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Sonar Tyres

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The Sonar Tires brand belongs to the Nankang enterprise, which is well-known to European drivers. It was founded in 1996 in Taiwan and since its inception, it has been driven by this motto: It doesn't matter where you start - it's important where you end up.

The group, aware of the fact that it does not have experience comparable to that of its competitors from the Old Continent, decided to attract customers in a different way – with the high-quality and reliability of its products. The biggest winners in the history of motorsports did not always start from the pole position, but with their determination and willingness to improve, they gradually climbed to a higher level.

However, the Taiwanese company is not linked to sport only through its corporate philosophy. For several years it has been sponsoring teams participating in the biggest races in the world. The symbol of the brand is an eagle in a blue sky, which represents freedom and strength that the brand gives to its customers.

Modern solutions and experience meet character and perseverance in pursuit of the goal. Sonar Tires are tyres distributed by Nankang for most types of road vehicles.

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Our customer's opinions:
  • tora 4.6 111150

    Sonar SX2

    Tires purchased as, tester. "There was no online no opinion about them but tempted by good products the company took a chance. Paid off. As a driver already wyjezdzilem whole lot of tires so I shows a comparison. These tires are really worth the money. Dry / wet - revelation. Beautifully they keep the car and not scary fast overcoming bows. As with abrasion - I do not know. them I did just under 5 thousand miles from assumptions. Currently nothing can be seen. problems with balance no. inequality suppresses very nicely but quite loud. holes are On audible, while driving on a surface equal parts quietly. only what you can find fault with this pattern and appearance of the tire tread - More > are nicer :) On my car previously ran Dunlopy SP Sport 2050 - The Sonars are definitely better in every way.
  • OCTAVIA_RS 4.6 111150

    Sonar SX2

    We bought the car because his wife were in the promotion. Zona is not mad. Tires excel correctly. There are too quiet - in the range of 60-100 km / h slychac them. I do not know how the sporty driving because his wife has just under 100 ponies under the hood and heavy verify it in the car but I will admit that taking into account the price I am positively surprised. It's hard to break up or introduce them to skid. If I had 200 hp is probably the case would be different. Anyway, the car 100 horsepower at 100% recommended - I tested these leukemia as I could and not have failed. Very positive behavior in the rain - you can normally go as dry. August's great they keep tires in the wet. More >
  • szlachcic 4.5 111150

    Sonar SX2

    I have been forced to buy new tires after someone poprzebijal me the whole set of the block. I did not have much money for nothing totally brand because I was not prepared for such an expense. Padlo these donuts. I'm really happy. Keeping dry or wet - first class. Auto firmly holding on to the road regardless of speed. Car is predictable even at fast cornering in the rain. This August really was not expecting. As for the inequality - I noticed a strange ailment. Tires when they are not terribly hot can pass on even the smallest hole in the car. After around 5 kilometers situation is changing drastically and everything's great suppressed. I did not have such an impression on any More > other tires. As for the bad sides - noise. Up to 100km / h slychac, with runs. Somehow not terribly loud but in comparison with my previous car a little bit louder. But these conditions traction I can turn a blind eye to it. Tires like most recommend. Now it's even glad that I bought not more expensive.
  • bogus_m3 4.2 111150

    Sonar SX2

    I founded a coupe with 200 horses. keeping the surface regardless of the terms in the way perfect. Great quality rubber as for this money. I workout quickly and not save the tires. perfectly well they are working. noise in the standard. neither quiet nor loud. are quite rigid. I still get furious staring August in the grooves kamyszki. on the plus abrasion. a rule set of tires wear out in 15 thousand miles. on these przelatalem 5 thousand, and I see the makings 20kkm quietly. can not they look too beautifully but catching properties. for the next season the idea of ​​model SX1. More >
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