Time to replace the tyres on your car? We give you the 225/45 R17 summer tyre ranking to facilitate choosing a new set. This is a list of the highest-rated models by Oponeo customers – regardless of manufacturer or price range. Using it, you will find out what other drivers recommend, which may also work well for you.

Summer driving requires high durability and performance from your tyres.Summer driving requires high durability and performance from your tyres.

Choose the best 225/45 R17 summer tyres

The ranking is based on ratings given by Oponeo customers. Models with the minimum required number of reviews are included. The results refer only to specific tyre sizes and may differ from those shown in the dealership.

Tyre model
Average*Average rating on dry surfaceAverage rating on wet surface
1.Michelin Pilot Sport 45,96,05,8
2.Yokohama BluEarth-GT AE51
Continental UltraContact5,85,95,7
4.Michelin Primacy 45,75,85,7
5.Yokohama Advan Fleva V7015,75,85,7
6.Continental EcoContact 65,75,85,6
7.Michelin Primacy 4+5,75,85,6
8.Bridgestone Turanza T005 DriveGuard5,75,75,6
9.Uniroyal RainSport 55,65,55,7
10.Nexen N'blue S5,65,85,5

The ranking of summer tyres 225/45 R17 is based on opinions from Oponeo customers. These drivers bought their tyres from our dealership and then tested their properties by driving hundreds or thousands of kilometres. As a result, they could see whether the set they were using could be relied on in any situation. The models they rated highest are included in this ranking. This is why the 225/45 R17 summer tyre ranking is an invaluable source of information about the best offerings on the market to help you make a satisfying purchasing decision.