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In our offer, we have 2 Michelin tyre models
priced from £125 to £275.

Michelin Car tyres

Michelin Pilot Alpin 5

1 review

From 169 £ pc.

Michelin Van tyres

Michelin Agilis Alpin

43 reviews

From 125 £ pc.

Our customers' opinions on Michelin tyres:

  • BJG 5.0

    Michelin Alpin 6

    Michelin’s current mission is for tyres to be used down to the legal limit, and the Alpin 6 has grooves that widen and emerge as the tread wears. So far these are well suited to UK winters thanks to their good performance in the wet. Used a set last year d I drove past 4WD cars stuck in the snow in my 2WD estate without any issues - this spoke volumes to me about winters tyres in general. See more >
  • Łukasz J. 4.8

    Michelin ALPIN 5

    Michelin tires have always been a model of comfort and safety in my opinion. This is also the case this time, the tires are very quiet and at the same time very soft giving a great comfort of traveling. I heartily recommend to every user, the price, although a bit higher than other producers, is, however, durability and satisfaction that compensates. Alpin 5 tires I bought for the second time, in the previous car it turned out that the set of tires causes the car to download - and here again the Michelin brand stood up to the task, because I considered my complaint without delay, I was sent to examine tires that confirmed that the tires pull off, after about 2 weeks I received a completely See more > new set of tires. I heartily recommend to everyone!
  • SarahHeleneUK 3.7

    Michelin Alpin A4

    Living "out in the sticks" our roads get little attention in winter from the local councils. I started using these tyres on an older Jazz 5 years ago, bought an extra pair of wheels from a breakers yard so I can easily swap to these in December and back across at Easter. I take about a 2.5 mpg hit on fuel consumption but the grip is just amazing. I I work in Buckinghamshire where it is hilly, pulling out on heavily frosted roads doesn't involve any scrabbling for grip. This pair I bought recently is now on the front of my wife's Jazz, though she only drives a 1/4 of the distance I do she is amazed how the tyres make her feel less nervous. See more >
  • Wins 5.0

    Michelin PILOT ALPIN PA4

    For such an excellent engine as mine the Michelin PILOT ALPIN PA4 are absolutely the best. I've originally had Michelin Cup 2 tyres (335/20/20), a type of slicks, which do the job with such powerful engine, but only on a dry and above 20 degrees Celsius. Below this temperature Cup2 tyres get kinda slippery. That's the reason why i took narrower winter Michelin PA4 which i've used below 20 degrees !!!! And the car was like sticked on wet road. Also Pilot Alpin despite being winter tyres they help the traction starting from 20 degrees Celsius and below especially on anything other than dry pavement. In winter also working great. Summer Cup2 only slicks (new!) And only are suitable for dry and See more > above 20st C. When it's wet and below 20 C just go fro these winter tyres for best experience.