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Avon Tyres

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Originally from the UK, the first Avon models appeared in the late 19th century, although the brand became part of the American Cooper tyres company in 1997.
Since 2000, Avon tyres have been highly involved in motorsports, such as the F2000 championships in the US. Avon car tyres are valued for their high performance. Even today, you can find an Avon tyre fitted as standard on numerous luxury car ranges, including Aston Martin, Bentley, Land Rover, Jaguar, Morgan and Rolls-Royce.
Whether you choose summer or winter products, Avon tyres represent a brand you can count on for high quality every time.

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Our customer's opinions:
  • Neil 4.3 111150

    Avon Ice Touring

    Drive approximately 13000 miles per year, I have found i get approximately 8000 miles or 7 months on the fronts without bothering to swap, the rears just keep going, perhaps 18 months. I use my Kangoo Car Estate as a van and it sits quite low due to the load, ( Not excessive load) I have had approximately 3 full sets and find these tyres good in summer and winter, especially in the wet. ( I have also tried continental eco contact 3 xl on the front and they are complete rubbish - 5000 miles and down to the wire ) I have found the Avons are excellent value and its better to already have them on when it gets cold or wet as opposed to wishing you had them on when it gets cold. More >
  • Pav 3.7 111500

    Avon Ice Touring ST

    The snow tyre works very well, holding on to the road, never buried, what happened to me with the previous tyres. On dry or wet pavement when the temperature fluctuates 7-8 degrees cos color does not feel confident users of other on the turns at higher speeds. But overall grip is fine. The advantage is a small abrasion tyres, I drove on it about 7 thousand km, riding aggressively and it seems to me that the tread is not disappeared. I have a BMW e46, 2 liters, 185 hp. More >
  • TDS 3.8 111500

    Avon ZZ3

    Great Price for a solid tyre. The price is what made me go for the ZZ3 other another tyre. Having non run flats is a great improvement. It's a very good looking tyre. Minis are very harsh on road surfaces anyway and continued to be with the ZZ3. I find cornering is a bit unsteady at high speeds even with improved bushes. Never given me any problems in the wet. Best feature is under heavy breaking. They perform very well. My driving style is hard and fast. More >
  • SLD 4.6 111150

    Avon Ice Touring ST

    Running chipped GTDwith 240 bhp and 500nm torque makes even standard tyres squirm but was really pleased with tyre have done 5000 miles and only taken 2mm. Conti sport contact 2 took 3,5 for same. Only normally get 10K miles on front on summer/all weather. Suspect these will do 10K and still have more than 3mm. Impact high speed pothole hard enough to bend the outside face of alloy by 10mm tyre remained inflated with no visible damage to tyre. More >
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