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Haida Tyres

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Haida is a brand which belongs to the Chinese tycoon, Haida Group. The company operates in the largest tyre factory in the province of Sichuan, and its factories are the largest in western China.
The full name of the company is Sichuan Haida Rubber Group.
The company is a manufacturer of economy class tyres. Since 1970, the company has manufactured radial and diagonal tyres for vans, delivery trucks and passenger cars.
The brand has a strong position in the domestic market where it supplies original equipment tyres to cars produced in China (Chery Automobile, Great Wall Motor, Chongqing Isuzu).
Since 2010, Haida has thrived on its export business. Every year, Haida tyres reach 90 countries around the world.
Tyres of this brand combine a low price and good design, which makes driving safer and more comfortable.
In their sector, Haida is a well-known manufacturer and constantly gathers positive feedback from satisfied drivers.

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Opinions of our clients about Haida tyres:

The opinions about Haida tyres may help you choose the right model. Check what their clients think about them, who had the opportunity to test their performance on the road, economy and driving comfort.

  • Hubcio 4.5 111150

    Haida HD921 245/40 R18

    Hi I have donuts in E60 520d 177km've done for them within 4 months 8000 km, and I'm pleasantly surprised to work out quite aggressively and the car in the turns holding on even at high speeds of 150-170 km type, tire durability is also satisfactory after 8 tysiach not see some any relevant changes in the tread as the tire perfect for me if you are looking for cheap and very good tires recommended. More >
  • Paw 4.4 111150

    Haida HD921 235/35 R19

    I drove on Haida HD921 about 6000 miles. I can't see visually any wear and damage, hold up very well in dry conditions and on wet had I no problems, although quite a heavy car and a low profile tire (235/35R19) is not yet noticed any failure I strongly recommend Heida HD921, the next exchange will also pile on these tires especially are at an affordable price and pass an examination More >
  • GrLucas 4.4 111150

    Haida HD921 195/50 R15

    Haida HD921 was being operated from the beginning of the summer season, which is now about six months. I did on Haida HD921 about 4000 miles and I am pleasantly surprised I did not have the situation that the tires failed me. The real test was going on 100 miles distance in a massive rain. It was pouring hard at a speed of 80 mhps and the car was going smoothly, no strange and dangerous behaviors stick to the road like it was glued to it. As for durability and abrasion hard for me to say how far the tread was intacked. To sum up: my car is different sometimes calm, sometimes fast and dynamic and tires keep up in any case. More >
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