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Mastersteel Tyres

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Mastersteel tyres are a perfect choice both for clients seeking tyres in the economy section of the market and those drivers owing cars of a higher standard. Mastersteel tyre models are designed in advanced R&D centres and they are manufactured based on the most advanced technologies and materials of top quality. Driving with Mastersteel tyres equals safety and comfort. The brand's tyres are durable, high quality products available for a very fair price. See our offer for more details on Mastersteel tyres.

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  • Henry 4.5 111150

    Mastersteel CLUBSPORT

    These tires I bought because my brother runs with the same model and is very satisfied. I am not disappointed and this purchase I do not regret. Master Steel Clubsport behaves very well, not only on dry, but even on wet roads. With these tires I drove in the rain and I have to admit that I felt safe. In addition, the tires are not as continuous as my previous model, even at high speed, they are hard to hear. Wear I have not noticed. Master Steel Clubsport looks like yet from! In my opinion, it is sometimes not worth it to buy the more expensive tires. And this is the case. Master Steel Clubsport really come along well! I would recommend. More >
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