Yokohama BluEarth RV-02

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235/55 R17 103 W XL

C | A | 70dB
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Product description
Product description

Yokohama BluEarth RV-02

tyre tests Yokohama BluEarth RV-02:





TCS 235/55 R17 recommended -
ÖAMTC 235/55 R17 recommended -
ADAC 235/55 R17 satisfactory -
Gute Fahrt 215/50 R18 satisfactory -
Scale of scores: Highest lowest

Type: Summer tyre

Class: Premium—products made of the highest quality materials provide excellent performance.

Intended use: Passenger cars

Tread: Symmetrical—the shape and tread pattern ensure safe driving even in wet, unfavourable road conditions.

Sizes: From 15 to 20 inches.

This summer tyre from Yokohama is a premium product, designed for large passenger cars, SUVs, crossover vehicles and minivans. Seeing the growing popularity of this type of car in Europe, the company responded to the demands of drivers as best as it could—by creating a new model for the popular and appreciated BluEarth series.

The model has asymmetric tread, adapted to the needs of larger cars. This pattern of grooves is very popular on summer tyres, because it works best in conditions typical for spring, summer and early autumn.

The deep grooves evacuate water when driving in the wet, whereas transverse incisions help to maintain excellent traction even during emergency braking. The tyre is designed to reduce fuel consumption by minimising rolling resistance. The designers of this model considered also the needs of drivers who appreciate a quiet and comfortable ride. Large and heavy trucks tend to generate noise and vibrations, but BluEarth RV-02 efficiently eliminates both of these nuisances.

What is the BluEarth series?

BluEarth is not only the name of a popular tyres series, but it also identifies a philosophy that guides the company while working on new projects. In general, the company puts every effortinto making their products friendly for users and the environment. Artificial ingredients in the rubber blend have been replaced with natural ones and the pollutants emitted during production have been minimised, helping to reduce the environmental impact. The company also focuses on minimising the rolling resistance of the tyre, as it translates into reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions of harmful gases. The solution is not only ecological, but also economical.

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Manufacturer Info: Yokohama tyres is a guarantee of the best quality. The combination of their modern approach to business, and nearly 100 years of tradition makes their tyres popular all over the world. Yokohama offers unbeatable products in the premium segment, offering the highest performance, dynamism, comfort and safety in all conditions.

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Available options in size 235/55 R17
17" 1 available option
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142 £

Yokohama BluEarth RV-02 Tyre warranty

  • The warranty period is 5 years from the date of manufacture of the tire (for tires with a tread depth of 1.6 mm or less, the warranty does not apply,
  • If the complaint is accepted, you will receive compensation depending on the degree of tire wear (the less worn the tire, the greater the refund,
  • All advertised tires are thoroughly examined by high-level specialists.