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Our customer's opinions:
  • John Co limeeick 4.3 111150

    STARMAXX W850 Ice Gripper

    I bought 4 of these tires for my Vitara ago over 2 years and was impressed by the chunky son looking on .After covering more than 26,000 miles on them than to replace the front 2 last week with the back only 60 percent used I am very impressed I used tires in the forest / peat bog and wet back country roads and performed well / be a bit of road noise from them but without no doubt the work will buy again More >
  • MESUT 4.4 111150

    STARMAXX ST730 Ultrasport

    Tyre performance offers great grip enjoy the great high-speed corners. I discovered the limits of my High-model vehicle with these tires. Nice car and I had it in turns to give up high-end models in the flat they see my headlights were satisfied with the taillights. just enough to find a good balance master for this tire. More >
  • Lucas 4.8 111150

    STARMAXX ST760 Ultrasport

    I am a taxi driver in a rural part of Ireland. The best tires I have had so far. Lasted for over 5 month / 30k km. Only changed front to back after approx 20k km. Very good value for money. More >
  • Ahmetkinen 3.8 111500

    STARMAXX Tolero

    I had some hesitation. But it shows very good performance on wet and dry surfaces. High quality low price. More >
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