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BFGoodrich Tyres

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The history of BFGoodrich dates back to 1870. Back then, Dr Benjamin Franklin Goodrich had set up the first rubber plant in the North America. After about 30 years, a car equipped with BFGoodrich tyres went across the entire United States.

In 1937, the company had worked out the technology of producing synthetic rubber. In time of the II world war the company has supplied the army with the tyres. BFGoodrich tyres were used in the legendary Willys Jeep. In 1977 the tyres of BF Goodrich were included in the equipment of the Columbia space shuttle.

The success in numerous races and competitions has been an inevitable element of the company’s history. In 2006, BFGoodrich won all the stages of the WRC competition. In addition, teams equipped in BFGoodrich’s have won 6 times in The Dakar.

The company offers passenger car tyres and 4x4 tyres, which belong to the medium class.

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Opinions of our clients about BFGoodrich tyres:

The opinions about BFGoodrich tyres may help you choose the right model. Check what their clients think about them, who had the opportunity to test their performance on the road, economy and driving comfort.

  • Andrzej Słupsk 4.6

    BFGoodrich G-Grip 205/55 R16

    I am truly satisfied with the purchase of these tyres. I don't drive very fast but sometimes I am in a hurry so I always buy good tyres. These tyres work very well on all road surfaces. I have never managed to put the car into a skid during normal driving in traffic. After the first season, the tread is still really high - higher than I expected. The only downside is that these tyres are noisy - noticeably louder than all the ones I've had so far. More >
  • Mirek 5.0

    BFGoodrich G-Grip 185/65 R14

    BFGoodrich tire sensational on both dry and wet roads. After driving 13 thousand km. tire looks like new despite the fact that approximately 4 km a day before I drive szutrówką get to the main road. In the second car, which, however, have Goodyera rubs excessively so next season to my A4 will go for the new BFGoodrich summer. I would recommend to anyone. More >
  • AD. 5.0

    BFGoodrich G-Grip 195/55 R16

    I bought the tyres after analysing the opinions of other users, the labelling on the manufacturer's website, the professional tests carried out on different tyres (published on the internet). The choice was a conscious one. Definitely, the tyres behave very well on both dry and wet surfaces: confident starting and braking. Appearance is purely subjective, durability after 12,000 km - seems satisfactory.The greatest assets of these tyres are rolling resistance and noise. Noticeably lower than my previous tyres, and I have ridden on tyres from various manufacturers - after replacing the tyres, the fuel consumption dropped by about 13% I decided not to go for cheaper tyres, and was convinced More > by the braking tests on various surfaces carried out on different tyre brands (including Chinese). Life is worth much more than the few coins more spent on quality tyres, which are our (the car's) contact with the road and cannot fail even in the most extreme situations.
  • Piotrek 4.6

    BFGoodrich G-Grip 195/50 R15

    Despite their hard sidewalls, which give them excellent grip in corners, the tyres are quite comfortable. In addition, while in the dry I would like even more although they are really great, in the wet they lack exactly nothing! I was driving on the motorway in a downpour with most drivers in the right lane and calmly 90-100 I was doing 150 and the tyres had no tendency to float. Another time I had a cloudburst in a city I did not know, despite the floating roadway, the only thing I had to fight with was visibility, because there was so much water from the cloud or fountains from under my wheels. So on the water they are a real marvel. As for the wear, I've got about 17-18 thousand miles on More > them and so far they're draining like new, because it poured again recently on the motorway and I didn't have to slow down.
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