs.

In our offer, we have 7 Imperial tyre models
priced from £36 to £78.

Imperial car tyres

Imperial Ecodriver 5

5 reviews

From 53 £ pcs.

Imperial 4x4 tyres

Imperial RF07
From 61 £ pcs.
Imperial Ecosport SUV

7 reviews

From 66 £ pcs.

Imperial Van tyres

Imperial Ecovan 3
From 65 £ pcs.

Our customers' opinions on Imperial tyres:

  • James 4.4

    Imperial Ecosport 2

    These are great budget/intermediate tyres and I’ve had these on my vehicle now since 2020 as the car came with these tyres on brand new when I purchased it and I’ve just replaced all 4 tyres again after doing 30,000 miles on them and this is why I’ve bought them again, as I have been impressed with them for all types of driving in dry and wet. See more >
  • Dany Sekus 4.7

    Imperial Ecosport

    This tire is made for people who do not want to pay for money in Bonco for tires of the same class as Michelin, Brigdestone, etc. They cost huge amounts ranging from 600 up to 1,100 zlotys per tire, and I have the whole set for the equivalent of one tire. Maybe they are clashing faster, maybe they are of inferior quality, I know that they have a B class on wet and rolling resistance C, but these tires are really worth recommending! See more >
  • Michał 4.5

    Imperial Ecodriver 3

    The tyres are on a 4x4 fork, i haven't done many miles on them yet and they are my first tyres on this car so i don't have a comparison, but they are quiet, the tread doesn't disappear in a flash like on the dunlops i have on my other car. My opinion is that it is not worth overpaying for a brand, i recommend imperials, and i will also buy imperials for my second car in spring, because there is nothing better at this price! See more >
  • Zayac 4.4

    Imperial Ecodriver 2

    The biggest advantage of these tires is in my opinion good value for money. Adhesion is their biggest advantage. Even at very high speeds on the highway, the car probably holds the road. Well hold on to the road even in the wet nawierzchni.Doskonały choice for drivers not riding aggressively or moving around the city. See more >