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Membat Tyres

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Currently we do not have Membat tyres in our warehouses, but we can offer products from over 100 other tyre manufacturers.
Our Customers Tyre Reviews:
  • Paweł H. 4.6 111150

    Membat Passion

    I bought the tires as I still had the VW Golf IV 1.9 TDI. Mainly driven Szczytno-Vienna route, is some 850 km. I have traveled on these tires and heat, in rain or rain with mist + frosts. Later I changed my car in the Audi A6 2.5 TDI c4 and of course przeżyciłem these tires on a new car. As for the tires it works great, I did them together about 42,000 km and after measuring to 6.4 mm, traveling mostly at 4-5 and loaded like a gypsy, and the car also is hard in itself. The tire performs well in hot weather and during rain, great divert water'll never get disappointed yet and sometimes braked at the last whistle; / They are quiet, riding an average of the autobanach 150-160 km / h, and More > even at 210 km / h are fairly quiet, reliable and very comfortable. Incineration is great, less like Continental CS3 earlier by about 0.3 l. I really recommend these tires because they are great considering the price.