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Bridgestone Turanza ER300

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D B B 71 dB
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£ / pc. 76
Rating: Good 622 reviews

Bridgestone Turanza ER300 features

Bridgestone ER300 is a premium class summer tyre for passenger cars, which drivers value confidence in driving in difficult conditions and in high velocities. It was equipped with big variety of solutions, which guarantee safe, comfortable ride. The tyre performs perfectly on dry surface, providing best handling and full control over the vehicle even in high velocities. Smooth system of water removal provides good grip on the wet surface, which, in summer, can surprise the driver. Thanks to this tyre both the driver and the passengers can feel confident in different conditions. Bridgestone ER300, thanks to smart tread shape, provides quiet and safe ride. The model was designed for muting the noise, which can lead to serious discomfort.

The side of the tyre and flange modernisation provide quiet drive reduce vibrations. The tyre performs excellent on dry surface, even in high velocity. Acoustic solutions, apart from reducing noise and vibrations, provide also good handling and grip. Bridgestone ER300 performs well also in wet conditions, thanks to efficient system of water removal.

Thanks to proper modification of tread blocks and introducing safe circumferential grooves, the water is effectively removed from the tyre surface, which reduces the risk of aquaplaning and losing control over the vehicle. Bridgestone ER300, with big variety of features in terms of safety and comfort, provides also long term exploitation period. The durability is achieved thanks to rubber compound with high amount of silica and additional component, which has positive effect on the durability. Thanks to this the tyre wears even, providing high level of safety and comfort.

Bridgestone is an Asian concern, which exists since 1931. To this concern belong 100 companies all over the world, in which, apart from own brand, tyres such as: Firestone, Road King, Seiberling, Peerless, Dayton and Gilette are manufactured. Bridgestone specialises in premium class tyres with the best parameters and perfect quality in all weather conditions on different road surfaces.

Bridgestone Turanza ER300 reviews

Summary: 3.8 Summary: Overall rating is a weighted average of individual performance, not the arithmetic mean. Some of a tyre’s features have a greater impact on the overall assessment, while some will have a lesser impact. 622 reviews

  • Costs: Influence of the tyre on car running costs. 3.7
  • Comfort: Influence of the tyre on driving comfort. 3.8
  • Drivability: Influence of the tyre on drivability. 4.2

622 customers have rated this tyre

  • 5 44 people
  • 4 339 people
  • 3 227 people
  • 2 9 people
  • 1 3 people

90% of users recommend this tyre


We have been collecting information about this tyre for 6597 days. In that time we have received 622 reviews.
The total distance driven by our customers is 8919000 miles.

The highest rated parameter is: the grip on a dry surface.

This tyre was reviewed by users driving usually in the city.

This tyre was reviewed by drivers who assess their driving style as moderate.

Latest Reviews:

Reviews per page:

  • Opinion from outside the UK user: Sorcerer

    Size: 185/60 R14

    Rating: 4.2
    I'm not a person who gets delighted with differences and the things they have. I thought about bying new summer tyres for a long time, I looked through ADAC tests, Auto Express, boards, discussion groups, etc. I hesitated for very long (because Bridgestone Turanza ER300s weren't cheap in comparison to other tyres [such as Uniroyals which I almost bought]) but because of the fact that I appreciate high safety level and I am careful, that I decided to spend more money and buy them... and I really don't regret it! Of course, I bought the whole set and do not regret the money spent on it, in my opinion they are the best tyres I've been using in the summer. On dry they grip as if the car was glued, on wet it's really difficult for me (especially in the city) to make ABS work when braking, water from big puddels is sensationally drained (of course, to reasonable extent), I feel really safe in the rain and finally have complete control over what I am doing :-) When it comes to comfort and noise level, they are averagely quiet when you drive slowly (so the'y not so sensational), but at high speeds above 85-90 MPH it is very good, so overall it's fine. The appearance is average (not bad, it's just normal, it doesn't look sporty or badly but they have to provide grip, not look good! And don't assess them by looks, they're worth buying because of the quality, not the appearance!) but I'm not complaining. To sum up, I sincerely recommend Bridgestone Turanza ER300 (really, don't hesitate, if you have the will to spend a few more pounds, then it's worth to get the Turanzas). Finally, I know (I mainly bought these tyres because of the rain, and poor condition of roads with big puddles) that the car grips the road (I repeat, to reasonable extent, because there are people who say they go over 80 MPH in the rain and they will, until something happens...). I recommend to anyone that cares about the safety of themselves and others!

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  • Opinion from outside the UK user: Walter

    Size: 185/60 R14

    Rating: 4.2
    I bought these tyres basing on ADAC test results and reviews written on this website and I'm not disappointed. Bridgestone Turanza ER300s are very good tyres, and certainly the best I've ever driven on. On dry the car goes like it was glued, on wet it's cool, I tried emergency braking after rainfall and I was surprised by the grip. Also, they are very comfortable, bumps became less annoying, balancing is no problem, no vibrations on the steering wheel, no "nervousness" in handling even at high speeds, quiet (it's a relief after driving on factory Matadors when it comes to noise level and driving comfort), however I don't know if after a certain distance done they have'nt become a little bit louder, than in the moment they were new, but still can't complain about the noise. It's hard for me to say something more about abrasion, because it's the first season I've been using these tyres, but I didn't notice any excessive wear, but on the other hand I don't expect an extraordinary life span, because I think it is impossible to combine sensational grip with minimal abrasion. I chose the grip. Cons - I think there aren't any. I find the opinions about the appearance far from true - rounded sides? Every tyre has rounded sides, more or less, this one maybe has a little more rounded ones, but I like it (a matter of personal taste), and besides, I don't think it's the most important feature of the tyre. I recommend.

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  • Opinion from outside the UK user: Jacob

    Size: 205/55 R16

    Rating: 4.2
    Bridgestone Turanza ER300s are great tyres, but in my car they have one major drawback (I know that in Audi A6 the situation is similar because I read one user's comment) - the edge parts of the tyres wear faster than the whole. I checked the alignment and everything is perfect, but the outside bar has wear indexes already visible (and the central grooves still have about 7 mm depth). Perhaps it is because of the fact that in my model the standard size was 195/65R15. I'd have to check it because form 2003, when the facelifted Volvo V70 appeared on the market, 205/55R16 tyres were fitted and alignment settings might have been slightly altered. generally, it's a great tyre. I drive a lot and fast. Before I bought them, I read a lot of different comments, and decided to get the Bridgestones. In dry conditions they are sensational, not too loud, not too soft, not too hard, they finely match the suspension of the Volvo. When it comes to performance on wet, it is also difficult to complain about them, because in spite of my fast driving, I never managed to "overdo" with speed. I rated their abrasion at 4, because of these worn sides, but if it wore evenly, it would be 5, or maybe 6. I recommend, if you like the feeling of confidence on the road. Despite "side-swerving" I still think about buying them again, because safety is the most important thing, and these tyres give the feeling of such.

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  • Opinion from outside the UK user: vengador

    Size: 195/50 R15

    Rating: 3.0
    My tyre size is 195/50R15, the car is a 1998 Honda Civic 3D. The tyres are fitted to the front. I do not recommend to fit it to wheels narrower than 6.5J. I have them fitted to 5.5J and thay are terrible on such wheels! Pros - the tyre provides great braking on both dry and wet! There are no problems with driving in ruts, they don't swerve and they drain water better than winter tyres do. They are really comfortable, my 175/65R14 winter tyres are harder than them. Bridgestone Turanza ER300s are definitely better than eg. Toyo Proxes T1-R, Falken ZE 512s and 912s, Yokohama C drives 185/60R14. Cons - they're terrible in the corners, they have grip but "curl" terribly, in the corners they lose it on horizontal bumps, which is is their biggest drawback. In my opinion, the sidewall is a bit too soft like in T1-R, PX4 will probably be fitted next, because their sidewall is apparently harder. Loud, so far I haven't used any tyres louder than that. My overall rating is 4, I recommend bridgestone Turanza ER300s to people who drive safely and want to have a tire with excellent braking properties on both wet and dry. I don't recommend them for fast corners, especially for wheels narrower than 6.5J.

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  • Opinion from outside the UK user: Mario

    Size: 205/60 R16

    Rating: 3.4
    I have noticed something interesting. In our four company cars Bridgestone Turanza ER300s with speed index H - 130 MPH were fitted, but because of manufacturer approvals (higher engine displacement) the next two cars were fitted with tyres with speed index V - 149 MPH. I recently talked with an engineer who is a friend of mine, who explained the differences in construction of tyres with indexes H and V to me. When the wheel speed increases eg. twice, inertia forces affecting the tyre increase four times in "speed square". So, as a result, better materials and more plies are needed. The conclusion was as follows, the tyre with speed index V and more plies is stiffer than the H-indexed one. The second notice - the higher the speed index, the more the required construction increases rolling resistance. On the road it turned out that actually the H-indexed tyre is more flexible, and provides higher comfort. After driving 20 thousand miles last year and fitting the tyres this season, I do not have any objections. As for tyres with V index, it's hard for me to assess them.

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Sizes & Prices Of Bridgestone Turanza ER300

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Tyre name: Size: LI/SI: Price: Quantity:
D | B | B 71 dB
205/55 R16 91 H £ 76 Buy
D | B | B 71 dB
205/55 R16 91 V £ 77 Buy
C | C | 70 dB
185/55 R16 83 V £ 89 Buy
F | B | 71 dB
195/55 R16 87 H £ 81 Buy
D | B | B 71 dB
205/55 R16 91 H £ 78 Buy
D | C | B 71 dB
205/60 R16 96 W £ 127 Buy
D | C | B 71 dB
205/60 R16 96 W £ 119 Buy
E | B | 71 dB
215/55 R16 93 V £ 109 Buy
B | B | 70 dB
215/55 R17 94 V £ 112 Buy
C | B | 71 dB
225/55 R16 95 W £ 160 Buy

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Etykieta Klasa oporu D Klasa hamowania B



205/55 R16 91 H



  • Bridgestone
  • Turanza ER300
  • 205/55 R16
  • 91
  • H
  • D
  • B
  • B
  • 71 dB
  • No
  • No
  • SL
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