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Goodyear Tyres 165/70R13

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Goodyear Efficientgrip Compact 165/70 R13 79 T
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Goodyear Tyres

Goodyear is an American tyre brand recognized as one the most popular brands in the world. The Goodyear company belongs to one of the biggest tyre manufacturers. The brand's tyre models are characterised by their best possible performance, exceptional driving comfort and a great resistance to tyre wear. Goodyear tyres each year win many tests conducted by magazines and automotive organizations and enjoy recognition not only among specialists but also among everyday drivers. We offer different models of Goodyear tyres intended for various types of cars. We have everything for everyone.

165/70 R13 Tyres

165/70 R13 tyres are produced with small passenger cars and delivery vehicles in mind. The size label can be easily seen on the tyre's sidewall alongside other labels. The first number informs about the tread width of the 165/70 R10 tyre, in this case it is 165 mm. The second number equals the 165/70 R13 tyre profile's height and its percentage ratio to the tyre's tread width (70% out of 165 mm). The number 13 in the 165/70 R13 tyre constitutes the diameter of the wheel rim (provided in inches) on which the tyre should be installed. The "R" in the tyre's size denotes its radial construction. See our broad choice of the 165/70 R13 tyre model in our offer.

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