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Hifly recommended tyres

Hifly HF 805

33 reviews

From 46 £ pcs.
Hifly HF 201

8 reviews

From 33 £ pcs.

In our offer, we have 10 Hifly tyre models
priced from £33 to £120.

Hifly car tyres

Hifly ALL-TURI 221

7 reviews

From 56 £ pcs.
Hifly Win-Turi 212

8 reviews

From 66 £ pcs.

Hifly 4x4 tyres

Hifly HP801 SUV

5 reviews

From 63 £ pcs.
Hifly AT 601
From 73 £ pcs.
Hifly HT 601 SUV

2 reviews

From 75 £ pcs.
Hifly MT 601
No image
From 101 £ pcs.

Hifly Van tyres

Hifly SUPER 2000

10 reviews

From 38 £ pcs.
Hifly All-Transit

1 review

From 70 £ pcs.
Hifly is an independent tyre brand which is characterised by its high level of workmanship and whose products are available for a price which does not damage your finances. They are a good choice for drivers seeking budget solutions while still wanting optimal driving parameters (safety and comfort in particular). Hifly tyres are manufactured using advanced technology and the best quality materials. In our rich offer please see Hifly tyres intended for various cars. See our offer for more details on Hifly tyres.

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Our customers' opinions on Hifly tyres:

  • David 4.3

    Hifly HF 805

    Very good tires, I trust the comments to buy this brand and they were right, they go very well both dry and wet without noise or anything of that style, with a very well designed drawing for wet that helps a great grip, that does not have nothing to envy to the tires of other brands of higher prices, and with a very good durability and a very progressive wear and equally on the whole tire, highly recommended by this brand in any measure. See more >
  • Janko 3.9

    Hifly Win-Turi 212

    Very good tyres. They provide safety on the road and despite the fact that they belong to budget segment, I find them better than many premium products. The price is very reasonable. The tyres are doing well in all-weather conditions, I can’t complain. I would recommend these tyres to people who appreciate not only money but also comfort and safety! See more >
  • John 5.0

    Hifly HF 805

    I promised to report, a few days ago I put Hifly tyres again. I was worried there would be balancing problems, but unnecessarily. In the fitting station everything went quickly and efficiently, without any problems. After driving the first meters, I noticed small steering vibrations at a speed of over 100km / h, but after a few kilometers everything normalized and again the silence inside and peace on the steering wheel. Yesterday I had a fairly fast route in the rain, all without any problems. I've already done a total of over 10,000km on this tyres and all tread is still around 7.5mm. Revelation! I will never buy used tyresor expensive new ones. To be honest, I had one failure. I grabbed See more > some screw somewhere, but I was able to path it.