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Our customers' opinions on Fulda tyres:

  • Piotr 4.2

    Fulda SportControl

    I have been using this manufacturer's tires for over 10 years. I have several vehicles and everyone is standing only on Fulda tires. Very important - that the country of production would be every other country but not Poland, unfortunately, but those produced in our country are of lower quality. Tires only in the morning, then we will be calmer about the rims of the rims greetings. See more >
  • Dariusz Jurek 4.1

    Fulda EcoControl

    The tire is extremely soft, gives a decent ride comfort even with a car such as Panda :-). Well suppresses inequalities and, surprisingly, moderately quiet on a dry surface, on a wet surface it may be a bit louder, but it is not a premium tire. I drove almost 15,000 km, mostly around the city, and did not notice any excessive tread wear. As in the city, it is impossible to avoid all the holes in the road, it withstands these inconveniences, the lack of wear of the tire's cord, no tumors or cracks. I think it is a decent tire with good parameters and a reasonable price. I would recommend. See more >
  • Maćko 4.8


    Tires recommendable. Ideally, they stick to the road. I failed not once lose traction and rear wheel drive it is easy to lose. The tires are hard and feel all the bumps on the road, but with a hardness not see signs of wear rubber. Despite the hardness of the tire, I would recommend because it is one of the safest tires on which I rode. See more >
  • Viki 4.4

    Fulda SportControl

    I've had Yokohama previously in this size and comparing to Fulda SportControl , the Fulda SportControl tyre is way better. Despite the fact tha i"ve only made few thousand miles on them so far I'm satisfied. After making about 100 miles they aadjusted to my tracking and the ground and the grip is perfect. I cannot rate wet grip because I didn;t have a chance to use them in the rain. Those tyres are quiet and good, also they are good in suppressing uneven ground. Also OPONEO is a great shop . I've purchased Fulda SportControl after getting the recommendation from the consultant.Prompt delivery and those tyres are fresh, because the DOT is from the beginning of 2016. Good proce for great See more > quality!!