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Directional tyres - identification, installation and pros & cons of their use

What are directional tyres? What are their disadvantages and advantages? How to install directional tyres? Everything you need to know about directional tyres.

Cleaning aluminium wheels - cleaning products and home methods (GUIDELINES)

How do you maintain aluminium wheels to enjoy their good condition and unspoiled appearance for long? You will learn some tips in this article.

What Europeans Actually Think of Autonomous Cars

Autonomous or “self-driving” cars made their debut on international motorways in 2018. Even before they took to the road though, drivers had concerns about cars that drove themselves with no, or very little, driver’s interference.

How new technologies have changed the automotive industry

Throughout history, the car industry has always been of the most receptive industries to emerging technologies. 

Run Flat - what are the tyres and is it worth investing in?

Find out which technologies will allow you to continue driving after a loss of tyre pressure. Discover the advantages and disadvantages of using Run Flat tyres.

Improving Cars with Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology already operates within our everyday life. As the automotive industry continues to progress, we may soon see – figuratively – nanotechnology improving the way our cars run as well as look.

Best Biking Routes in the UK

Are you caught up in the UK’s cycling frenzy? No wonder you are. The UK has some of the best routes for cyclists and motorists alike to enjoy. While these routes rarely overlap, you’ll be able to enjoy the sites all across the UK, whatever you’re preferred mode of transportation.

The Beginner’s Guide to Driving in the UK

Driving for beginners is as thrilling as it is intimidating. If you’re about to head out on the UK’s motorways for the first time, make sure you have all of the information in this guide under your belt.

5 Most Dangerous Roads in the UK

Some drivers view dangerous roads as a challenge. If you’re considering your safety on the road though, you’ll probably want to give these five roads a pass. In any case, find out what to expect when taking any of them.

Tyre loudness

Find out why tyres are making noise. Check how you can reduce the noise. Read about quiet tyres.

Drivers vs Cyclists: How to Co-Exist on the Road

Cycling on the road is a part of any eco-friendly lifestyle. However, maintaining safety on the road while cycling can be difficult. 

Best Drift Cars and Tyres for Beginners

Finding your best drift car will depend on a number of features. Some of those features will be limited to the build of the car itself while others will involve your own comfort in a vehicle, not to mention your willingness to learn how to try driving styles that you’ve never given a thought to before.

What You Can Learn From VR Car Games

You wouldn’t expect virtual reality and driving a car to have anything in common. As a matter of fact, though, it seems that virtual reality-based video games now offer inexperienced drivers safe outlets to practice their driving and that the use of these programs will become more commonplace in the next few years.

Common Mistakes in Car Maintenance and How to Avoid Them

Summer is fast approaching and that means road trips for most of us. When you’re getting ready for a road trip, you may find yourself intimidated by the idea of maintenance costs or reaching out to someone to have them do a quick check of your vehicle.

Better tyres for rear or front

Which side should one use better tyres on? On the front or the back? What kind of system will provide us with more safety? Read the article, check out the test results and learn more.

What does too low tyre pressure lead to?

Did you know that even the best tyre models lose 30 percent of their performance if you don't maintain pressure? Read more.

How tyres affect fuel consumption

In times of rising fuel prices, it is well worth looking for ways to make savings. We decided to find out what features of tyres have an effect on fuel consumption. It turns out that every component part of a tyre has the potential to cause a significant increase or decrease in the use of fuel.

Green Car Technologies of the Future

Green technology and automotive evolution have been at the forefront of the auto industry’s research and development process for the past several years. Now, there have been significant leaps...

3D Printing in the Automotive Industry

3D printing in the automotive market is on the rise. It seems that 3D printing and 3D printed car parts are to be among some of the most anticipated, latest technologies in the auto industry.

Five of the World’s Most Challenging Race Tracks

For many car enthusiasts, there’s something irresistible about the idea of pushing your driving skills and your car to the limits, especially when the road is empty and the weather conditions seem perfect.  

6 Things You Should Know When Renting a Car Abroad

Renting a car to drive around Europe should make your trip a lot easier. However, driving someone else’s car across the Continent can be disconcerting. 

Summer Tyre Ranking 2019

When the weather gets warmer, drivers think about choosing new summer tyres. To make it easier for them, we have compiled a list of models recommended by opinion-forming organisations and car magazines that have carried out in-depth research.

Summer tyres - novelties for the 2019 season

See the list of selected novelties for the summer season 2019. What models are worth paying attention to? Among the presented tyres there is something for everyone, both technology enthusiasts and drivers looking for more budget solutions.

Going Off-Road for the First Time

Taking your crossover cars or SUVs off-road feels like getting back to nature. With mud beneath your tyres and uneven terrain before you, you can be a conqueror of old, reclaiming the wilds for yourself. Don’t let that confidence make you a poor prepper, though.

Suspension stabiliser and its role in vehicle adhesion

What is a suspension stabilizer? How does it affect vehicle grip? In this article we discuss the most important issues related to the suspension of a car.

Chinese tyres - are they worth buying?

Today, the tyre market is being stormed by affordable models from Asian brands. Do Chinese tyres offer a good price-performance ratio?

How much does a tyre weigh?

Read the article and learn more about the weight of the tyre. Which parts of the tyre structure weigh the most? Are heavier tyres better? What does tyre weight and performance have in common?

On the Road to a Greener Future with Smart Use of Cars, Energy, Palm Oil and Plastic

There’s a lot of negativity when it comes to environmental predictions on a global basis - we are flooded with plastics or other waste, we contribute to deforestation by consuming unsustainable palm oil and we pollute the air with fossil-fuelled cars. To make matters worse, we tend to think it’s simply inevitable.

Borrowing Someone Else’s Car: DOC and Insurance

After a night out on the town or in the middle of a long road trip, it can be tempting to have one of your friends or family members take the wheel of your car and do a bit of the driving for you. While, practically speaking, this isn’t a bad idea, it’s worth thinking about the consequences of putting someone else behind the wheel when they’re not on your insurance.

The best 2019 summer tyres size 195/65 R15 according to drivers

Unsure which size 195/65 R15 tyres to choose in the coming season? Read our breakdown presenting the best models selected by our users and make the decision!

Top Five City Cars with the Lowest Fuel Consumption

Electric cars do seem to be the cars of the future, thanks to their improved energy efficiency. However, before the last petrol station is transformed into a charging port, drivers must rely on petrol-running cars to get from point A to point B.

The Afterlife of Car Parts: How to Give the Bodywork a Second Chance

To say that some of us get attached to our cars is an understatement. As such, when a car comes to the end of its useful life, it’s difficult to say goodbye. The good news is that nearly every part of your car can live a second life. 

Best 2019 summer tyres size 215/55 R16 according to drivers

Wondering which summer tyres to choose? Use our ranking, in which we have presented the best tyres according to drivers’ opinions. Click for more.

Best summer 2019 tyres in size 225/45 R17 according to drivers

We have prepared a summary of the best 225/45 R17 tyres rated by drivers. With our ranking, you will be able to choose the best model for the upcoming season.

The best summer tyres 2019 in size 195/60 R15 according to drivers

This article presents a summary that will help you choose the best 195/60 R15 summer tyres for your car. See which models are recommended by other drivers!

The best summer 2019 tyres in size 205/55 R16 according to drivers

Are you looking for 205/55 R16 summer tyres? Yes? Then this article is for you! See which models are most recommended by other drivers and learn why. Get inspired and make the best choice.

The best summer 2019 tyres, size 185/65 R15 according to drivers

We present a list of the best-rated summer tyres, size 185/65 R15 according to drivers. See what models our users recommend for the coming season and choose the one that's best for you.

Best 2019 summer tyres in size 175/65 R14 according to drivers

Are you still wondering which 175/65 R14 summer tyres you should choose? Check which models were rated highest by drivers who purchased from Oponeo.

Summer tyres or all-season tyres - how to choose?

Is it worth buying summer tyres? Isn't it better to buy year-round tyres? Read and see which solution is better.

Low profile tyres: advantages and disadvantages

A low-profile tyre is a model where the side height from rim to road is relatively small in relation to its cross-section width. "Low-profile" tyres are usually used as original equipment in medium and higher class vehicles, especially in sporty , greater performance cars.

Summer tyre test ADAC 2019

Time for seasonal tyre changes? Check out the ADAC 2019 summer tyre tests and find the model that's right for you.

ADAC 2019 185/65 R15 summer tyres test

Check the ADAC 2019 test results for 185/65 R15 size tyres. Find out which tyres have performed best in the German organisation's tests and choose the ideal model for your car.

ADAC summer 2019 test of tyres size 215/65 R16

215/65 R16 is one of the most popular tyre sizes in commercial vehicles, ADAC has conducted a test of summer tyres dedicated to such vehicles. See the latest test results.

Winter tyres in the summer - does it sound like a good idea?

Are winter tyres suitable for summer driving? What are the risks and does it pay off? Read the article to find out more.

6 Most Annoying Things Passengers Do in the Car

Having a passenger in your car on a long journey can be rewarding. They’ll talk to you to keep you awake. They’ll point out interesting sights which you might otherwise have missed. They may even dispense the occasional sweet if you’re exceptionally lucky.

New Smart Car Traffic Cameras

In this age of technology, it seems that everything from the home refrigerator to the front door has been improved upon. Now, it’s traffic cameras’ turns. Merseyside, UK, in particular, is looking to serve as an example of improved road safety. 

Everything You Need to Know About Crossover Cars

Crossover cars are an odd breed of car. They transcend boundaries, bridging the gap between the exclusivity of an SUV and the homeliness of the best family car. If you’re in the market for a new vehicle to bring home and want to learn a little more about the specificities of a crossover, then you’ve come to the right place. 

4 Car Tech Innovations to See in 2019

From hybrid cars to shuttles without drivers, 2019 looks like a year for incredible advancement in the world of the automobile. Take a look at some of the newest technological innovations that are meant to make your morning commute a little more enjoyable.

Smart Road Technologies That Can Soon Become a Reality

Going green is one of the newest – and most important - technological trends. Combine a sustainable drive with the integration of the Internet of Things into, well, everything, and some interesting potentials begin to arise. 

Blockchain in Cars: Why Big Automakers Want You to Use it

With autonomous vehicles already in the late stages of testing, the industry is already considering how they may be booked and paid for. The process for hiring autonomous vehicles needs to be as smooth as possible. 

The Afterlife of Car Parts: What Can Happen to a Dead Engine

Planned obsolescence is not a phrase often heard with motoring, but modern cars in particular are built to a lifespan, so whether we’re talking about the afterlife of tyres or thinking toward a sustainable environment, we know that nearly every part of a car can be recycled in one form or another.

The Future of Motorcycles: Will We Ride on Electrical Tyres?

As motorcyclists, we’re still firmly behind the suck-squeeze-bang-blow internal combustion motor - the only autonomous feature we have is our partner riding pillion and gesturing to us with a swift dig in the ribs as to current speed. 

How to Take Proper Care of Your Convertible

In a country that has a worldwide reputation for ‘changeable’ weather conditions, it is surprising to learn that we only fall behind the Germans when it comes to convertible cars – we buy more than the Italians, Spanish and French!

How to Get Your Garage Clean and Organised

For many of us, having our own space to work on our cars or bikes is a primary concern when choosing a house. We want somewhere where we can store tyres, tools, equipment and even the odd vehicle or two.

In-Car Entertainment Now and Then

It’s widely acknowledged that Karl Benz invented the first motor car in 1886, but it took another 36 years before in-car entertainment became more than just admiring the view. Chevrolet were the first manufacturer to fit a ‘car radio’ into one of their vehicles. 

What Is Car Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is all about delivering on-demand computing services over the internet. How does that fit with new automotive technologies? Are connected cars truly using cloud computing, or are they just a step-up from ‘dumb’ technology?

Biofuels in Transport: Alternatives to Fossil Fuels and Their Place in the Automotive Industry

It’s difficult to say that good things have come out of advancing climate change. As the temperature of the planet and sea levels around the world mutually begin to rise though, some steps have been taken towards ensuring a greener future for the Earth. 

Reinforced tyres: pros and cons

What are reinforced tyres? Discover their advantages and disadvantages and find out when it is worth buying this type of tyres.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Classic Cars

If you are a classic car buff, then you likely know a thing or two. You certainly know how to tell your 1966 Shelby 427 Cobra from your 1961 Jaguar E Type. However, we also know that this is a hobby you like to feed, even when you’re not under the hood. 

Car Share: The Pros and Cons of Carpooling

Ride sharing apps help drivers and passengers straddle the line between public and private transportation. The practice of carpooling has been around for decades. Now the practice has adopted a reputation for being both green and economical.

Small Auto Repairs You Can Do Yourself

Learning how to repair small elements of your car on your own can not only keep money in your wallet, but it can save you emotional distress if you end up stuck on the side of the road somewhere without easy help.

5 Things To Do When Buying a Used Car

Buying a used car can be a mixture of excitement, fun and trepidation. But once you’ve narrowed down the field – style, size, make, model or just something that you’ve always had a soft spot for, the hard work begins. 

5 Things to Do When Selling a Car Privately

Buying a car can be a super exciting time, especially when it’s brand new, but that usually comes with an added burden of selling your existing used car, and sometimes… it can be tempting to just park it up and forget about it for another day. 


Motorways in Europe and the UK: Facts, Routes, Toll Roads, and Speed Limits

If you often drive far and away, you will benefit from our guide to motorways in Europe. Check out the routes, toll roads, speed limits and other facts!

Car Fairs You Can’t Miss in 2019

Any serious petrolhead will tell you that there are some automotive events that you just have to go to – it’s part of your passage of rites to becoming the fully-fledged car guy or gal. Sure, one or two of them may not be in the most glamorous part of the world, but location doesn’t matter, you just need to get yourself there. 

6 Car Gadgets You’ll Actually Use

When you spend a lot of time driving, it’s often important that your car has as many gadgets as your home does. After all, if it’s essentially a second home at that point.

Distracted Driving and Safety on the Road

Distracted driving is the bane of motorists and pedestrians everywhere. It’s dangerous and sometimes illegal, but it’s also extremely easy to do.

Test of all season ADAC 2018 tyres, size 175/65 R14

This year's test of all season ADAC 2018 tyres, size 175/65 R14 brought several surprises. Check which tyres were the best in the German organization's ranking and choose wisely!

All Season or Winter Tyres - Which Tyres To Choose?

Fitting the right tyres to your vehicle is crucial for your own safety and comfort of driving in different weather conditions. Tyres are the only element in contact with the road, so drivers...

How to prepare winter tyres for the winter season?

Check the condition of your winter tyres. Find out what to look for.

Winter tyres – history

Winter tyres were not as popular in the past as they are now. Initially few people believed it makes sense to use them. How did it come to be that most drivers use them now?

The best tyres 195/60 R15 according to drivers (2018/2019)

In this article you will find a list  that will help you choose the best 195/60 R15 winter tyres for your car.  See what models other drivers recommend!

The best winter tyres 215/55 R16 according to drivers (2018/2019)

If you're wondering what winter tyres to choose for your car, check out our list! We have prepared for you a list of the highest rated winter tyres according to our customers.

The best winter tyres 225/45 R17 according to drivers (2018/2019)

What tyres in size 225/45 R17 are best rated by the drivers. Read the article and find out more!

How to read the wheel markings?

Located on the inside of the wheel, wheel markings are a series of numbers and letters that provide coded information about the wheel such as its diameter, width or offset. However, you need to know how to read them - and once you do, you will see there is much important information left for you.

Wheel Width and Offset (ET) Explained

It's important to use recommended wheel widths and tyre size combinations - the wheel width dictates what tyre sizes you can mount. When choosing the wheel size, you should also remember to take into account the width of the car tyre at the point of contact with the wheel.

The best 185/65 R15 winter tyres according to drivers (2018/2019)

Don't know which tyres to choose for the upcoming winter season? See which models have been rated  the highest by drivers. Thanks to the opinions sent by Oponeo users we could create a ranking of winter tyres. Choose the ones that will meet your expectations.

The best winter tyres 195/65 R15 according to drivers (2018/2019)

Want to buy 195/65 R15 winter tyres, but you do not know which model to choose? Read the article and find out what is best rated by drivers.

The best winter tyres 205/55 R16 according to drivers (2018/2019)

We have prepared a summary of user reviews that will help you choose the right model for your car. Oponeo customers have already added over 100,000 opinions about tyres on our website. Thanks to them, we can prepare rankings with the highest rated tyres for other drivers.

The best winter tyres 175/65 R15 according to drivers (2018/2019)

Are you the owner of a car that runs on winter tyres 175/65 R15? Read this article and find out what model to purchase.

The best 2018/2019 models in 175/65 R14 size according to ADAC

Before you choose new winter tyres, check which models are recommended by prestigious automotive organizations.  The German automobile club tested 175/65 R14 winter tyres and pointed out the ones that worked best under all conditions.

The best 2018/2019 winter models in size 205/55 R16 according to ADAC

Check out this year's results of prestigious ADAC tests for size 205/55 R16. See what models scored best and choose the optimal solution for your car.

ADAC 2018/2019 winter tyre tests

In the article you will find tips on how to read the results of tyre tests conducted by the prestigious ADAC organization.

What Are the Benefits of Driving Electric Cars?

It really wasn’t that long ago that electric cars were being unfairly compared to the electric milk floats of yesteryear – yes they were silent, they were cheap to run, they even had some creature comforts. But they were also slow, with a very limited range and were prone to leaving you 5-miles short of any destination. How times have changed!

The Results Are in: This Is What We Listen to in the Car

It’s official: we love to use our cars for running errands. We commute, do school runs and drop kids off at a horrendous number of after-school activities. Spending so much time inside our four wheels forces us to listen to any kind of audio we can get our hands on, be it our favourite playlists, radio programmes or audiobooks.

5 Best Hybrid Cars to Drive in 2018

It wasn’t that long ago that choosing a hybrid meant picking a Toyota Prius because you were ‘green’ and wanted to do your bit for the planet, regardless of just what that meant for your driving pleasure. Today hybrid cars are a very real alternative, providing style, practicality and ‘green-ness’ to boot.

Tyre Manufacture: How Tyres Are Made

The process of tyre manufacture is a complex one - there are around seven different tyre components, all needing to be constructed in a precise manner to give best performance such as reliability, longevity and road-holding. Get one element wrong, and it could be disastrous.

Should Cars Be Banned in Large Cities?

More and more cities worldwide plan to go car-free at least in the city centre. Check out some pros and cons of banning cars in major cities.

Will Tesla Cars Get Automatically Fixed?

Despite being known for his genius with electric vehicles, space rockets and power supplies, Elon Musk should be at least equally well-known as a marketing genius, for that is really what drives the companies. Forget technology, batteries and thrust, it’s all about the right perception.

Tyre Speed Rating

If you are not very confident in automotive matters and you are about to change the tyres on your car, then we have something for you  a portion of useful tyre speed rating guide(what it is and why it is important). Read our article and learn about the risks asscoiated with wrongly selected tyres.

What You Need to Know about an EV Battery

There are numerous types of vehicles that use a battery as its sole motive force, and whether you call them Battery Electric Vehicles or something else, the fact remains that they are a very real and viable alternative source of transport.

Why Flying Cars Are Not That "Plane" Crazy

The development of technology on many fronts - from nanotechnology to autonomous driving - means that reasonably priced flying cars are likely to be a commercial reality in as little as the next five to ten years.

Summer on Two Wheels: How to Cruise on a Motorcycle Like a Pro

For many riders nothing compares to cruising on a motorcycle in the summertime. Check out how to ride safely even in the hottest weather, plan an epic road trip and take care of your motorbike properly.


Safe Driving in British Summer

It’s strange to think that even here in the UK, a country known for great scenery, twisty roads and rain, that summer time can be a dangerous time for motoring, especially if you’re driving with kids and pets.

Abandoned Cars Around the World

The number of abandoned cars in the UK has tripled within the last four years; councils are removing one abandoned car every thirty minutes. In Coventry alone, there were 2,321 cars abandoned last year – it’s the capital of car dumping!

What To Do In an Emergency On the Road

There are some things you should do If you witness an accident on the road or find yourself in a driving emergency. Find out how to act after a car accident.

Tesla Autopilot: What It is and How It Actually Works in the Tesla Model S and Model X

While all car improvements are for our safety and comfort, some features are only to assist drivers, not to replace them. Find out how autonomous a tesla gets once its Autopilot is turned on.

Cyber Security: How Hackproof Are Connected Cars?

Connected cars are going to extend their connectivity and as that increases, entrepreneurs will find new and novel ways of exploiting it. Unfortunately, also hackers around the world are likely to see this new target as a huge challenge and strive to break into the systems.

Holiday Driving with the Kids and Pets

Loading the car with holiday gear, children, pets and an irritable partner can sometimes lead to anxious times, but a lot of the stress can be removed with a few well thought out solutions.

5 Car Noises You Can’t Ignore

Even for people extremely knowledgeable about cars and mechanical problems, it can often be quite daunting to recognize and diagnose either current or potentially serious issues during your daily driving routine. 

Road Rage: How You Can Keep Calm And Drop it

Picture this: you’re on the way home from work and some madman cuts you up forcing you to slam on the brakes. You get a suddenly gust of frustration as you curse out and hit the horn. Immediately you feel a lot better, or do you?

Careless Driving: 7 Deadly Sins On the Road

Driving is one of those skills that almost everyone is convinced that they do better than everyone else. While there are many good drivers out there on the roads, let’s face it, there are some pretty awful ones too, and it always seems to be the bad ones who get noticed as they tend to draw attention to themselves.

How often should I replace my rubber tyre valves?

Often overlooked, tyre valves are an important wheel element. Replacing them regularly has a considerable impact on driving safety. Check how often you should replace the valves in your tyres.

Solar-Powered Cars: Coming Soon?

With so many businesses and government organisations focusing on lowering emissions and upping energy efficiency, it is no wonder that solar powered cars are becoming more and more interesting to the general public.

Ranking of All-Season Tyres 2018

Are you considering buying all-season tyres but do not know which model to choose? Just like every year, we come to help, presenting the winners of popular tests and models recommended by our clients. Get inspired and choose your favourite.

Ranking of Summer Tyres 2018

The list of test winners is a great opportunity to compare summer models of top manufacturers. Check which tyres were best according to prestigious organizations and warehouses. 

4 Epic Private Car Collections

Having a car collection doesn’t have to involve millions of pounds, it could simply be a few old Morris Marina’s, the odd TVR or two, but one thing all of these collectors have in common is the passion for all things motoring related.

Tyres Going Green: the Technology Behind Goodyear Oxygene

Car tyres are designed with the purpose of keeping your car on the road regardless of the conditions they are working under. Whether it’s heat, rain, snow, ice they need to be compliant to be able to offer grip, while being tough enough to be hardwearing and last several thousand miles of usage. 

The Story Behind Elon Musk’s Mission to Mars

The majority of the world knows Musk as the man behind the super successful Tesla cars, the man who seems to be on a one-man crusade to show just how clever new technologies in the automotive industry can be, and who does the occasional ‘walk-on’ in shows like The Big Bang Theory.

Strange Driving Laws From Around The World

It seems that wherever we turn in life, regulations, rules and laws dictate nearly every move we make, perhaps even more so when it comes to motoring.

Colourful wheels – how to transform the look of your car without resorting to tuning!

Wheel manufacturers offer an extensive range of colours and designs to make your car stand out amongst the dull-looking vehicles seen on our roads. Don’t be just another anonymous driver. Read the article and let us help you choose a new colour for your wheels!

Autonomous Driving Systems 101: Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) Explained

Since the creation of automobiles, the pursuit for the autonomous car has always captivated the minds of engineers around the world. Indeed, in recent years, cruise control and adaptive cruise control have laid the foundations of future autonomous driving.

Alloy wheels are just image-enhancers. Fact or myth? Check out the benefits of using alloy wheels!

Many drivers choose alloy wheels for their cars mainly due to their original design. It turns out, however, that alloy wheels are not just eye catchers...

The most common causes of tyre pressure loss

Have you ever thought about the importance of proper pressure in your car tyres and what is the purpose of the recently introduced and obligatory pressure sensors?

Small Cars On a Budget: Types, Models and Costs To Consider

Household budgets are being squeezed on all fronts. Food and utilities are becoming more expensive, and the cost of motoring overall is on the increase, with fuel duty seemingly constantly rising and car insurance premiums on an ever-upward spiral. All of this is happening while wages are at their lowest growth for around ten years.

Best Family Cars To Drive in 2018

A couple of years back "family car" would appear among the items all "true" car enthusiasts held in contempt. However, with the intensive changes the car industry has been through, we can say these times are long gone.

Tyre’s date of manufacture – DOT code explained

The date of manufacture of a tyre. Does it matter? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by drivers planning to purchase a new set of tyres.

Hyundai Fuel Cells: The Future is Here… Again

There is much interest in both hybrid and fully electric vehicles at the moment, particularly with their potential to reduce harmful pollution in the atmosphere, and their strident bid to lower the use of fossil fuels, which is good for the whole planet.

Mobile Technologies in the Automotive Industry

Over the last few decades motor vehicles have gone through major changes, many of which have made them more reliable, increasingly usable and, in the last few years, progressively connected.  But in this changing world, simply connecting our smartphones to our cars is now a little basic, and the future of connectivity appears to be much more exciting.

Animals On the Road: What Should You Do?

Here in the UK, an experienced driver will tell you that we’re taught how to pass a driving test (note: not how to drive), and recent legislation means that the test will also include other elements such as operating a satnav or being able to use the windscreen wipers properly (yes, really).

The Afterlife of Car Parts: What To Do with Used Tyres

It’s estimated that around 13 million tyres are scrapped each year in the UK, and for the greater part, most of them used to go to landfill, or to the great ‘tyre fire’ in Powys (burning since 1989).

Driving Around the UK: 4 Most Scenic Routes To Take in Spring

It’s often said that the United Kingdom has some of the most breathtaking scenery that you’ll find anywhere in the world, and come spring time, once you’ve found the right place, you’ll never disagree with that.

Rolling Resistance — Does It Affect Your Budget?

Read the article and find out more about rolling resistance. Check the benefits of using tyres with low rolling resistance.

Why We Need Biofuels For A Green Future

Apart from producing huge amounts of pollution, fossil fuels are bound to run out. That’s a fact. Scientists have been searching for renewable power sources for ages, with the most successful one up to date being electricity.

ADAC 2018 Test Of 175/65 R14 Size Summer Tyres

Are you looking for the best 175/65 R14 size summer tyres? Check the results of the prestigious ADAC tests for 2018 and choose your new tyres today!

ADAC 2018 Test Of 205/55 R16 Size Summer Tyres

Check which 205/55 R16 size summer tyres were tested by ADAC this year and see their ratings. Learn what is important when choosing a tyre model and be inspired before buying tyres for the new season. 

ADAC 2018 Summer Tyre Test

See the results of the latest tyre tests carried out by ADAC, one of the most popular automotive organisations. If you are not sure what tyres to choose for your car, read this article, it will make your choice simple.

Women in Motorsports: Bridging the Gender Gap ?

The general impression of motorsport is that it’s a very male dominated profession, and perhaps that impression is right, to a degree. With International Women’s Day right around the corner, we thought it about time to shout about some of the successes for women in motorsport.

15 (Very) British Car Problems

Surely, we’ve all encountered at least one of these problems, however, if you’ve gone through the list and ticked every single one, maybe you should think about alternative choices for transport - like a bus. Or just never leaving the house.

5 Must-See Automotive Museums In The UK

As another winter rolls around, thoughts turn to keeping the petrolhead side of you entertained – road salt, ice, snow, dark afternoons and lousy driving all come together to tell us that our ‘babies’ are better left where they are.

Tyre labels - wet grip, rolling resistance and noise level

Tyre labels are quite a controversial topic, so we decided to prepare a comprehensive article that would explain how to read the data presented on labels and exactly explain their meaning. 

How to read tyre markings?

See all the tyre markings used by tyre manufacturers. Check how to find the size and date of manufacture, what the load and speed index is, and what the M+S marking means.

Tyres in the most luxurious limousines

What tyres are assembled, as original equipment, in the most elegant, most expensive, most representative limousines of brands such as Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Maybach or Cadillac? Paraphrasing the old Rolls-Royce slogan: "The good enough ones".

The best 225/45 R17 size winter tyres according to drivers

225/45 R17 size tyres are frequently fitted to various types of cars. If you use this size and you are searching for winter tyres, then this article is for you. See what models are recommended by other drivers and choose the perfect one for you. 

The best 195/65 R15 size winter tyres according to drivers

When the days get colder and road conditions become more difficult, many drivers start their search for winter tyres. One of the most popular sizes is 195/65 R15 . If you belong to the group of drivers that use such models and you’re about to buy new tyres, then this article is for you. 

The best 215/55 R16 size winter tyres according to drivers

If you're looking for winter tyres for your car, then check out our ranking! We have prepared a list of the top-rated winter tyres according to our customers.

The best 195/60 R15 size winter tyres according to drivers

Not sure which tyre to choose for the upcoming season? Don’t know which model will be the best for your car? Check the tyres recommended by other drivers and you will find something for...

The Top 10 Safest Tyres for Winter!

Have you already read most publications about winter tyres but still don’t know which ones would be best for you? Read our summary of the safest snow tyres.

Ranking of winter tyres for 2017

See the results of this year's tests carried out by automotive magazines. We hope that they will help you choose the perfect tyre for your car.

History of Semperit tyres

It was 1850 when a small town of Wimpassing in western Austria witnessed the opening of the first rubber goods factory on the European continent. At that time cars were still associated with the steam vehicle invented by Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot. In 1850 Levi Strauss sewed his first pair of now legendary jeans and in Poland, Austrian authorities started to build a brick citadel around the Kosciuszko Mound. Tyres, just like the cars, remained in the realm of distant plans and bold dreams. 

What You should know before buying a hybrid car

The automotive world is changing: fossil fuels, distributors, pistons and conventional gearboxes are on their way out, to be replaced by capacitors, batteries, zero-shift drives and volts – we already know that fossil fuelled vehicles will be banned in the UK by 2040.

ADAC 215/65 R16 winter tyre test

If you are not sure which tyres would be the best for your car, check the results of ADAC tyre tests. Independent automotive organisations annually organise demanding tests to describe selected tyre models in detail. Check which tyre models have been tested and awarded by ADAC this year. You will certainly make the best decision!

ADAC 195/65 R15 winter tyre test

Winter is coming fast and you still haven’t decided which model to choose for your winter tyres? See the results of tests organised by ADAC for 195/65 R15 size tyres and choose the optimal model...

The best 205/55 R16 winter tyres according to drivers

See the top-rated 205/55 R16 size winter tyres. Check out which products ensure your safety and comfort, even in the toughest conditions.

The best winter 185/65 R15 size tyres according to drivers

Not sure which tyre to choose for the upcoming winter? See the models with the highest driver ratings. Reviews submitted by Oponeo users enabled us to create a ranking of winter tyres. Choose the model that meets your expectations.

The best 175/65 R15 size winter tyres according to drivers

Choosing the right tyres for the winter is crucial for safe driving in winter conditions. Check which 175/65 R15 size tyre models are particularly recommended by users of our website!

How to stay alert on long drives

At one point or another, every driver will encounter the mental battle of a long journey. As you sit behind the wheel, it can be difficult to anticipate the oncoming struggle of such a drive. The monotony of the road ahead and the low hum of your car tyres can be a deadly combination.

What You should know about car depreciation

Most people know that just driving a new car off a garage forecourt for the first time will wipe a significant amount off its value. Depreciation is hard-hitting and likely to make a big difference to what your car is worth against its new value.

Top 5 Premium Winter Tyres for 2017 / 2018

Putting aside the potholes and disrepair, the United Kingdom has some of the best roads in the world – for those of you that have travelled to or from the Stranraer ferry, you’ll know exactly what we mean; twisting little B roads, beautiful scenery, Lochs … it has the lot.

Ranked: the Most Car-Friendly Cities in the UK

Have you ever wondered - while sat in traffic, dreaming of an existence in some rural idyll - if life would be easier if you upped sticks and moved to a different city?

4 Expenses To Consider When Assessing Your Car Maintenance Costs

When you go over your monthly expenses, there are some costs that stick out like a sore thumb. Next to the big fees, such as rent and electricity, the amount of money that goes into maintaining a car is certainly one that stands out.

Practical Car Factors New Drivers Need To Keep In Mind

For many new drivers, there is a lot of pressure on learning how to drive. Whether it’s learning the highway code or mastering various driving maneuvers, practical maintenance and other factors often get relegated as a response.

UK driving tests: What to expect and how to pass

Turning eighteen within the UK means that you are no longer a minor – you’ve become an adult in the eyes of the law. But let’s be honest, seventeen can be a more significant time in a young adult’s life – seventeen means wheels … and wheels means freedom, exploration, independence and so much more.

Present car design trends that will shape the future

When it comes to automotive trends, discussions always seem to point to autonomous vehicles or electric cars, which although impressive, obscure the design revolution taking the automotive world by storm.However, for a moment forget about automotive autonomy, there’s another biggie occurring right now – modern design revolution

How the fuel prices have changed over time in the UK

UK motorists are taxed more heavily at the fuel pump than any other European country; fuel duty currently raises approximately £27 billion for the Treasury, but when you add the VAT (Value Added Tax) to that, the figure is closer to £35 billion.

Best mobile apps for drivers

A practical overview of the best automotive smart-phone apps. New apps for drivers can make driving a car easier, safer and cheaper.

Iconic iternationally renowned motor shows

Motor shows are a supreme opportunity to showcase and launch iconic new cars, technology and innovation. They are the fashion show of the car world where designers can really show what they can do

Green car companies and eco car manufacture

The need for environmentally friendly vehicles for our roads has become increasingly pressing as reports of the damage that fossil-fuelled cars are doing to the environment and our health become ever more apparent.

Wheel maintenance tips: keep your wheels in good condition

The UK’s automotive aftermarket business is worth approximately £21 billion, and covers everything from axles to a Z-bar (linkage), the complete A – Z. Road wheels make up a significant part of that statistic, whether that is a replacement for OE (Original Equipment) or as something lighter, faster, bigger or even just to change the look of a vehicle.

Do regular car and F1 tyres have anything in common?

Pirelli are known worldwide for their ‘interesting’ calendars, but they are also the current (and only) Formula 1 tyre supplier, they took over the supply of the controlled tyres after Bridgestone deemed that it wasn’t financially viable for them, in other words, the costs were far outstripping the benefits – hardly surprising when you hear Pirelli say that it costs them more than one of the back of the grid team’s budget for a season.

ADAC winter tyre tests 2017/2018

Prepare yourself for the winter season. Every year, new and often innovative tyre models appear on the tyre market – but are they worth your attention? Check out our posts, in which we show the...

Diesel Car Bans - When will you have to scrap your vehicle?

As clamor grows over the emissions from diesel engines, the future of this workhorse power plant could be in real jeopardy. With international bans on coming into place in Paris, Madrid, Athens and Mexico City by 2025, and several more cities seriously considering the future of diesel vehicles, it seems that this could be the beginning of the end for these engine types.   

5 Things to consider before buying an electric car

Have you decided to ditch your diesel or petrol car for an electric equivalent?
If you have, then beyond the usual pitfalls associated with the purchase of a new car you should also consider the following key factors when buying an electric vehicle.

Akron - the Tyre Capital of the World

One hundred years ago, in this small American city in Ohio, the air smelled of rubber. The local factories produced one third of all tyres on US roads. It's all history now, though in recent years, Akron  wants not only to be known as the former Rubber Capital of the World.

Summer on wheels: 5 most amazing UK road trips

If you’re looking to get out on the open road and burn some rubber, then we’ve got a few suggestions as to how you can get around the UK and see some of the sights. The tips take you off the beaten track around lesser spotted hidden gems where you can be sure to catch some great photographs and selfies whatever the weather.

Summer car maintenance essentials

With the summer well on its way, it’s easy to neglect routine maintenance on your car, but it is just as important now as in the depths of winter. Having your car coming to an abrupt halt on the side of a hot road can be just as frustrating – and potentially dangerous – as having it happen in winter.

Tyre Load Rating

Load rating is one of the tyre’s characteristics which you should carefully consider when choosing tyres. Find out why is it important and what are the effects of using tyres with an improper load rating.

Autonomous Cars: Science-Fiction Is Fast Becoming Science-Fact

1990 doesn’t seem that far away – most of us will have vivid memories of that time that haven’t been dimmed by the passage of time, but technologically, it was a very different world.

Coker Tire: tires for collectors and connoisseurs

Do you need Firestone tires for a Packard A-One produced in 1899? Maybe you’re looking for new Excelsior tires for an Oldsmobile Touring Runabout 1905? Or perhaps Michelin tires for a Ferrari 250 manufactured in 1964? The list is endless! You’ll most likely find them with Coker Tire, an American company that produces original tires for hundreds of classic car models.

Five of the most unusual tire company inventions in history

Driving with glowing tires? Tires that run sideways? Currently, such ideas remain in the sphere of our imagination, but for many years the tire industry has been developing thanks to many outstanding visionaries. The history of tire company inventions includes many examples that never reached the stage of mass production. We present five of them below, which, even today, seem to be too futuristic and above all, impractical.

Top 10 Best selling summer tyres

Summer is, arguably, the best time to drive in the UK and for many motorists, this means getting the best summer tyres for the perfect driving experience!

Car aerodynamics: combatting air resistance

Car aerodynamics represent an area of vehicle design that not many drivers understand, yet are impacted by it on a regular basis. How your car handles air resistance - also known as drag - determines how much power is required to push through, limiting how much energy goes directly into actual movement.

The Advantage of New Tyres Over Used Ones - a Guide for a Responsible Driver

It's time to replace the tyres on your car. Therefore, the old dilemma comes around again: new or used? Ads posted on bidding websites are tempting. Everyone offers real bargains or last items that must go. And the honest sellers are praising the used tyres stating that they are "like new". 

Top 5 premium summer tyres

The British summer time is a great opportunity for driving and, naturally, many drivers want to ensure their cars drive as smoothly as possible. By choosing the right summer tyres, you can enhance your vehicle with the right parameters to match your driving style.

Vehicle tax rates: new road tax rules for 2017 explained

From the start of April, vehicle road tax rates will change. All new cars in the UK will come under one of three vehicle excise duty (VED) categories. These bands will not just focus on the selling price of the vehicle - they will also take emissions into account.

Controversial, provocative, forbidden tyre advertising

Advertising a chocolate bar in a car wash operated by strippers? Advertising vodka with a housewife who employs men to - lashed with a whip - clean her apartment? Sex, violence and risky vocabulary? Such things have also happened to tyre manufacturers

Ranking of summer tyres for 2017

Not sure which tyre to choose for the upcoming season? Read our summary and find out which models are ranked by specialists as the best.

Un-British Britain: Just how many British cars are in the UK?

The UK is, of course, a country based on motoring. Aside from the abundance of cars on the roads, British is home to some of the world’s most popular and historic car manufacturers, such as Aston Martin, Land Rover, Bentley, Jaguar and Mini. With such popular vehicles produced right on our doorstep, it makes sense to find many of these on our own roads, right?

Top 10 cheap summer tyres

Spring will soon be upon us and, for drivers, this means the start of the warmer season and the time to start looking at summer tyres!

Travel costs: Where is the most expensive place to drive in England and Wales?

In an ideal world, the respective prices in owning and operating a car would be the same wherever you go. After all, the quality of fuel, or even the vehicle itself, doesn’t change. However, the economy doesn’t work like that and, as a result, where you live in the UK can have an impact on how much these things cost.

Speeding fine changes: explaining the new costs

On the 24th of April, 2017, new speeding fine guidelines will come into effect. These changes, announced in the previous January, won’t change anything in Scotland or Northern Ireland, but they will change how much a speeding ticket costs drivers in England and Wales.

Tyre Companies Love Sports Without... Cars

When car tyre companies want to promote the quality of their latest products, motorsports is the most obvious area that you may think of. However, tyre manufacturers don’t just limit themselves here.

What Is Behind the Names of the Famous Tyre Brands?

What are the meanings of the famous tyre brands names? From a marketing point of view, they are worth a fortune and for each of the companies, they are a priceless capital in which is included their reputation, pedigree, history and traditions.

From the Racetracks to the Roads - Sports Technology in "Civil" Tyres

The presence of tyre companies at motorsports are a marketing necessity. On the other hand, it is not a goal as such, but is more of a challenge given to the technological progress.

ADAC Test of All-Season Tyres Size 205/55 R16 V

All-season tyres are a good choice for drivers who drive on short distances and do not want to worry about seasonal tyre replacement. Do you know which all-season models are best to enjoy a safe and comfortable drive throughout the year? Take at a look the results of a test conducted by the ADAC and you certainly will be able to choose the right tyres for yourself.

The Michelin Man - Worldwide Known Symbol of the Brand

The best logo in history? The Michelin Man. This title was awarded to the legendary Bibendum by an international panel of professionals in 2000. The Michelin Man is a timeless brand icon, which for over 100 years, has been making the French brand Michelin famous.

The Pop Culture Icons Created by Tyre Brands [Top 5]

In theory they may not directly have much in common with tyres, but thanks to them, big tyre brands have occurred on a large scale in mass culture. The non-tyre related symbols that they managed to create among others include: Michelin guides, Goodyear blimps, Pirelli calendars and Dunlop bridges.

2016/2017 Ranking of All Season Tyres

Are you considering the all season tyres, but do not know which model to choose? Check the results of tests conducted by motor magazines and organisations and you will certainly find the tyres which will perform well both in summer and winter.

Tyres Speed Records

Ever since the first car was invented, people have pushed to make it go faster, establishing an increasingly incredible series of land speed records. Of course, we all know that a fast vehicle needs well designed tyres to support it.

Best 195/65 R15 summer tyres according to drivers

Thinking about the choice of tyres for the coming summer? Have a look at the models that gave most satisfaction to the users of our portal. Take advantage of the experience of drivers like you and choose the best tyres for your car.

Best 205/55 R16 summer tyres according to drivers

Looking for an easy and quick way to choose the best summer tyres for your car? Check out our ranking and find out which 205/55 R16 models are recommended by other drivers.

215/65 R16 SUV summer tyre tests – ADAC results

The ADAC organization tested summer tyres sized 215/65 R16. In this article you will find information about the best models for your car, making it easier to make a purchase and get a better idea of ​​the top tyres on the market.

195/65 R15 summer tyre tests – ADAC results

Are you thinking of buying summer tyres? Maybe you don’t know which model to choose? Take a look at which models have passed the rigorous testing conducted by the ADAC organization and see which one deserves your attention.

Top 10 cheap all season tyres

For many drivers in the UK, all-season tyres provide an ideal compromise between summer tyre and winter tyre products. If you live in an area where the temperature doesn’t get too cold or hot and there isn’t enough snow or slush to warrant more dedicated tyres, then all-season products have a lot to offer.

How to become a better driver?

For many people, driving is a skill that can always be improved. If you want to become a better driver, there is always something new to learn.

The story of Petlas tyres

Today, Petlas tyres are one of the leading Turkish brands, joining the likes of Lassa tyres with their international appeal. Yet the Petlas company has a unique history, involving the turbulent situation concerning Cyprus in the mid-1970s.

The story of Lassa tyres

Lassa tyres are a well known Turkish brand. Aside from being the leading brand in the country, they have more recently made a strong entrance in the European markets. So, how did this company come to be?

Car gadgets & features: practical innovations

At their core, all cars use the same technology to move and be driven. However, when you look away from the engines, suspension and, yes, even the car tyres, what are the more unique features found on various vehicles today?

How expensive are car repairs over time?

Car repairs are something few drivers, if any, ever look forward to. Yet, the more you drive your vehicle, the more these costs seem to pile up.

The road blocks for smart cars

Smart cars and driverless car technology have been in the news for some time now, with the likes of Tesla making large, public headwaves. Yet, when it comes to the UK at least, what challenges do we face before these vehicles can be mass adopted?

2017’s Pirelli Calendar

A calendar is a great way to keep track of your events and appointments throughout the year and there are many such calendars out there for motoring enthusiasts. One of the most popular, however, is from the Pirelli tyre company.

How to get the best car insurance in the Uk

Owning a car means dealing with various expenses. In addition to general maintenance, car tyres and fuel costs, car insurance is another factor that many drivers need to consider.

Car parking chaos: beating the dents!

In 2015, it is estimated that British motorists paid out almost £500 million in car repairs, due to the various scuffs and bangs caused when parking. The trouble isn’t that we’ve gotten worse at parking our cars but, rather, our cars have got progressively larger while parking spaces have remained the same as when they were last reviewed back in 1994.

Is the end coming for diesel cars?

When it comes to choosing the right car, it used to be an easy decision; if you were driving lots of miles, or longer overall distances, you drove a diesel-fueled car.

UK tyre laws and regulations

In a previous article, we looked at the European car and equipment requirements for when you are driving through various countries. While this did include a look at the UK, what are the actual tyre laws and requirements at large? For regular residents of the country, there are a few more laws and regulations that need to be abided by.

Torque vs horsepower explained: Which is more important?

Truthfully, there is no definitive answer as to which is more important, so perhaps a better heading would be about understanding the balance between the two, how they interact or even how to influence an engine into giving more of one or the other.

Road safety in the UK

Every driver knows that practicing good road safety is important, but how does the UK fare compared to the rest of Europe? Fortunately, recent information from both the UK’s Department for Transport and the European Commission can shed some light.

A complete driving guide for fuel efficient cars

With fuel prices showing no signs of dropping any time soon, even with modern cars becoming more fuel efficient than ever, if you’re looking to cut down on the cost of your motoring, knowing or learning how to drive economically can provide some serious savings.

Top 10 cheap winter tyres that are worth buying

Looking for cheap winter tyres this year? Check out our list of the best budget options that won’t let you down!

Winter tyre test 2016/2017

In this article, you will find the results of tests carried out this season by automotive magazines and organisations. It contains information on different models and how they performed in particular competitions.

Best 205/55 R16 winter tyres according to drivers in 2016

Tyres are the only car component which is in direct contact with the pavement, which is why we should care for their best possible quality. We have prepared a summary of users’ reviews, which will make it easier for you to choose the right model for your vehicle.

Best 195/60 R15 winter tyres according to drivers

Are you wondering which tyres to choose for the upcoming season? Don’t know which model will be the best solution for your vehicle? Check which tyres were considered the best by other drivers – you will certainly find something for yourself!

225/45 R17 H winter tyre tests - 2016 ADAC results

Having trouble finding the ideal winter tyres? Fortunately, ADAC provide annual tests in various tyre sizes to help you choose the best options. This year’s results included a focus on winter car tyres in size 225/45 R17 H. Here, you can compare the results, find the top models and pick the product’s most suitable for your car and driving style.

185/65 R15 T winter tyre tests - 2016 ADAC results

When it comes to helping you find the best winter tyres, the ADAC test results provide some of the most reliable information available. If you’re looking for new products in size 185/65 R15, read on to learn more about ADAC’s latest test.

Front Wheel Rear Wheel or 4 Wheel Drive Cars

Typically, cars in come in three specific types: front wheel drive, rear wheel drive and 4 wheel drive. While many drivers have their own preference - such as finding a type that suits their driving style and needs - many also aren’t aware of the key differences, advantages and disadvantages of each.

Vehicle registration: license plate rules

In the UK, just like numerous other countries, a license plate is a legal requirement for any vehicle on the road. Of course, these rules vary from country to country, so a UK license plate often has its own laws and regulations that drivers need to follow.

When to change from summer to winter tyres

When the days get shorter and the weather starts to turn for the worst, many drivers start considering when to change tyre models. With the British winter looming, now is the right time to prepare your winter tyres.

A Guide to snow socks

Snow socks are an increasingly popular alternative to snow chains. Want to protect your winter tyres but want to know more about snow socks first? Read here to find out more!

A guide to snow chains

Interesting in using snow chains, but don’t know if you need them? Our guide will let you know if snow chains are a useful addition to your winter tyres, as well as how they work!

Winter car kit check: are you prepared for the cold?

When winter is on the way, are you ready for the weather? Use our winter car kit check for preparing your car for winter!

Why do we use black tyres?

Ever wondered why we always use black tyres? We explain why this is and the benefits of keeping your tyre black!

How does automatic braking work?

Have you ever wondered about automatic braking? Here, we discuss exactly how automotive braking works and how it is supported by your choice of car tyres.

What is fishtailing?

Fishtailing is a term commonly described by drivers in wet conditions, but what exactly is it? Here we describe fishtailing, how you can counter it and what effects it has on your vehicle.

The importance of motorsports in car tyre development

Have you ever wondered how motorsports influences the development and design of car tyres? Here, we explore the strong relationship that exists between car tyres and professional racing.

What are crumple zones?

When mechanics and experts talk about car collisions, the crumple zone is often referred to. This is an important part of car design, yet many drivers are not aware of it. Here, we will explore what the crumple zone is and how it can benefit you in the case of an accident.w

Defining your driving style

Do you know to define your driving style? Knowing how you drive can help you make better car tyre choices, so it is worth understanding in greater detail.

Why cars use disc brakes rather than drum brakes

What are the differences between disc brakes and drum brakes? Here, we explore how each type of brake differs, how engineers incorporate them into car designs and how they may influence the condition of your car tyres

Why do front and rear brakes wear differently?

Have you noticed that brakes degrade at different rates on the front and rear axles? In this article, we explore how and why this occurs, so you can understand why your brakes - as well as your car tyres - deteriorate.

How to make tyre last longer

Most tyres have a set lifetime, as their overall quality will fade over time. Typically, a car tyre should be able to last roughly five years if it’s quality tyre. However, this is no guarantee.

How car's manufacturer's choose factory fitted models

Have you ever wondered why certain tyres come fitted to new cars, and how manufacturers choose them? Furthermore, should the choice of factory fitted tyre influence your decision for future car tyres? Read on to find out.

Dealing with the potholes in the UK

Potholes are a common problem among UK roads. If encountered, they can cause damage to your car tyres, suspension and more. Here, we look at the impact potholes have on your vehicle, as well as what you can do about it.

Eco Tyre Materials: The Nature Of Tyre Rubber

Ever wondered about the tyre rubber used in on your wheels? We look at the various tyre materials and where the rubber for car tyres comes from.

Fuel Efficient Tyres And Eco-Driving Tips

Want to learn more about fuel efficient tyres and driving? We discuss a number of ways to use less fuel while driving, helping to improve your mileage and reduce costs.

Steering Systems: Understanding The Forces Of Rear Wheel Turning

How does rear wheel steering change how you drive? We look at how rear wheel steering systems influence the car’s performance, handling and the quality of the tyres.

Understanding Plus Sizing: Why The Right Wheel & Tyre Size Is Vital

Plus sizing is a method of using larger tyres on your vehicle, but what the benefits? Here we explore the potential benefits and drawbacks to using a different tyre size

Car Suspension Systems: How It Influences Driving

How important is your car suspension systems? We explore the purposes of suspension and how a damaged system can damage your tyres and driving experience.

Steering Systems: Understanding The Forces Of 4x4 Turning

How does a 4x4 steering system influence your car? You can read up on the physical forces that take place while turning here!

Why do you need to break in tyres?

When you see new tyres for sale, it’s easy to assume that the products are instantly road worthy. Yet many drivers will warn you to have extra caution when driving with all new tyres, at least for the first 125 to 190 miles. Why is this?


Aquaplaning: How Wet Surfaces Actually Influence Your Driving

It still rains in the summer, so there’s still a chance of aquaplaning. So, what is aquaplaning and how can the right wet performance tyres help?

What is the lifetime of a tyre model?

No tyre model lasts forever. Manufacturers are always looking to establish new models (developing on the previous generation), which means that new car tyres must be introduced and the older ones, inevitably, removed from the market.

Tyres for vintage cars

Find answers to frequently asked questions about tyres for vintage cars. Where to look? What to remember? Check it out!
Which companies manufacture tyres for vintage cars?

Why do tyres squeal?

For many drivers, it is easy to panic when they hear their tyres squeal. This squeaking is often mistaken as a sign that something is wrong, but this is far from the case.

User Tests Of 2016 Summer Motorcycle Tyres

If you’re looking for the best motorcycle tyres for road use during the summer, we can help! Here, we’ve compiled descriptions and opinions from users within our portal, offering reviews of the most popular motorcycle summer tyres.

Steering Systems: Understanding The Forces Of Front Wheel Turning

How does your front wheel steering system influence your car? Learn about the physical forces at work on your wheels here!

The Current State Of EU Tyre Labels

EU tyre labels can not be used on their own to make a worthwhile purchase so, with a new review process coming in, how useful are they?

Selection of tyres for 4x4 vehicles

Unlike other vehicles, 4x4 cars require a little extra care when it comes to choosing the right tyres. This is because 4x4 vehicles operate differently to vehicles which are just powered by the front or rear wheels. Furthermore, their occasional off-road use also means they are designed for more varied road surfaces.

Tyre damage - factory defects

Although rare, tyres with factory defects can still occur and this can often cause numerous tyre problems for your vehicle. As such, it helps to be aware of these issues, so that you can better detect them.

Tyre grip in the summer – what type of tread to choose?

The best summer tyres are products that offer sustainable performance across a variety of conditions. As such, we don’t recommend tyres that are only good in one specific environment. When it...

Tyre damage – operational faults

When it comes to tyre damage, there are two main types: operational damage and factory damage.If your tyre suffers damage, it helps to know what the cause was, as this often influences the options available to you.

Testing 195/65 R15 economy summer tyres for 2016

When it comes to choosing tyres, price is a very important factor. Many drivers often choose the cheapest models available, but can you choose a cheap tyre that is also safe? We’ve compiled test results of various summer economy tyres to show these possibilities.

Testing 225/45 R17 summer tyres for 2016

When it comes to buying new summer tyres, safety is important. In this article, we will advise you on the best 225/45 R17 summer tyres to buy, based on the results of a test conducted by Germany’s GTÜ.

The best 225/45 R17 Y summer tyres for 2016

This summer season, ADAC decided to test 225/45 R17 Y size tyres. If you are looking for a product like that, the test is among the best sources of information about tyres.

The best 185/65 R15 H summer tyres for 2016

Looking for summer tyres for the coming season? Not sure what to look at? This article will help you best choose your tyres and show you the best models according to the German motoring association ADAC.

Summer tyres test 2016

Find out which summer tyres you can buy if you want to travel safely, comfortably, and economically. Read here about the latest test results from ADAC.

User tests of 195/65 R15 summer tyres for 2016

If your car takes tyres in size 195/65 R15, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article you will find descriptions of the tyres in that size that are most highly rated by our users. Read on and discover what’s worth buying!

User tests of 225/45 R17 summer tyres for 2016

Don’t know which tyres to choose for the upcoming summer? Find out which models in size 225/45 R17 are recommended most often by users of our portal. Thanks to their comments, you can find the summer tyres best suited to both your vehicle and your style of driving.

User tests of 195/60 R15 summer tyres for 2016

Making a final choice of summer tyres is by no means easy. Manufacturers have many different models on offer. How to find out as quickly as possible which products are worthy of consideration? Check out the opinions of other drivers!

User tests of 205/55 R16 summer tyres for 2016

Are you looking for summer tyres in size 205/55 R16? You’ve come to the right place! Here you can read about the models which come highly rated by our customers.

User tests of 175/65 R14 summer tyres for 2016

Tyres in size 175/65 R14 are among the products most frequently sought by motorists for the summer season. For many drivers, however, the choice of summer tyres is too large. If you find yourself in that situation, we are here to help you.

Advanced winter driving techniques

We would all like to think that we’re pretty good drivers, after all, we have all received instruction on how to drive, but one area that gets missed completely is being taught to drive in harsh winter conditions. Perhaps that’s just because we rarely get a winter that tests our abilities, and of course, simulating it would be costly and time-consuming.

How to deal with a tyre blowout while driving

For many drivers, the idea of experiencing a tyre blowout is one of their worst nightmares. Yet it is something that might happen, so you should know how to deal with such a disaster, as well as what preventative measures you can take to prevent car tyre cracks.

Classic motorcycle tyres

All of us saw it in the old, gangster movies: motorcycles with elegant whitewall tyres. Today, there are a few manufacturers on the market offering retro models. Some recommend also the “alternative” methods of painting white stripes on one’s own tyres by hand. Is it a good idea?

Winter driving tips: moving off uphill and downhill

Winter is a particularly difficult season for drivers. In extreme weather conditions even simple manoeuvres become a challenge. Read our article and learn what you need to remember to safely cope with going up- and downhill.

Ranking of premium winter tyres 2014/2015

The best tyres for winter? Here is the answer to your question, prepared by more than 85,000 drivers whose opinions were collected by You won't find such an accurate and reliable set of data about tyres offered on the English market anywhere else on the web.

Obligatory TPMS – a larger expense for owners of new cars

Owners of newer cars have to be prepared to pay more. From the 1st of November, 2014, new EU regulations regarding mandatory tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) come into force. So, how does this influence you as a car owner?

Wheel balancing

Learn how to recognize that your wheels are badly balanced. Read what are the reasons for this. Find out how often you should have the wheels in your car balanced.

Wheel construction

We all know that there’s a lot that goes into the construction and design of a car tyre, but what about the car wheels themselves?

What causes car tyres to burst?

Nobody likes driving on cracked tyres - which is, of course dangerous - and many people fear having to deal with a tyre burst on the road. However, if you know what factors lead to these problems, you can readily improve your safety and avoid such a situation.

Tyre fitting

Regardless of where you buy your tyres, the most important thing is their fitting on the rim. Below we present a description of activities that are performed during tyre fitting on the rim.

Traction of winter tyres

Read about tyre grip in winter conditions. Find out which winter tyre elements have a major impact on the grip.

Quad tyres – type and characteristics of tyres

Every driver of ATV vehicles (All Terrain Vehicle, popularly known as a quad) knows that one of the most important things in any vehicle is a properly chosen set of wheels.

Preparing and protecting motorcycle tyres for winter

Proper storage of a motorcycle in winter is the basis for its efficient performance in the next season. Taking care of all the details related to the cleaning and maintenance of the motorcycle guarantees no unpleasant surprises during the first spring ride. One of the important aspects which should be considered are the tyres.

How to avoid skidding on ice

There are various times, throughout the year, that drivers need to be careful about the risk of skidding. A car skid can occur in numerous conditions, not just during the Autumn and Winter seasons.

Eco driving tips

In these crazy eco-times, the nation of “being green” is creeping into every aspect of daily life. Some time ago, the automotive industry started to follow suit with increased eco-correctness. Today, virtually all manufacturers are looking to offer pro-eco solutions.

Tyre construction-functions of individual elements

Here, you can find out more about what tyres are made of and discover the functions of particular elements. Read on for a description of tyre construction methods used in various tyre types - not...

The best 205/55 R16 H winter tyres for 2015/2016

If you want to buy good winter tyres, you should follow a few rules and pay attention to the right models. In this article, we want to present products in size 205/55 R16 that are currently rated as the best by ADAC.

The best 165/70 R14 T winter tyres for 2015/2016

Do you want to find out which winter tyres to choose for a small or medium-sized car to enjoy safe and comfortable driving for the whole season? Check out the results of the test conducted by the German motoring organisation, ADAC, and you will for sure choose the right tyres for your car.

The best all-season tyres for 2014/2015 in size 195/65 R15 H

Does your car take tyres in this size, and are you trying to decide whether to buy winter or all-season tyres? This article will help resolve your doubts.

Test of 225/50 R17 winter tyres for 2015/2016

Read this text to find out which winter tyres in size 225/50 R17 are the best option, according to ACE (Auto Club Europa) and German technical supervision organisation GTÜ. Size 225/50 R17 tyres are fitted on such models of car as the BMW 5 Series, Audi A4 and A5, Citroen DS5, Honda Accord, Skoda Octavia, Mitsubishi Eclipse, Opel Zafira, Lexus GS, Peugeot 607, Renault Scenic and Volvo S80.

User tests of 225/55 R17 winter tyres for 2015/2016

Are you looking for winter tyres and your tyres size is 225/55 R17? If yes, you should find this text helpful.

User tests of 225/50 R17 winter tyres for 2015/2016

The opinions of other drivers are always extremely useful when choosing tyres. For your benefit, we have prepared a summary of these opinions, showing which models of winter rated tyres in size 225/50 R17 are the most highly rated by our users.

User tests of 215/60 R16 winter tyres for 2015/2016

Do you know which tyres you should choose for this upcoming winter? If not, this article is perfect for you! Here, we list the best winter tyres in size 215/60 R16 according to the opinions of our users.

User tests of 215/55 R17 winter tyres for 2015/2016

Looking for new 215/55 R17 size winter tyres? Here we have information about the very best tyres currently available, as rated and recommended by our users.

User tests of 205/60 R16 winter tyres for 2015/2016

Choosing winter tyres for the 2015/2016 season? We know it’s not easy, so to help you, we have prepared a ranking of the highest rated winter tyres in size 205/60 R16.

User tests of 185/60 R15 winter tyres for 2015/2016

Are you looking to acquire new winter tyres in size 185/60 R15? You’ve come to the right place! Below, we have rankings for the best five winter tyre models in this size, as decided by driver opinions and reviews.

ADAC winter tyres test 2015/2016

In September the ADAC winter tyre tests for season 2015/2016 will be released here. Meanwhile, you can read the summaries of the current tests.

How does a 4x4 car differ from SUVs?

Many people, including drivers, often confuse SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicle) with off-road vehicles, even though they don’t have much in common. With this in mind, how can you distinguish between a typical 4x4 car and an SUV?

Tyre damage: non-uniformity of tyres

A car tyre consists of many elements: the textile carcass layer, steel belts, the tread, sidewalls and sealing layer. All of these parts, put together on a production machine, together form the finished product. At the places where elements are joined, there may occur deviations in thickness, mass and rigidity, leading to non-uniformity of structure.

Studded tyres

From time to time some of our customers ask us on the studded tyres. Read this text to find out what are main benefits and legal limitation of using this type of tyres.

Should You Use Winter Tyres Or All-Season Tyres?

The idea of all season tyres sounds reasonable to many drivers. But are they really safe and eficient? Read more to study this issue.

Camber: Understanding The Wheel’s Angle Of Inclination

In this article from the “Elements of Vehicle Suspension” series, we discuss the question of camber angle. Read to find out more about the angle of inclination of the wheels.

Wide or narrow tyres for winter?

There different oppinions on the proper size for winter tyres. Some sources can suggest that to keep safe on you should use wider tyres than in summer. Thjese opinions could be confronted with suggestions on favour of narrower tyres for winter season. Read this text to learn more on this issue.

Speed and load indices of winter tyres [FAQ]

We often receive e-mails with questions about speed and load indices. Many such questions arise in connection with the fitting of winter tyres. We have decided to select the questions that are asked most frequently, and provide answers to them in the following article.

User tests of 225/45 R17 winter tyres for 2015/2016

Do you know which tyres to choose these season? If not, check out the following ranking of winter tyres. You can definitely find there something for yourself.

User tests of 205/55 R16 winter tyres for 2015/2016

Tyres are the only car element  which has a direct contact with a road surface, this is why their quality is so important to be cared for. We prepared a summary of users’ opinions, which can make your choice easier.

User tests of 195/65 R15 winter tyres for 2015/2016

When choosing tyres remember that they are the only car elements with a direct contact to the road surface. Make an effort to  equip your wheels with adequate tyres. This will make you enjoy a comfortable and safe travelling in the winter season.

User tests of 195/60 R15 winter tyres for 2015/2016

Winter is getting close. Have you already chosen winter tyres to travel on this season? If not, you can find them with us. We present to you a comparison of 5 best models of winter tyres in size 195/60 R15.

User tests of 175/65 R14 winter tyres for 2015/2016

Are you looking for 175/65 R14 winter tyres? You can find them with us! We created for you a ranking of this type of winter tyres and chose the best ones rated by drivers.

Winter Driving Guide: Driving in the Ice and Snow

Winter is the season that many drivers hate. No other time of year requires such a wide range of preparations to be made. Fitting winter tyres, making sure you have antifreeze fluids, having the ignition system checked, using winter fuel for diesel vehicles – and then there are the frequent extreme road conditions.

Directional and Asymmetrical Tyres

We present here the most important information about asymmetric and directional tyres. What are their characteristics, and why are they considered superior to tyres with a symmetric tread?

Mandatory equipment for vehicle in Europe

Find out what you need to take with you if you are setting off on a journey abroad. Remember that all European countries have their own rules about what equipment a vehicle is obliged to carry.

Driving sideways: Why Your Car Skews

Learn how to identify, in four simple steps, the reasons why your vehicle is skewing.

Steel Wheels or Alloy Wheels for Winter

As the winter season approaches, it is time to replace summer tyres with winter ones. The advantages of making such a change are quite widely known, but difficulties sometimes arise in connection with a different question – whether it is possible to use aluminium rims in winter.

How to store wheels and tyres after season

Following a tyre change, many drivers often question what they should do with the spare set of tyres, as these won’t be needed until next season. We offer our advice on how to store wheels and tyres correctly. This will allow you keep your tyres in excellent condition for years.

Tyre pressure in the summer

Tyres are the only part of a car to make direct contact with the road surface. However, it isn’t the tyres themselves that carry the weight of the vehicle, as this is down to the pressure of the air inside them. Because of this, it is essential to maintain the correct tyre pressure if your tyres are to provide the correct handling, traction and durability promised by the manufacturer.

Winter tyres rating 2014/2015

If you’re looking for winter tyres, we’ve prepared a list of the best winter tyres, using their performance and results in various tests. These rankings are compiled to help you quickly find out which tyres are worth considering for your vehicle this year.

The best summer tyres 185/60 R14 H (2015)

Tyres in size 185/60 R14 are models in high demand, as they are fitted to popular cars such as the Seat Ibiza and Volkswagen Polo. If you’re looking for summer tyres in this size, you can read this article to find out more about the best products available, as well as how to choose the optimum tyres for your car.

The best summer tyres 205/55 R16 (2015)

When it comes to tyre sizes, one of the most popular sizes is 205/55 R16. If you’re looking for a new set in this size for the summer, we’ve compiled some information that should prove very useful for you.

User tests of 185/65 R15 summer tyres for 2015

Have you been looking for new summer tyres for your car? If you’re not sure which models are the best for your car and you’re looking for tyres in size 185/65 R15, you’re in the right place. Here, we provide rankings for some of the most popular car tyres in this size.

User tests of 175/65 R14 summer tyres for 2015

Tyres in size 175/65 R14 are highly sort after by many drivers, as they fit a number of popular vehicles. As such, there is a wide range of summer tyres available, so what is the best option for you? Here, we use the views and recommendations of other drivers to present the 5 best options in this tyre size.

User tests of 215/55 R16 summer tyres for 2015

If you’re looking for the best summer tyres in size 215/55 R16, we have compiled a list of the best five options. This is based on the opinions submitted in our portal from various drivers and their views can help you find the optimum tyres for your needs and driving style.

User tests of 185/65 R14 summer tyres for 2015

If you haven’t purchased your new summer tyres yet, it is certainly time to do so. However, if you can’t decide which model to go for and you’re looking for tyres in size 185/65 R14, we’ve compiled some useful information to help you make this choice.

User tests of 205/55 R16 summer tyres for 2015

Choosing new car tyres is never easy, even when you know what type of tyre you need. If you’re searching for the right summer tyres in size 205/55 R16, look no further! We’ve compiled some useful information to help you complete your search.

User tests of 195/65 R15 summer tyres for 2015

Are you looking for the right summer tyres in 195/65 R15? This is a very popular choice of tyre size, resulting in a wide range of summer models to choose from. We’ve compiled this summary to help make this choice quicker and easier for you.

Tests of 205/55 R16 summer tyres for 2015

Professional motoring organisations don’t spend long being idle. They always test a wide range of summer tyres to help find the best options. As a driver, you can use the tests by ACE/GTÜ to find the safest summer tyres, In the case of this article, we will look at size 205/55 R16.

ADAC summer tyre tests 2015

Twice every season, ADAC conducts tests to find the best models of tyre. The results of these tests help drivers all over the world to choose the tyres that are best for them and their vehicles.

The best winter tyres for 2014/2015 in size 195/65 R15 T

Many of the mid-range and compact cars that are popular in England take tyres in size 195/65 R15. If, like many drivers, you are seeking a product in this class, you have come to the right place. The prestigious ADAC organization has published the results of its tests, which a lot of drivers find helpful.

ADAC winter tyre tests 2014/2015, size 195/65 R15 T

ADAC has once again published the results of its tests of winter tyres in the most popular size. Thanks to these, and the opinions submitted by other drivers, you will be able to choose the best winter tyres for you and your vehicle this winter.

ADAC winter tyre tests 2014/2015, size 175/65 R14 T

As it does every year, the German motoring organization ADAC has tested the performance of selected models of winter tyre. Find out which models were most highly rated on this occasion.

The best winter tyres for 2014/2015 in size 175/65 R14 T

Small cars are used as an everyday means of transport by many English drivers. Do you want to find out which winter tyres to choose for such a car so as to enjoy safe and comfortable driving for the whole season? Check out the results of the test below.

ADAC winter tyres test 2014/2015

By the end of September or in October the ADAC 2014/2015 winter tyres test results will be placed here. Meanwhile we encourage you to read the outcomes of other tests that provide a priceless help in the selection of appropriate tyres.


Winter tyres – what’s new for the 2014/2015 season

With the cold season fast approaching, many drivers will soon be needing to buy a set of winter tyres. The latest models on the market - with a particular focus for those in the premium class - have been designed using the latest technologies, so it is well worth considering these models for your next car tyres.

User tests of 195/55 R15 winter tyres for 2014/2015

See what tyres in size 195/55 R15 are most frequently recommended by our users. Read the opinions submitted by other drivers, and select the tyres that best suit your vehicle and your driving style.

User tests of 195/60 R15 winter tyres for 2014/2015

Choosing tyres is never easy. To help you select the best model for your car, we have prepared a list of the best tyres in size 195/60 R15 according to the opinions of other drivers.

User tests of 185/65 R15 winter tyres for 2014/2015

Tyres in size 185/65 R15 are among the products most frequently sought by motorists. Choosing a specific model is not easy, because of the many different options available. Your purchase will certainly be made easier by our ranking list of the most popular tyres, which you can find below. 

User tests of 175/65 R14 winter tyres for 2014/2015

To be sure of buying good tyres, it is recommended to check out the results of tyre tests and the opinions of motorists who have driven on particular models. To make the choice easier, we have listed the best five winter tyres in size 175/65 R14, based on the opinions of our users. 

User tests of 205/65 R15 winter tyres for 2014/2015

Drivers very often seek tyres in size 205/65 R15 for their vehicles. The selection of a particular tyre model is made much easier by rankings of various types. For this reason, we present below a list of the tyres in that size which are most highly rated by users. 

User tests of 205/60 R16 winter tyres for 2014/2015

See which tyres in size 205/60 R16 are considered the best by users. From this listing you will find out which models are recommended by other drivers, and you can choose tyres that suit your vehicle and your driving style.

User tests of 195/65 R15 winter tyres for 2014/2015

Wondering which tyres to choose for this winter? To make the task easier, we have compiled a list of the best winter tyres in size 195/65 R15 based on opinions submitted by drivers.

User tests of 205/55 R16 winter tyres for 2014/2015

Looking for winter tyres appropriate to your car? Find out which models in size 205/55 R16  are recommended by the Oponeo users. Read other drivers' opinions and choose the tyres exactly corresponding to your needs.

Tests of 225/45 R17 summer tyres for 2014

Find out the results of this season’s first summer tyre test. Learn which models of tyre perform best on compact and segment D cars. 

Summer tyres – what’s new for the 2014 season

Before the start of every new season, car tyre manufacturers often present their latest products to drivers. Each tyre represents many years of experience, as well long periods of testing and design, offering improved or new designs.

Tyre rankings – how are tyre noise and comfort tested?

In this part of our series about how ranking lists of tyres are prepared, we consider how noise and comfort are assessed in tyre tests.

Replacement tyres: advantages and disadvantages of changing wheel sizes

In this article, we will explore how to properly choose replacement car tyres. When it comes to changing wheel and tyre sizes, it helps to understand all the possible advantages and disadvantages.

How to fit asymmetric tyres

Due to their pattern, both directional and asymmetric tyres require a specific method of fitting. In this article, we will look at how to fit asymmetric car tyres, with a step by step guide, as well as a greater understanding of their key characteristics.

M+S and 3PMSF tyre markings. How to check whether a tyre is suitable for winter.

Did you know that M+S marking does not necessarily indicate the winter properties of tyres? Learn why.

When to change from winter to summer tyres

When to switch from winter to summer tyres? What is the best time to replace your winter tyres with summer ones? What do you need to bear in mind when changing tyres?

The best summer tyres for 2014 according to manufacturers

Listed here are this year’s summer tyres as recommended by the world’s largest manufacturers. Find out which models of tyre are most worthy of attention.

Wheel spacers. Does wider mean better?

When taking a closer look at tuned sports cars, we can often notice that many vehicles seem to utilise a wheelbase that is wider than the factory-produced model. This is achieved by the use of spacers, helping to push out the wheel and car tyre. Here, we will look at the various benefits and changes that come with the use of wheel spacers.

Hub diameter, wheel central bore and spigot rings

When it comes to the various characteristics and factors of a wheel, the central bore size is a parameter which is commonly ignored. Yet, this can be rather in effective when buying new car wheels, as the wrong diameter can have so problematic consequences.

The ADAC 2014 test of 195/65 R15 V summer tyres

The German automobile association ADAC has completed its tests of summer tyres. Find out what models are rated the best this season.

The ADAC 2014 test of 175/65 R14 T summer tyres

The prestigious German automobile association ADAC has tested the performance of selected models of summer tyres. The information given here will help ensure that you choose only good tyres for the 2014 season.

The best summer tyres for 2014 according to ADAC

See which models of tyres were most successful in the ADAC tests for the 2014 summer season. Find out what all-round performance parameters they offer, and whether they help reduce fuel consumption.

The best 195/65 R15 V summer tyres for 2014

Tyres in size 195/65 R15 V are most often found on mid-range and compact cars. In this article you will find out how best to choose the most suitable tyres and learn which are the best models in this size.

The best 175/65 R14 T summer tyres for 2014

Many of us use small cars to make our everyday journeys. To be sure that you choose the right tyres for your car, it is worth analysing the results of tests carried out on tyres of the appropriate size. You will find the results of one such test below. 

Motorbike tyres: temperature and grip

Here, we will explore how the temperature of your tyres affects your motorbike’s grip. This includes learning how to check the tyre temperature, as well as what you need to do to ensure safe driving.

Motorbike tyres: different types according to use

The motorcycle season gets under way every spring, always bring a crop of new two-wheeler enthusiasts with it. Here, we consider the different types of motorcycle tyres available, as this is when many existing owners may start to consider racing with their bike, for instance.

Motorbike tyres – wear and damage

In this article, we will discuss the issues of premature wear on motorcycle tyres. Find out what signs you should be keeping an eye out for, as these can be a major cause for concern. We will also discuss how to prevent tyres from wearing out prematurely in the first place.

Motorbike tyres – advice for users

When it comes to owning and caring for a motorbike, looking after your motorcycle tyres is vital. Much of this will be similar to looking after car tyres but, if you’ve never had a car before, then this guide will give you the help you need.

Motorcycle wheels

When it comes to motorcycles, the wheels involved require a little extra care than traditional car tyres. Here, we will go over some of the basic maintenance tips required for keeping high quality bike wheels.

The ADAC summer tyres tests 2014

Tyres tests made by German organisation ADAC are considered as one of the most reliable and prestigious in the whole world. Many drivers, before they buy new tyres, check the ADAC test results, to choose the best products. 

User tests of 185/60 R14 summer tyres for 2014

Thanks to 70 thousand opinions submitted by driviers on our portal you are able to learn about the best summer tyres for season 2014.

User tests of 195/50 R15 summer tyres for 2014

Check out the best tyres in size 195/50 R15. These are the models being recommended by the users of our portal. Compare the models and choose the one that comes up to your expectations. 

User tests of 195/60 R15 summer tyres for 2014

Check out which models of the summer tyres are the most popular among the British drivers. The test below will help you choose the tyres exactly corresponding to your needs. 

User tests of 205/60 R16 summer tyres for 2014

Wondering what tyres to choose for your car? Check out which models in size 205/60 R16 are recommended by our users and choose the ones adapted to your needs and your driving style.

User tests of 215/45 R17 summer tyres for 2014

Wondering what tyres to choose for your car? Check out opinions of other drivers and choose the model adapted to your needs. Over 70 thousand opinions submitted on our portal will help you pick tyres fitted to your car and your driving style.

User tests of 215/50 R17 summer tyres for 2014

Looking for tyres 215/50 R17 appropriate to your car? Find out which models are recommended by our users and make an informed choice.

User tests of 215/55 R16 summer tyres for 2014

Looking for summer tyres appropriate to your car? Find out which models in size 215/55 R16  are recommended by the Oponeo users. Read other drivers' opinions and choose the tyres exactly corresponding to your needs.

User tests of 215/60 R16 summer tyres for 2014

Our ranking will help you make a quick and accurate choice of the appropriate summer tyres for 2014. Check out which model deserves your attention.

User tests of 215/65 R16 summer tyres for 2014

Wondering what summer tyres to choose for your car? Learn about other drivers' opinions and pick out tyres corresponding to your needs and your driving style.

User tests of 225/50 R17 summer tyres for 2014

Noting the opinions of other drivers makes choosing a tyre much easier. Find out below which models of summer tyre are most highly rated.

User tests of 225/55 R16 summer tyres for 2014

Looking for the ideal tyres for your car? Take advantage of our list of the top-rated summer tyres in size 225/55 R16 and check out which models are in the lead.

User tests of 235/45 R17 summer tyres for 2014

The ranking below will help you quickly choose the right model of summer tyre for you and your car.

User tests of 225/45 R17 summer tyres for 2014

See what our users think are the best models of summer tyre in size 225/45 R17. Find out what tyres are recommended by other drivers, and choose the best product for your car.

User tests of 205/55 R16 summer tyres for 2014

Find out which summer tyres in size 205/55 R16 are considered the best by Oponeo users. Learn which tyres are being recommended by other drivers, and choose the ideal model for your car.

User tests of 195/65 R15 summer tyres for 2014

Wondering which summer tyres to choose for this season? Check out which models in size 195/65 R15 are rated best by Oponeo users. Read the opinions of other drivers and choose the optimum tyres for your vehicle.

2014 tests of summer tyres size 185/65 R15, according to users

See what summer tyres size 185/65 R15 are the best according to our users. Check which models drivers recommend and choose the best tyres for your car.

2014 summer tyre tests size 185/65 R14 according to users

See what tyres size 185/65R14 Oponeo users most often recommend. Compare models and choose the one that will prove best in your car.

2014 summer tyre tests size 175/65 R14 according to users

Check which tyres in the size 175/65 R14 are most often recommended by Oponeo users. Read the other drivers’ reviews and choose the ideal tyre model for your car.

2014 tests of summer tyres size 185/60 R15, according to users

Tyre choice does not have to be difficult. The ranking placed below will help you choose your summer tyres faster than you think.

2014 summer tyre tests size 165/70 R14 according to users

What kinds of summer tyres in size 165/70 R14 do other drivers recommend? Read and learn about the best tyres for small and medium-sized cars, according to our users.

User tests of 215/55 R17 winter tyres for 2013/2014

Looking for winter tyres in size 215/55 R17 and not knowing which model you should choose? Our list of tyres recommended by other drivers will help you. Read more.

User tests of 185/70 R14 winter tyres for 2013/2014

Find out which winter tyres in size 185/70 R14 have been recognised as the best by our users. Find out which tyres are recommended by other drivers and choose a perfect model for your car.

User tests of 215/55 R16 winter tyres for 2013/2014

Find out which winter tyres in size 215/55 R16 are recommended by other drivers. Choose the perfect tyres to suit you and your car.

User tests of 205/60 R16 winter tyres for 2013/2014

Don’t you know which winter tyre model you should choose? Find out the ranking of winter tyres and choose your tyres quickly and easily.

User tests of 195/70 R15 winter tyres for 2013/2014

Find out about the best delivery van tyres in size 195/70 R15 according to other drivers. Choose the best tyres for your car. Read more.

User tests of 195/60 R15 winter tyres for 2013/2014

Don’t you know which winter tyre model you should choose? Are you looking for products tested by other drivers? You will find them here.

User tests of 195/55 R15 winter tyres for 2013/2014

Find out which winter tyres are the best in this size and choose your model.

User tests of 185/65 R14 winter tyres for 2013/2014

Looking out for good winter tyres in this size? You will find the best models in our list.

User tests of 185/60 R15 winter tyres for 2013/2014

Wondering which winter tyres in size 185/60 R15 are the best? Opinions submitted by other drivers will be of some help. Find out which models in this size are recommended by our users.

User tests of 175/70 R14 winter tyres for 2013/2014

Buying the right winter tyres can be easy and fast. The task will be easier with our ranking of winter tyres.

User tests of 175/70 R13 winter tyres for 2013/2014.

No idea which winter tyres in size 175/70 R13 are the best? Here, opinions submitted by our website users come to your aid. Find out which models in this size are the best according to the users.

User tests of 175/65 R15 winter tyres for 2013/2014

Looking for winter tyres in size 175/65 R15 for your car? Check which models have been recommended by other drivers. Read the article.

User tests of 165/70 R14 winter tyres for 2013/2014

We present you the top winter tyres in size 165/70 R14 according to our website users. Find out which tyre models have been given the highest rating from other drivers.

User tests of 195/55 R16 winter tyres for 2013/2014

The following ranking will help you to find the right winter tyre model quickly. Read more.

User tests of 155/80 R13 Winter tyres for 2013/2014

Experience gained by other drivers is extremely useful when choosing winter tyres. Here, you can find the top 5 tyres in size 155/80 R13.

The ADAC winter tyre tests 2013/2014: size 225/45 R17 H

We present here the results of tests of winter tyres in size 225/45 R17 H. Find out which models are the best for powerful and dynamic cars.

The ADAC winter tyre tests 2013/2014: size 185/60 R15 T

Find out which models of tyres scored best in one of the first tests of winter tyres in this season. This information will help you quickly choose the right tyres to serve you right through the winter.

ACE/GTÜ winter tyre tests 2013/2014 for size 185/60 R15

Ahead of every winter season, various motoring organizations and magazines carry out tyre tests. Read this article to find out about the best models of winter tyres in size 185/60 R15.

User tests of 225/50 R17 winter tyres for 2013/2014

Don’t know what model of winter tyre to choose? Take advantage of our ranking list of winter tyres and you will quickly find the right tyre to buy.

User tests of 215/65 R16 winter tyres for 2013/2014

Take advantage of the experience of other drivers, and choose the tyre model that they consider to be the best. You can make a quick choice using the ranking list given below.

User tests of 215/60 R16 Winter tyres for 2013/2014

Looking for the best winter tyres, but do not know which ones to choose? Read this article to find out what models in size 215/60 R16 are recommended by other drivers.

User tests of 225/45 R17 winter tyres for 2013/2014

Learn about the best winter tyres in size 225/45 R17 and pick out the ideal tyres for you and your car.

User tests of 205/55 R16 winter tyres for 2013/2014

Check out the best tyres in size 205/55 R16. These are the models being recommended by users of our portal – drivers like you! Not sure which tyres to buy? You have come to the right place.

User tests of 195/65 R15 winter tyres for 2013/2014

Wondering what tyres to choose for this winter? To make the task easier, we have compiled a list of the best winter tyres in size 195/65 R15, based on opinions submitted by drivers.

User tests of 185/65 R15 winter tyres for 2013/2014

Are you looking for tyres for your car in size 185/65 R15? Check out which models users of our portal are recommending. By reading the comments of others, you will find it easier to pick the tyres that best meet your needs.

User tests of 185/60 R14 winter tyres for 2013/2014

Are you looking for good winter tyres in size 185/60 R14? Read here about the five models in that size that are most highly rated by other drivers.

User tests of 175/65 R14 winter tyres for 2013/2014

Check which winter tyres in size 175/65 R14 are most highly recommended by other drivers. Find out which tyres make the best buy this winter.

User tests of 145/70 R13 winter tyres for 2013/2014

Are you planning to buy winter tyres in size 145/70 R13? Read this article to help you make your choice.

Winter tyres – what’s new for the 2013/2014 season

As is always the case for this time of year, car tyre manufacturers are bringing out their newest models of winter tyres. Which models have appeared on the market this time and what are their key characteristics? Here, we look at some of the newest options for this winter season.

ADAC Winter Tyre Tests 2013/2014

See the results of winter tyre tests conducted by ADAC in 2013/2014 season.

Test of summer tyres 2013 in size 205/55 R16 V

You can check the results of a subsequent, in this season, 205/55 R16 V summer tyre test for 2013

2013 summer tyre test, size 205/55 R16 V - what is the best tread?

See the examination of 205/55 R16 V conducted by professionals from German "Gute Fahrt" magazine.

2013 summer tyre test, size 235/65 R17 V SUV

Are you looking for good tyres for SUV? "Auto Bild Allrad" helps you to make this hard decision and publishes the tyre classification for this kind of tyres.

Test of summer tyres 2013 in size 215/55 R16 V

Here is another series of this year's summer tyre tests. Are you looking only for proven models? See the results of tests!

Test of Summer Tyres 2013 size 195/65 R15 V - what tyres should I buy

A test of summer tyres conducted by a popular magazine "Auto Bild"

2013 ADAC summer tyre test 195/65 R15 V size

Find out which 195/65 R15 V tyre models are recommended by ACE and GTÜ?

2013 ADAC summer tyre test 185/60 R15 H size

Check the results of one of the most recent summer 2013 tyres test for 185/60 R15 H size.

2013 ADAC summer tyre test 225/45 R17 W/Y size

ADAC published the opinion on what are the best models for 225/45 R17 W/Y tyre size.

2013 ADAC Summer tyres test

Check which tyre models are the best for the summer 2013, according to ADAC tyres test.

Summer tyres - 2013 launches

Every year, manufacturers bring out new summer tyre models and this year is no different. To help you get the best possible car tyres for your vehicle, we’ve compiled our ratings of the new tyres launched for the 2013 summer season.

How often should tyres be replaced?

When we buy new car tyres, we like to use them for as long as possible. Because of this, we often ask the seller how many seasons or miles a given tyer will last. Unfortunately, such an answer is never easy, as there a multitude of factors that can contribute to this.

Are retreaded tyres worth buying?

Many drivers are often tempted by retreaded tyres, often due to their cheaper price or to for more environmentally friendly driving. Yet, are they worth the consideration? Here, we will explore the various advantages and disadvantages that these types of car tyre can offer.

Which premium-class tyres should I buy?

Each driver needs tyres adapted to their needs and driving style. See what premium tyres are characterized by and who they are intended for and which models are the most popular.

Medium-class tyres - the best models

Each driver prefers a slightly different driving style, which often results in the need for slightly different car tyres. For many drivers, medium class tyres are an excellent choice but, even then, there is plenty of variation between the various models.

Budget tyres- the best models

For many drivers, the cost is a big option when considering new tyre options. As such, economy class car tyres are often the go-to option. Yet, even here, there is a broad range of models available.

Radial tyres – characteristics

Since its development and patent by the Michelin tyre company on June 4th, 1946, the radial tyre has been a key part of the car tyre industry.
In fact, many would say it helped accelerate the automotive industry. So, just what are the advantages of this invention, compared to alternative tyre designs?

Tyre warranty - comparison of manufacturers

What are the tyre warranty periods? How to make a complaint? Find out whether tyre warranty is just a marketing trick!

Rain tyres - which tyres are the best for a wet surface?

Are you looking for a way to help improve your car’s driving performance in the rain? Rain tyres, as the name implies, can help provide better performance on wet surfaces. Here, we explore what makes tyres perform better in this area and how you can find the best rain tyres for your car.

Summer Tyres Test- ADAC 2013

2013 ADAC summer tyre tests are one of the most reliable source of tyre reviews. In our article we present the best tested tyres by one of the most well known testing organizations German automobile club ADAC.

Motorcycle tyres – user’s guide

If you own a motorcycle, taking care of your motor bike tyres is essential. Properly maintained, bike tyres can ensure a smooth ride and allow your motorcycle to perform as it is meant to.

Motorcycle tyres: Sizes, markings and construction.

While most motorcyclists can use a tyre size guide to find the right tyres for their bike, not everyone understands the wider extend of the tyre markings found on the side of a product.   

The story of Yokohama tyres

The operations of Yokohama Rubber are divided into two main segments. Read and find out more about the history of this Japanese firm.

The story of Uniroyal tyres

Today, Uniroyal tyres are well known by many drivers, especially for their rain tyres. If you’ve ever wondered how this company came to be, as well as who owns Uniroyal today, read on to learn the history behind this firm.

The story of Toyo tyres

We should begin by deciphering the name cited above, part by part. Toyo is the company’s proper name, and Gomu Kogyo translates more or less as “tyre firm”. Kabushiki kaisha is the equivalent of a public limited company in Japanese law. It should be noted that although Toyo is the youngest of Japan’s major tyre manufacturers. Learn more about this interesting company.

The story of Sava tyres

It was almost 90 years ago that the brothers Franc and Peter Sumi, together with Alojz Pirc and Jozko Veber, set up the Atlanta company, trading in rubber goods. Thus was born the predecessor of Sava, today a leading Central European manufacturer of tyres, which following a series of transformations is now part of the Goodyear group.

The story of Pirelli tyres

For more than a hundred years the story of Pirelli has been written in parallel with the history of the motor industry. The birth of one of the most important firms in the history of the tyre industry took place even before mankind had invented the light bulb.

The story of Nokian tyres

Today, Nokian tyres are a popular choice for surviving snow and other rough driving surfaces. It should come as no surprise, then, to learn that the company has its origins in the colder climate of Scandinavia.

The story of Michelin tyres

Everyone knows him – the creature with a human shape, looking a bit like a boy made of Lego, Casper the cartoon ghost, or the legendary Golem. The Michelin Man, also called Bibendum, has been a constant companion of the firm that has pushed the tyre industry forward for many decades with successive watershed inventions.

The story of Kleber tyres

When the French general Jean-Baptiste Kléber died in Cairo in 1800, the concept of a tyre industry was something people at the time could simply not even dream of. How was the general to know, then, that more than 100 years after his death, through an interesting series of events, his name would be used for one of the world’s most popular choice of car tyres?

The story of Hankook tyres

The world’s seventh largest car tyre manufacturer, Hankook are also the oldest and largest producer of Korean tyres. Over 50 years since its foundation, Hankook’s bosses still follow the founders’ original motto - “the road must be precisely planned in order to reach full satisfaction.”

The story of Goodyear tyres

In ancient Greek mythology, there was a god, Hermes, known for wearing winged sandals. Thanks to their speed, Hermes was able to move from one place to another faster than anyone else. Hundreds of years have passed since then and now the winged sandals have been exchanged for tyres. Don’t get us wrong, however, as Goodyear tyres still come with a winged foot.

The story of Fulda tyres

Fulda is a pearl of Baroque architecture in central Germany and it is here, not far from Frankfurt, that Fulda tyres has its earliest roots.

The story of Firestone tyres

Akron in Ohio. Indeed here, in the city later on called the world’s capital of rubber industry, in 1900 one of the pioneering makes in tyre industry was born. Firestone? Yes, the name sounds dangerous and dignified. The company owes it to its founder – Harvey S. Firestone. 

The story of Falken tyres

Ever since it was discovered a good few centuries ago, America has been seen as the promised land by millions of people, including artists, sporting competitors and businessmen. Falken, a firm specializing in producing tyres for cars with extremely powerful engines, was also created with the aim of conquering the New World.

The story of Dunlop tyres

The story of how Dunlop became inspired to begin producing tyres sounds today like a legend, comparable to that of Archimedes and his “Eureka” moment. In this article you will find fascinating history of Dunlop brand.

The story of Dębica tyres

Today, Debica tyres are well beloved and a popular choice among drivers, but how did this company first come to be?

The story of Dayton tyres

Dayton is the smallest and least known member of the Bridgestone Tyre group, although it is almost three decades older than the larger Japanese giant it belongs to. Dayton tyres were also one of the founders of American tyre power, which has its origins in various places across the state of Ohio.

Continental Tyres History

Continental-Caoutchouc und Gutta-Percha Compagnie was the original name of the firm which began trading on 8 October 1871. The range of its operations at that time might seem surprising: apart from tyres for carts and bicycles, it originally also produced footwear, waterproof fabrics, and shortly afterwards also balls and toys. And what about car tyres?

Bridgestone Tyres History

When in the early 1930s Shojiro Ishibashi laid the foundations for what would become a global tyre superpower, he knew that its name would be of key importance. Because in those times products from America and Britain enjoyed an excellent reputation, Ishibashi applied a rather cunning stratagem. He translated his name literally into English, and in the resulting phrase “stone bridge” switched the order of the words... And thus Bridgestone was born.

The story of BFGoodrich tyres

The story of BFGoodrich begins in 1870 in the town of Akron, Ohio, where Dr Benjamin Franklin Goodrich, a military surgeon from the time of the civil war, set up North America’s first rubber factory together with a small laboratory.

The story of Barum tyres

Today Barum tyres are well known car tyre products, but their origins lie in three different Czech firms: the Bata, Mitas and Rubena tyres companies. In fact, it is from these three names that the name of “Barum” is derived from.

67th FIM Rally 2012 [report]

OPONEO recently had the pleasure of welcoming to Poland those attending the FIM Rally, held in the beautiful Polish city of Bydgoszcz. Read the report from this event.

Tread Patterns On Asymmetrical Tyres

Asymmetric tyres offer many benefits to drivers but not everyone is aware of how these tyres work. We answer some common questions, exploring why this tread pattern is so useful!

Tyre widths. Narrow or wide winter tyres?

The topic of tyre widths is one that can often prove controversial, as drivers often have their own opinions and differing preferences. However, there are some benefits to changing your tyre width and, here, we will discuss whether it’s worth using wide or narrow tyres in the winter.

Tread wear – how to recognise it?

When driving, it is vital to have car tyres that are safe and of a decent quality. One of the key factors of this is the level of tread wear that your products have gone through. Checking your tyres for this can highlight when they are in need of replacing or repairing.

How does tyre storage impact their properties?

Tyres age over time so, even when not in use, the vital properties inherent in the materials and compounds used can fade. This can result in noticeable changes in performance.

2010 ADAC test of 225 45 R17 summer tyres

In this article we present the official results for size 225 45 R17 test by the German Automobile Club ADAC and Warentest foundation of summer tyres. We clearly present all advantages and disadvantages of 225 45 R17  tested tyres.

Tyre ranking – can tyre tests be trusted?

In this article we discuss the notion of tyre tests can be credibility. We assess how objective the tests are. We enlist the most influential tyre tests in Europe and explain the controversial scores.

The influence of front and rear wheel suspension toe on handling

Typically, car toe suspension is not a topica that comes up until something is wrong and is having an influence on the car’s performance, specifically with the tyres, suspension and performance.

The best winter tyres – tyre evolution

This article answers the question of how winter tyres develop. The reader will learn how advanced technologies translate into the market success and what tyre evolution process is. We discuss here the possibility of an upcoming revolution in winter tyre technologies. We also present possible stable and balanced tyre evolution of individual features in winter tyres.

205 55 R16 W summer tyres test

If your car can drive faster than 150 mph, you will need a car tyre with a speed index of W (167 mph) or higher. Even if you don’t drive your car this fast, you need the relevant tyres or you will likely have problems with both the police and the insurance company. It doesn’t matter how fast you drive: legally, you are required to use tyres that match your vehicle’s top performance.

Winter tyres in Europe

Which European countries require the use of winter tyres and additional winter accessories? Find out here.

What tyres? A guide to choosing summer tyres

When it comes to choosing tyres, many people don’t know what they need for summer tyres. Here, we explain what factors and areas you should be looking at.

The best winter tyres of ADAC 2010/2011 tyre tests

2010/2011 ADAC winter tyre tests are one of the most reliable source of tyre reviews. In our article we present the best tested tyres by one of the most well known testing organizations German automobile club ADAC.

2009 ADAC test of 185 60 R14 T winter tyres

In this article we present the official results for size 185 60R14 test by the German Automobile Club ADAC and Warentest foundation of winter tyres. We clearly present all advantages and disadvantages of various tested tyres.

Tyre sizes

When it comes to finding out information about your tyres, whether it’s the tyre diameter or the overall size, this can all be found on the tyre’s markings. If you’re not sure where to look, or how important this information is, let our guide shed some light on the matter.

Premium Tyres Or Economy Tyres: Tyre Choice

When discussing car tyres, products are often separated into various “classes” or “segments”. This can confuse drivers and, as a result, there are a lot of myths and misunderstandings surrounding this form of classification.

Myth Busting: Tyre Dot Codes & More

When it comes to car tyres, like a lot of the automotive industry, there are many myths that are popularly believed.

2010 ADAC test of 185 65 R15 summer tyres

2010 ADAC 185 65 R15 summer tyres test is one of the most reliable source of tyre reviews. In our article we present all the pros and cons of 19 summer tyres tested by one of the most well known testing organizations German automobile club ADAC. 

New tyres 2010/2011 for winter season

Every year some new tyres appear on the market. If you crave for something new and better our article is for you. In our article the reader can check the new products for 2010/2011 winter season and read all about new models of winter tyres.Learn about properties of new tyres such as Michelin Alpin A4, Vredestein Wintrac Nextreme and many others.

Which tyre size for my car?

When it comes to your car wheels, it is always vital to have the correct tyre size. Of course, this can, for many drivers, be a complex process, as they do not know where to find this information.

Tyre age and other tyre markings

In this article the reader can find and decipher the most important tyre markings. Among others, he or she is going to findthe date of production, size and speed index. The article describes how asymmetrical tyres are marked andhow to check if a tyre is approved for a given car model. Our lavishly illustrated material is easy to read.

2010/2011 ADAC test of 225/45 R17 winter tyres

In our article the reader can check the results of the 2010/2011 ADAC test for size 225/45 R17 winter tyres. The article includes the table which has all the detailed results.It is really worth reading as the article points out the best winter tyres in this season.

2010/2011 ranking of best winter tyres

In our article the reader is going to check which winter tyres are the best in the 2010/2011 season according to tyre companies. Moreover, he or she is going to learn what is worth buying and what to choose for driving around the city, and which tyres are the best for longer trips. 2010/2011 best winter tyres ranking is going to help everyone.

2010/2011 ADAC test of 205/55 R16 H winter tyres

In this article we present ADAC test results for 205 55 R 16 tyres. In this simply written article you are going to see all pros and cons of buying particular models of tyres. Thanks to our article you can make conscious and professional choice.

2010/2011 ADAC test of 185/65 R15 winter tyres

In this article we present  the results and tables for the ADAC 2010/2011 test of 185/65 R15 winter tyres. We offer clear description of advantages and disadvantages of particular tyres. From our article the reader willget reliable knowledgeabout the best winter tyres.

ADAC 2010/2011 winter tyre test

From our article our readers will learn what is famous ADAC organization and what it usually tests during its renowned  ADAC tyre tests. Here we discuss in greater detail winter tyre test. Finally, we describe all components of ADAC tyre test such as: dry surface handling, wet surface handling, ice surface handling, rolling noise levels, fuel consumption, tyre wear.

The best winter from 2010/2011 tyre tests

Which winter tyres should I choose?This is a question asked by numerous drivers every year.When choosing new winter tyres, one should consider tests conducted by acclaimed institutions and periodicals.Check which tyres ranked highest in six winter tyre tests in the 2010/2011 season. Learn which tyre was unrivalled this year.

The best summer tyres

This article is for people who want to change their summer tyres and do not know which make they should choose. It describes one by one main brands.  The article is invaluable help in making a conscious summer tyres choice.

Tread wear and grip - an ADAC test

How well does a winter tyre perform when it’s tread wear down? ADAC tested tyre grip at 3 different levels and the results are surprising!

What should be the winter tyre pressure

Winter tyre pressure is of vital importance to every tyre performance. This article describes the consequences of improper winter tyre pressure and explains why in winter we should check pressure even more often. 

When should I install my winter tyres?

It is said that winter tyres should be installed when the temperature during the day falls below 7°C. Our article discusses this notion. Here the reader will find the explanation for the 7°C phenomena.

Should my winter tyres be narrower? – Changing tyre size.

The winter season is approaching, and so do the dilemmas of choosing the right tyres.In this article, we will talk about changing tyre size of winter tyres.We discuss the notion of using narrower tyres for snow conditions and consequences of changing tyre size in winter.

Part worn and used tyres

Many drivers consider buying part worn tyres, but used products are never a good idea. We explain why here!

Why should I get winter tyres?

In this article you will find the comparison of all-season tyres and winter tyres. The reader will find benefits of winter tyres and all-season tyres.

Should I replace my winter tyres?-Tyre tread depth.

In this article the reader will acquire knowledge about how to judge when tyres are worn and when they should be replaced. It clearly presents the notion of tread wear indicator and shows easy method to check tyre tread depth. Finally, it explains wearing signs that we should be worried about. 

Which winter tyres should I choose?

When driving in the winter, the right tyres can offer you efficient performance and grip. As such, it’s important that drivers can readily identify which winter tyres are suitable for them.

Changing tyres at 7 degrees - is it truth or fiction?

When it comes to changing between winter tyres and summer tyres, most people are always told to do so when the temperature drops or rises (depending on which season you are entering) 7 degrees.

Tyre fitting, or how to choose the right tyre fitting centre?

When it comes to getting new car tyres, many drivers like to ensure they are fitted by professionals. As such, choosing the right tyre fitting centre can be important, especially if you don’t already have a trusted mechanic in mind.

Wheel alignment

When it comes to ensuring a smooth and safe ride, your car wheel alignment is vital. Yet, this is something that many drivers don’t understand, or simply aren’t aware of. A car is a complex machine and, with four different contact points, understanding the nature of this four wheel alignment is certainly something worth knowing.

OE tyres, approved tyres

When it comes to OE tyres, many manufacturers use their own codes of approval. This is something that many drivers don’t always understand, so let’s explore some of the more popular terms.

Tyre age - a guide

Tyre age is encoded on every tyre. In this article we explain how to read tyre age from DOT number on tyres. Checking tyre age turns out to be a piece of cake.  Furthermore, it explains how old tyres can be to use them.

Pressure sensors in tyres – TPMS

TPMS, or tyre pressure monitoring systems, are becoming increasingly important. In March of 2011, the European Parliament adopted a new directive, making such tyre pressure sensors mandatory in all new cars. However, such a law has been in place in North America since 2003, so pressure sensors are already quite popular.

Tyre pressure

Tyre pressure is extremely important factor in tyre durability, car performance and safety. Our article explores all the most important issues concerning tyre pressure and its changes. The easy to read article is in the form of simple questions and in-depth answers which will unable you quick familiarization with the tyre pressure topic.  

Tyre grip

When it comes to getting the most performance from your car, most drivers assume it is down to having a powerful engine, huge brake discs and a hard suspension system that can support the vehicle through curves at high speeds.

Tyres with a rim protector. Are they worth buying?

A rim protector is not a necessary feature of a tyre, but sometimes it can be very useful. Car wheels, especially in city traffic, are exposed to cracks and abrasions. High curbs, ramps and small objects pose a constant threat. The rim protector protects wheels against damage resulting from daily use.

Colour stripes on tyres - do you know their purpose?

Your new tyres have just arrived and you find colour stripes on them. Do you know where they come from and what they mean? If not, you should read this article.

ABS braking system and tyre damage

Anti-lock braking systems, known as ABS for short, are a popular inclusion on many vehicles today. Of course, we all know that braking can have a direct influence on tyre damage.

Nitrogen in tyres

Typically, when we refill our tyre pressure, we are pumping standard air into your tyres. This meets most drivers needs but there are some who choose to use an alternative to enhance their car.

Valve stems – the role of tyre valve caps

Car tyre valve caps play an important role in looking after your. These tyre caps plays an important role in tyre pessure and, if you don’t look after them, they can cause you to lose some of the quality and safety parameters from your products.


No spare tyre – puncture repair kit

From this article our reader will learn about alternative solutions to a spare tyre. A Puncture repair kit is an obvious solution to save cargo space in your car. This article will give you impartial advice concerning puncture repair kits. 

Run Flats – are they worth investing in?

Find out which technologies will allow you to continue driving after a loss of tyre pressure. Discover the advantages and disadvantages of using Run Flat tyres.

Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) – tyre regulations

In this article the reader my find everything he or she needs to know about the European standards and tyre regulations.  There are also information on tyre markings connecter with EU tyre regulations.

Tread pattern, construction and types

When it comes to car tyres, the right tread is a very important decision. After all, this is the part of the tyre that is in constant contact with the road surface. Subsequently, the various features and choice of tread can greatly alter both the properties of the specific tyre, as well as how the car handles as a result.

Aquaplaning: the role of the tyres

In this article you will find out how important your tyres are in counteracting aquaplaning. You will learn what causes aquaplaning and how to avoid hazardous situations and improve your safety.

Saw-tooth tyre wear

Saw –tooth tyre wear is not uncommon tyre damage.  In this article you will find out its causes and will be able to learn where saw-tooth wear comes from. Thanks to clear tyre switching charts you will be able to move your tyres to prevent saw-tooth tyre wear. 

Mixing tyres

There are many times when drivers often consider mixing tyres. For instance, they may feel they can achieve a good balance between mixing summer tyres and winter tyres, or even just mixing car tyres of different tread patterns or tread wear.

Tyre storage

While it is not universal, the seasonal tyre change is becoming an annual custom for many drivers around the world, including the United Kingdom. After installing a set of tyres for the season - whether it’s winter tyres or summer tyres - you still have a set of uninstalled tyres that are still in good condition.

Winter tyres… Why should you change them?

Some people do not see the necessity of changing tyres  according to season. In this article advantages of changing tyres for winter were highlighted. Read this article and learn about the advantages of using winter tyres and broaden your knowledge about winter tyres in general.

Breaking in the new winter tyres

Winter tyres at the beginning of their usage need some special treatment. Therefore this article is for car owners who have just bough new winter tyres. They should definitely read this article before they start driving. Here they will learn why winter tyres require "break-in" before you can use their full performance capacity.

How to drive in snow

How to drive in snow is a question which many people frequently ask. In this article we present an interview with head of Goodyear’s assessment and research centre – Joseph Lambert.  The expert will give you many useful tips on  how to drive in snow and be safe.

Winter driving - improve your safety

Winter driving is not easy. Especially in countries, where drivers are constantly faced with changing weather, snow, slush, ice and holes in the roads. Luckily, we are not left alone in all this. Designers and engineers all over the world try to do their best to help drivers to ensure that they keep themselves, their passengers and other drivers safe.

Prepare Yourself For Driving In Snow

Driving in snow is always a challenge. We explore the many ways you can prepare for this and how to drive in the various conditions that snow can cause.

Tyres life span

No tyre model lasts forever. Manufacturers are always looking to establish new models (developing on the previous generation), which means that new car tyres must be introduced and the older ones, inevitably, removed from the market.

Asymmetrical Or Directional Treads: Which Tyres Should You Choose?

These days, car tyres come in a number of different designs and tread patterns. While this choice gives drivers plenty of choice, many people can get confused trying to determine which tyres they should choose.

With uneven tyres new ones go to the back!

An issue which still stirs discussions is the location where you should install your tyres if you have an uneven tyres (with different tread wear) or if you only bought two tyres. Choosing correctly may even save lives.

Saw tooth wear and its influence on tyre safety

This article is devoted to multi link suspension and its influence on saw tooth wear of car tyres. It gives basic information concerning advantages of multi link suspension and cars which use them. The notion of saw tooth wear is explored and some solutions to this problem are suggested.

Tyre pressure is the key!

Lots of car owners don’t know that tyre pressure is of vital importance for their use of cars. The article presents consequences of various tyre pressures. From the article you will learn what to avoid when tyre pressure is concerned. Tyre pressure maintenance tips at the end of the article are very useful for every driver.

Self-Sealing Tyres And Other Run Flat Technology

Most people have heard about run flat tyres. However, run flats are not the only one technology used to save us from dangerous and unpleasant consequences of  puncture. Nowadays, there are a few anti puncture technologies that are used in tyres production. In this article we present their advantages and disadvantages. 

Get a good spare wheel

Choice of a spare wheel option is of a vital importance, especially for drivers of cargo transporting vehicles where space saving is crucial. This article explores various options for dealing with the problem of puncture and a spare wheel.

Lower suspension of your car

For typical cars, engineers often have to consider various performance-related issues when designing them. This includes the likes of bumper elevation and general ground clearance. Cars need space, whether it is allowing for speed bumps, snow chains or just to handle slopes and elevation.

Car shock absorbers – limitations and rebound control

The article presents concise knowledge about car shock absorbers. It explains what they are used for, how they work and what types of shock absorbers for cars we can find. It offers also basic information (in dictionary of terms) about car suspension. 

Change a wheel… It’s easy!

From this article you will learn how to change a wheel. So, if you were unlucky enough to have puncture do not worry, this article will help you to overcome this stressful and unpleasant situation. Changing a wheel may really be easy.

Tyre manufacturing

Creation of modern tyres has been fascinating and long-lasting process. During that time tyre manufacturing has become real science. The Article presents the most important people who went down in history of tyre making and detailed tyre manufacturing process. Finally, it describes tyre built. 

Rubber blends – genesis

Did you know that many tyres use synthetic rubber blends? We explore where these first synthetic compounds came from, as well as how they have evolved over the years!

Tyre width. Essential issues explained

Changing the width of the tyres can significantly affect driving comfort and some of its parameters, so the question arises if it is safe and why do the drivers actually decide to change the tyre width. Experts from one of the largest automotive companies helped us respond to these questions.

All-season tyre tests by Touring Club Suisse

In this article you will find explanation how TCS tests are created and review of all season tyres in comparison to seasonal tyres. The research shows clearly what are the differences in performance among winter, summer and all season tyres.

Run flat tyres test

What’s it like to use run flat tyres when the air has gone? We’ve conducted such a run flat tyres test to see what happens - we’ve also changed the position of the flat tyres to see how this changes the experience.

Old tyres: how durable are they?

When it comes to finding the right car tyres for your vehicle, new products are always the best. However, many drivers still wonder about old tyres and, naturally, the question of how durable tyres are with age is something that frequently comes up.

Tyre recycling

Car tyres don’t last forever. Even the best tyres will lose their treads and need to be replaced. However, in today’s environmental times, what can we do with tyres that already been worn out?

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