Tyres manufactured in Asia are increasingly being chosen by drivers who are on a tight budget and prefer to buy new budget products rather than used or retreaded premium versions. But are 'Chinese tyres' really the optimal choice for those looking for cheap tyres that offer good value for money? In this article, we have included all the most important information on tyres manufactured in the Middle Kingdom and present interesting seasonal and all-season models.

Front of the car and Chinese writing in the background Can Chinese tyres cope with tough conditions?Front of the car and Chinese writing in the background Can Chinese tyres cope with tough conditions?

Chinese tyres - cheap and good?

Chinese tyres belong to the lowest, economic segment. This means that they are particularly suitable for city driving, for people who prefer a relaxed style of driving, for cars with low power output, and for low mileage per year. The performance of these tyres is optimal for daily commuting but lacks the mid-range and premium technologies that guarantee excellent grip even in difficult conditions.

However, tyres produced in the Middle Kingdom, like all economy tyres, have a certain advantage that is crucial for many drivers. It is, of course, the price. The cost of a complete set of tyres is noticeably lower than in the case of Western manufacturers, and the parameters offered are sufficient for quiet city driving, which is why many people choose this solution in search of savings.

Do you know that…

Manufacturers from the Far East, and therefore also the major Asian tyre brands, must comply with the safety standards that apply in Europe. Otherwise, their products could not be sold in the European Union

Chinese tyres and Western brands manufactures in the Midlle Kingdom

When colloquially referring to "Chinese tyres", we often mean Asian tyres offered by lesser-known manufacturers. A distinction must be made here between tyres produced in China by multinationals and tyres from genuine Chinese manufacturers.

Most Western brands have factories in the Middle Kingdom due to the low cost of tyre production. A tyre made by a European or American company in a Chinese plant is no different from the models coming out of the same company's factory in another country, such as Europe.

Year by year, tyre imports from China are increasing. It is estimated that currently as much as ⅓ of the tyres used in Poland are imported from the Far East. At the same time, the quality of the products offered by Chinese brands is getting better and better. Of course, they do not stand a chance in tests with the much more expensive new models from the top tyre manufacturers, but they are a good alternative for drivers looking for inexpensive tyres.

The Asian tyre sector is increasing in strength and a great example of this development is the Korean tyre market. 

Indeed, tyres from China are most often made with less advanced technology and inferior rubber compounds. They may also be less precisely manufactured. However, it is worth bearing in mind that all tyres approved for sale in the European Union are tested for durability and performance. Although the more expensive Western models are better, there is certainly no need to demonise the Asian origin of tyres. Over the last few years, it has become apparent that the reviews of Chinese tyres are becoming more and more favourable.

Stack of tyresAsian manufacturers are gaining popularity in Poland.

Tyre manufacturers from China

The most popular brands of Chinese tyres are:

It is worth remembering that it is not only car tyres for passenger cars that are manufactured in China. Chinese truck tyres or even Far Eastern agriculture tyres are also available.

Retreaded or Chinese tyres?

Drivers who are on a tight budget and looking to save money are often faced with the dilemma of whether to go for retreaded tyres or new tyres made in the Middle Kingdom.

We have prepared a separate guide detailing whether it is better to opt for new or used tyres.

Even if the price is marginally higher, Chinese tyres are by far the better choice since their casing, or internal skeleton, is not fatigued by the many kilometres covered before retreading. In their case, the entire structure will be new, free of invisible damage or defects. It is also not insignificant that the rubber compound on the shoulders is fresh, which will allow the tyre to last longer than a vintage retreaded tyre. In addition, a retreaded tyre will never be as uniform as a new tyre, which translates into lower travelling comfort, the occurrence of vibrations, and the noise generated.

Another important argument in favour of buying the product is the warranty, which is compulsory. In the event of any manufacturing defect, the product can be returned, so there is no need to fear such a purchase.

A comparison of the advantages of the two solutions can be seen in the table below:

AdvantageNew Chinese tyreRetreaded/used tyre
Low priceYesYes
Manufacturer's warrantyYesNo
Uniform constructionYesNo/Yes
New, intact casingYesNo, there may be invisible damage
Fresh rubber compoundYesOnly in the tread area/No

Chinese winter tyres

Cheap Chinese winter tyres are a choice suitable primarily for drivers who drive very quietly and only on frequently snow-covered urban roads. In combination with a car with low engine power, they will provide adequate comfort in undemanding conditions. They may not be able to cope in areas where it snows heavily, such as in the mountains. However, they are a much better choice than used tyres whose tread is already worn down and therefore do not offer the original performance.

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Chinese summer tyres

Which Chinese summer tyres should you choose? It is best to opt for tyres that have received positive feedback from drivers, indicating that they perform well on hot asphalt. If you don't do a lot of mileage a year and drive a typical city car without high speeds, but you want to save money, summer tyres from China may be the right choice for you. In favourable conditions, they provide a good grip and an acceptable noise level. And once you have bought them, you will have considerably more money left in your wallet than with higher-end models.

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Chinese all-season tyres

Good Chinese all-season tyres will provide the right driving comfort as long as several factors are taken into account. These tyres are designed for people who do not drive long distances and use their car mainly in the city, especially in winter. It should be remembered that the favourable price entails certain limitations, and the fact that the tyre is designed to cope all year round makes it unsuitable for fast driving, dynamic manoeuvres, and cars with high engine power. However, many drivers are satisfied with this solution, as evidenced by the positive feedback and quite considerable interest in this type of product.

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