Drivers very often seek tyres in size 205/65 R15 for their vehicles. The selection of a particular tyre model is made much easier by rankings of various types. For this reason, we present below a list of the tyres in that size which are most highly rated by users. 

Tyres in size 205/65 R15 are fitted to many models of car, including the BMW 5 and 7, Citroen Berlingo, C5 and C8, Honda Accord, Peugeot 605, 607, 806, 807 and Partner, Renault Espace, Grand Espace and Fluence, Toyota Avensis, and Volvo S80. 

The cars just listed include many which are very popular in GB, and so 205/65 R15 tyres are very often sought by drivers. Choosing the right model in that size can be made much easier by our ranking of the five winter tyres in that size 205/65 R15 which drivers rate most highly. The list is compiled from our database, the largest of its type which contains more than 70,000 evaluations submitted by tyre users. The model that is most highly praised by drivers is awarded the “Oponeo recommends” symbol. 

The best 205/65 R15 winter tyres according to OPONEO users

Tyre modelScore * 
1. Continental ContiWinterContact TS8504,5See offer
2. Goodyear Ultra Grip 84,4See offer
3. Uniroyal MS Plus 774,3See offer
4. Nokian W+4,3See offer
5. Fulda Kristall Montero 34,1See offer

*as at 9 May 2014

Scores are on a scale of 1 to 5, where 5 is the highest.

Continental ContiWinterContact TS850

Continental ContiWinterContact TS850

The Continental ContiWinterContact TS850 is a premium winter tyre – the highest class of product. It is designed to ensure the best performance on compact and mid-range cars.

This tyre model is recommended by 96% of drivers. Its highest rated parameter is its performance when driving in slush. The opinions submitted by drivers show that the tyre offers true all-round performance, being able to cope with all types of surface encountered in winter: “It has excellent grip on snow and very good braking on a wet surface”; “This winter I have not had any problems when going on trips, the tyres coped very well even in the mountains.” The main feature responsible for the tyre’s strong achievements is its advanced directional tread pattern. 

This tyre’s very good driving parameters have been confirmed in multiple professional tyre tests. In 2012–2013 it took top place on the podium in five tests, and also gained second place on two occasions (in the ADAC and Auto Straßenverkehr tests). 

Continental is a German tyre group which is very well known to all drivers. The group also includes such popular brands as Barum, Uniroyal and Semperit. 

Goodyear Ultra Grip 8

Goodyear Ultra Grip 8

The Goodyear Ultra Grip 8 is a premium winter tyre designed to be used on private cars.

The tyre has so far been evaluated by as many as 464 users. Moreover, 96% of them say they would definitely recommend it to others. Its performance is best summed up by the comments submitted by drivers, for example: “A good tyre for the conditions that occur in our climate; quiet and predictable in all conditions.” The tyre’s highest rated parameter is its highway driving performance. Thanks to a modern directional tread design, it copes excellently on wet surfaces and on slush or snow. It is for good reason that this type of tread is the one most often used for winter tyres. The 450 drivers who gave this tyre a highly positive rating can’t be wrong. 

The tyre’s performance has been tested not only by ordinary drivers, but also in professional tyre tests. It has been appearing in such tests since 2011, and on each occasion it has gained high podium positions and the best ratings. Last season (in 2013) the tyre won “especially recommended” status in the prestigious tests run by ADAC and ACE/GTÜ.

Goodyear is a world-renowned American manufacturer of premium tyres. It is also responsible for the development of other popular tyre brands such as Dębica, Sava, Fulda, and Dunlop. 

Uniroyal MS Plus 77

Uniroyal MS Plus 77

The Uniroyal MS Plus 77 is a mid-range tyre. This universal winter tyre is recommended by 97% of its users – an impressive result.

The tyre would not be able to boast such an achievement if it were not for its excellent driving parameters in all winter conditions. Another element very highly appreciated by drivers is the tyre’s appearance. Users’ opinions show that the tyre’s most important features are its excellent performance in the wet, as well as on typical winter surfaces. Thanks to its very good grip the tyre has no problem moving off, braking and cornering on snow or slush. The tyre’s character can be summed up by one phrase that frequently appears in drivers’ comments – excellent price-to-quality ratio. 

The tyre also showed its strength in the tyre tests run by ADAC in 2013. It took fourth place in the tests and won an “especially recommended” rating.

Uniroyal is a manufacturer of high-quality tyres, and specializes in producing rain tyres. The brand belongs to the German Continental group. 

Nokian W+

Nokian W+

The Nokian W+ is a tyre that belongs to the highest class of product. Drivers’ views of this tyre are excellently summed up by the fact that as many of 98% of its users say they would definitely recommend it to others.

The many opinions submitted show that the promises in the manufacturer’s description of this model are kept to the letter. This means that the tyre really does perform excellently even in the toughest winter conditions. Its very good characteristics are provided partly by its massive directional tread. By far the most highly rated parameters are those relating to its highway driving performance. These features are confirmed by most of the opinions submitted about the tyre, for example: “The car handles very confidently and predictably even on fresh snow and slush; there is practically no noticeable noise when driving on a dry surface”, and “I would recommend this tyre to those who like to let their hair down in winter and don’t want to have problems driving in winter conditions.”

The Nokian W+ is a tyre from a Finnish manufacturer that is famous for producing winter tyres of excellent quality, tested in the tough conditions of the Scandinavian winter.

Fulda Kristall Montero 3

Fulda Kristall Montero 3

The Fulda Kristall Montero 3 is a mid-range tyre. So far it has been evaluated by 416 drivers, of whom 93% would definitely recommend it to others. 

“I highly recommend it, a very good compromise between price and quality. An exceptionally quiet tyre. It grips superbly on snow and slush, and on both dry and wet surfaces” – this is just one of the many very positive comments submitted about this tyre. It is best summed up in one word: versatility. Its users gave equally good assessments of its highway driving performance, comfort and running costs. Drivers’ comments very often express the view that the model has an excellent price-to-quality ratio.

The model has appeared regularly in professional tyre tests since 2009, gaining a “recommended” or “especially recommended” rating on every occasion. This was the case when the tyre took part in, for example, the prestigious tests run by ADAC in 2009, 2010 and 2012.

Fulda is a mid-range tyre manufacturer, owned by the American Goodyear group. 

How to choose suitable tyres

When choosing tyres it is very important to check how the model you are thinking of buying is rated by other drivers. However, user opinions are not the only good source of information. It is also worth seeing how tyres have performed in the professional tests carried out every season by motoring organizations and magazines. Both the opinions and the test results will show you the strengths and weaknesses of particular tyres, so it is always a good idea to take a look at them. 

These are not the only sources of information about tyres that are worth checking. There is also the tyre’s label, which carries information about its parameters in the three most important areas: wet grip, fuel efficiency, and driving comfort (level of noise).

To be sure that you are choosing products that are right for your car and will meet your requirements, you can also call one of our consultants (help line number: 52 341 88 00), whose experience and knowledge will help you choose the best tyres for your car and for your individual needs.