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Syron Tyres

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The brand producing Syron tyres was established lately but it is supported by year of experience in motor sport. The ambition of the brand is to produce Syron tyres which are characterized by high or even ultra high performance. Each new model of the Syron tyres inspires enthusiasm among loyal brand customers who are hungry for trying more new endowments for their high performance cars. Each tyre of this brand is produced thanks to the great achievements of German engineering. Syron tyres have a balanced performance on dry, but also on wet surface.

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Our Customers Tyre Reviews:
  • BMW 335i 4.3 111150

    Syron Race 1

    Tires bought the BMW 335i, 306HP and say this: as the last 50.000km przejeździłem on CONTINENTALU. Syron is much louder than the Conti's but the car did not lose traction as Continentalu.Naprawde Super Fine grip, if you do not mind someone louder tire work, it will surely be satisfied with your purchase Syron RACE 1 PLUS. More >
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