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Ling Long Tyres 185/75R16

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Ling Long Green-Max VAN 185/75 R16 104/102 Q C
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Ling Long Tyres

Ling Long tyres are a very good choice for those drivers who seek perfect driving parameters and, at the same time, want to purchase their tyres for a fair price. The producer of Ling Long tyres possesses an advanced technological base. This allows for the manufacturing of tyres from the best possible materials and characterised by their good performance. Driving with Ling Long tyres equals safety and reliability. The brand's tyre models are resistant to tyre wear. See our rich offer for more details on Ling Long tyres. We have everything for everyone.

185/75 R16 Tyres

185/75 R16 tyres are installed mainly in delivery vehicles. The size of the tyre can be easily seen on its sidewall. It is presented in the form of a string of numbers. The first number denotes the tread width of the tyre in millimetres. In the case of the 185/75 R16 tyre it is 185 mm. The second number equals the percentage ratio of the tyre's profile height to its tread width, e.g. 75% out of 185 mm in the 185/75 R16 tyre. The "R" in the tyre's size denotes its radial construction. The last number (16 here) constitutes the diameter of the wheel rim (provided in inches) on which the 185/75 R16 tyre should be installed. See our broad selection of the 185/75 R16 tyre model.

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