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BFGoodrich Tyres

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The history of BFGoodrich dates back to 1870. Back then, Dr Benjamin Franklin Goodrich had set up the first rubber plant in the North America. After about 30 years, a car equipped with BFGoodrich tyres went across the entire United States.

In 1937, the company had worked out the technology of producing synthetic rubber. In time of the II world war the company has supplied the army with the tyres. BFGoodrich tyres were used in the legendary Willys Jeep. In 1977 the tyres of BF Goodrich were included in the equipment of the Columbia space shuttle.

The success in numerous races and competitions has been an inevitable element of the company’s history. In 2006, BFGoodrich won all the stages of the WRC competition. In addition, teams equipped in BFGoodrich’s have won 6 times in The Dakar.

The company offers passenger car tyres and 4x4 tyres, which belong to the medium class.

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History of the brand BFGoodrich

The logo of BFGoodrich tyre brand The story of BFGoodrich begins in 1870 in the town of Akron, Ohio, where Dr Benjamin Franklin Goodrich, a military surgeon from the time of the civil war, set up North America’s first rubber factory together with a small laboratory. In the following decade the factory produced its first car tyre. In honour of its founder, who died in 1888, the firm took the name BFGoodrich Rubber Company. In 1896, at the request of the Winton Automobile Company of Cleveland, the factory gained an order for the production of tyres for the new Winton car, which was manufactured in small numbers. Seven years later the first car to cross the whole of the United States did so on BFGoodrich tyres. BFGoodrich was helped on its journey to the bigtime by the dynamic expansion of the motor industry concentrated around Detroit. Factories in the newly developing “Motown” were the main customers for BFG products. In 1903 Henry Ford chose that brand of tyres for his première Model A.   One of the first BFGoodrich adverts BFGoodrich crosses the Atlantic BFGoodrich`s car BFGoodrich’s bosses soon decided to extend their influence to the European market, and in 1910 opened their first tyre production plant on the other side of the ocean, in Colombes near Paris. The ... Read more >

Our customer's opinions:
  • Tymitunieten 4.5 111150

    BFGoodrich G-Grip

    At the beginning of improve in some additional information :). I Opel Omega A 2.0 l Drive to the rear, and these tires are mounted on the back. Driving style-like going alone, that I like to go crazy: D Place of use-periphery of the city, mainly the route. surface-any kind. Tires at the beginning is quite loud, ie above 80 km / h to hum as the hub bearing was replaced. This disadvantage disappears somewhere after driving about 3000km. I bought it in the winter and I have to say that on the slippery surface of the handle well. emphasize that no tire will not be good for snow or ice on irrelevance to the driving speed :) :). Tires react the same on wet or dry surfaces. Not yet happened to me More > on one skid. Sometimes feel some resistance, as would be going against the wind was going.
  • Gregor, Gdańsk 4.2 111150

    BFGoodrich Winter 2 T/A

    Excellent tyres. Przejeździłem them one winter and I am very pleased. Particularly contributed to a typical Polish weather, when to change it snows and melts during the day is mud and snow and puddles. Wide tread grooves well absorb and disperse all out. The same is true of the puddles on the roadside - do not hold back with the car when driving by at 50 km / h - 70 km / h and did not complain. snow, especially fresh, not compacted, it gives a sense of how such a good grip on wet roads. You can do well revel in the snow-covered parking lot at the supermarket: D As much as it was a pity to change the summer when spring came ;) But as winter tyres are quite booming especially at higher speeds More > of 100 km / h and feel no more rolling resistance for the summer (although , the year I have size 165, Goodyear GT3). Of course, it is associated with better traction softer tyres. I highly recommend winter tyres BFGoodrich brand winter2. Price also affordable!
  • Piotrek 4.6 111150

    BFGoodrich G-Grip

    Tires despite the hard sides thanks to a perfectly cling to the corners are quite comfortable. In addition, if in the dry I want more even though they are really great, so much in the wet is not exactly lacking in nothing! I was driving on the highway in a downpour most drivers right lane and calmly 90-100 I flew 150 and the tires do not have a tendency to swim. On another occasion I had a cloudburst in the city I did not know, despite the floating roadway only what I had to fight this visibility because so much water from the cloud or the fountain from under my wheels. So on the water are really a revelation. What to wear them around my 17-18tys and disperse water far as new because More > recently again lalo on the highway and I had to slow down.
  • jacenty 4.2 111150

    BFGoodrich Winter G

    tyres giving ample supply of product SAFETY, a ride in all conditions (except the ice because that's probably just spikes). Today I tested in the mountains. Wet slushy snow, fresh deep snow - amazing string, leaving from every deep snow and even drove in a snowdrift (height 40 cm of snow) to check and easily auto ryszyło. On the icy surface covered with a thin layer of sniego sure and safe riding within reason (ie, up to about 70 km / h with no sudden movements and gentle handling of the wheel gave accelerate and brake the car not wearing). The rain water dissipates from the tyres without slipping and lateral slippage on dry rewelka, very quiet (which can be up to this tyres to 190 km / More > h). What to wear to a little distance, I'll review later. For the price I highly recommend.
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