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Zeta Tyres

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Zeta, a company founded at the beginning of the millennium, produces high-quality budget tyres. It was founded as a part of the Chinese enterprise SD International – one of the largest and oldest Asian tyre suppliers. The brand, with its headquarters in Shanghai, is built on the shared experience of Chinese and American designers.

Zeta tyres were rapidly accepted in Asia, where they enjoyed great popularity. However, this was not enough for the group which wanted to expand its operations to all the other continents. These dreams came true at the end of the last decade, when Zeta products were launched in Europe.

Since then, the brand has been gradually expanding its influence around the world. It has subsidiaries on every market, including as many as four in Europe: two in Great Britain and one in both France and Slovakia. The Group has also recently established a dynamic distribution centre in South America. Zeta specializes in supplying diagonal and radial tyres for vans, passenger cars and truck fleets. For several years now, it has also been producing high-quality UHP tyres.

Our customer's opinions:
  • colorcete 3.7 111500

    Zeta ZTR-10

    It is the third set of tires .............. amount of change and boredom among Chinese tires and valuing the price of none, reference esoy tell you all day in the wagon and their behavior is fantastic, that if a standard driving 'do not mean the number of km that last meda me that shame, but muchooooooo More >
  • Adam 4.2 111150

    Zeta ZTR-10

    Very decent performance at an attractive price. The perfect choice for people looking for a cheap product with satisfactory parameters. More >
  • Frank Ostermann 3.7 111500

    Zeta Antarctica 5

    Very good tires for the price. I'm expensive brand tires driven at high prices, which had much poorer driving properties. More >
  • Craig 3.7 111500

    Zeta Alventi

    Can't go wrong at this price, a bit slippy in the wet but nothing major. currently completed 25000 on one set. More >
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